All Prayers Answered for Guillermo Maldonado

35 deaf people healed

all prayersGuillermo Maldonado was at a healing crusade in Myanmar. 15,000 people were in attendance. Often at his crusades, all prayers are answered.

God told Guillermo to just stand on the stage and watch Him heal the people. The Lord told him to tell the crowd that children deaf and mute from birth  would be healed.

Watch the short video below where 35 deaf, mute children were healed.

Boy gets a new heart

Guillermo Maldonado had a healing crusade in Mexico City. A 9-year-old boy who needed a heart transplant had travelled twelve hours on a bus to come to the event.

At the crusade many people got out of wheelchairs. Deaf mute people were healed. But, the most significant healing was the boy who came in after a twelve hour bus ride.

A doctor checked him out. There was no arrhythmia and his blood oxygen level was 98%. His heart was totally healed.

Why Guillermo Maldonado gets all prayers answered:

  1. Intimacy. Jesus told us to go into a closet when we pray. By that he meant we should go to a secret place, a place where we can get intimate with God. Here we access the presence and glory of God. Intimacy with God is a key to getting all prayers answered.
  2. Holiness. Start worshipping by affirming God’s presence. If there is anything in him that is displeasing to God, Guillermo Maldonado asks Him to forgive and cleanse him. Guillermo says that praise and worship is an important key to becoming holy.

Isaiah 59:2 tells us that God will not hear us if we have iniquities within us. (Iniquities are those things that cause us to sin.) That is why being cleansed and forgiven are so important to Guillermo Maldonado’s ministry.





Watch the entire It’s Supernatural television interview between Guillermo Maldonado and Sid Roth.

But your iniquities have separated you from your God. And your sins have hidden His face from you so that He will not hear. Isaiah 59:2.




Worship Leader Created His Effective Lifestyle

Combine worship, music & prayer

worship leader

Kent Henry has been a worship leader since around 1974. God told him how to create an atmosphere so that people could get into the presence of God. If people are in that atmosphere long enough, they begin to get answers to problems, physical healing and the lifting of demonic oppression.

He met Jesus face to face

At age 15 Kent Henry went into a depression that lasted 4 years. One day at age 19 he read & re-read a Four Spiritual Laws tract. He prayed and told Jesus that he didn’t even know if He existed. But, he said, if He was real, he wanted Jesus to come into his life.

Jesus came in front of him wearing a white robe with a gold sash around it. He told Kent that He loved him. The 4-year depression lifted.

Learn more from the video below.

Worship leader to 1500 Youth Every Saturday

Starting in 1976 and continuing for 3 years, Kent Henry lead worship and 1500 youth attended. Hearts were changed. Atmospheres changed.

Worship is an Lifestyle, Not an Event

Many church services have turned into events that happen in a person’s life once a week. Ideally, worship is not an event for you; it is a lifestyle for you.

The things we do every day are the things we become very good at. If we worship every day, we will become very good at it. Then we can carry God’s presence and be more effective as Christians. We can be more effective at imparting things of the Lord to those around us.

Jesus, the Centre of Your Life

Don’t sell yourself short. You have something special to give to the Kingdom of God. The anointing you received from Him remains in you, and you do not need anyone to teach you.  1 John 2:27a

You can worship the Lord daily & minister to people.


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Healing Words to Defeat Sickness

7 angels give her healing words

healing words of Becky DevorakBecky Dvorak has seven angels that follow her to where she is ministering with her healing words. One of the angels has a little book. He reads from the book into her ear. After he finishes reading, she repeats whatever he said.

Sometimes she hears the Holy Spirit speak into her ear. She may even feel His breath. Then she repeats what he says. That is very prophetic.

100 Healed of Arthritis

Once when Becky was ministering, the Spirit of God asked her to call out arthritis. She told people with arthritis to come forward. Around 100 people did.

There were so many that Becky asked them to hold hands. She released the healing power of the Holy Spirit into their joints. She commanded the swelling and pain to be gone.

Virtually everyone was instantly healed.

Brain tumour melts

Someone from Europe emailed Becky Dvorak to say that she had a brain tumour. Becky emailed her back and told her to start prophesying over her body:

  • Renounce the spirit of death in the name of Jesus.
  • Curse the tumour at its root.
  • Command it to shrivel up and be eliminated from her body in the name of Jesus.

The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruitProv. 18:21 Sometimes  we have to speak life to something. Sometimes, when we see Satan & his wicked works, we have to speak death to something.  

She prophesied Becky’s points over herbody multiple times that day.

The next day she went to see a group of doctors who were to be operating on her brain. They were confused. The x-rays showed that the tumour was gone.

Watch the rest of this story in the video below.

Austism reversed

Sometimes is extremely valuable to have honed you ability  to hear the Lord’s voice. For instance, Becky Dvorak had a severely autistic child. Then one day she heard the Spirit of God say, “Take your authority over that autistic spirit now!”

She pointed at the child and said, “In Jesus’ name, I renounce that autistic spirit. I command you to come out of him now.”

The boy was instantly healed and never ever had another autistic episode.



Learn much more about healing words. Watch the It’s Supernatural television interview between Becky Devorak & Sid Roth.

Imagination, a Key to Getting Many Prayers Answered


Kerry Kirkwood has discovered the connection between imagining a solution and successfully praying for it. Amazing results have happened because people imagine and magnify what the solution to a problem would be like. Then they pray their imagination into existence.

There is a difference between visualization and imagination. Imagination can be a Godly way to help solve life’s problems.

I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in his holy peopleEphesians 1:18

In the Bible verse above, eyes of your heart refers to your imagination. We should start imagining while we are communing with God.

Imagination is powerful, for the good or bad

Science has taught us that imagination can be used in a negative way. In a 2007 study of medical students, some of the actually developed the symptoms of a disease they had been studying.

Watch the video below.

 Healed of MS

In one case Kerry Kirkwood was praying for people during a healing service. He told people to imagine what it would be like to be healed and pain free.

A woman in the congregation had MS. She began to imagine what it would be like to be pain free and without MS.

She felt like she had been healed. She went to the doctor. He ordered an MRI to check her multiple sclerosis. He could not find any evidence of MS in her body.

Hear more about this anecdote in the video below.

Imagine what the Lord sees for you

Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.  Psalms 37:4 

While Kerry Kirkwood delights himself and communes with the Lord, he is imagining all about what the Lord is speaking to him. It helps him to see what the Lord sees for him and how it can come to pass.

In other words, our imagination helps us to see what God sees for us. It helps us to shrink the problem and magnify the solution.

Then he prays what is his imagination into existence.

Imagining a Business Transaction to Happen

A lady had been trying in vain to sell her business for 3 years. Then, after hearing Kerry Kirkwood’s teaching, she began to see the sale having happened in her imagination. She pictured the person coming to buy her business. Then she prayed what was in her imagination.

A couple of days later someone contacted her. He said that he wanted to buy her business for full price.

Magnify the solution & shrink the problem

Magnify the LORD with me. Psalm 34:3a

The Psalms tells us to magnify the Lord. We should magnify the solution in our mind and shrink the problem. Then pray that solution into existence.



Watch the It’s Supernatural TV interview between Kerry Kirkwood and Sid Roth.


Emotional Trauma Healed with Joan Hunter

emotional traumaWhen Joan Hunter prays for people, psychological and emotional trauma are reversed. This in turn can reverse diseases and other infirmities.

Joan Hunter prayed for a man who had been crippled from birth.

The man got out of the wheelchair and began running around the church.

Memories of emotional trauma

She prays for people who have had emotional trauma. The memories produced by the trauma are erased.

These memories can produce anger, stress, worry, bitterness and depression. These in turn can produce disease.

In one case Joan Hunter prayed for someone who was released from the effects of so much trauma that she INSTANTLY went from size 18 to size 14. Within the next week she went down to size 12.


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Bipolar Reversal After a Supernatural Prayer

Bipolar medication for 20 years

bipolar reversalAt age 12 a doctor diagnosed John Waller as a manic depressive (today called “bipolar”). He was on medication for 20 years. Then he had a bipolar reversal.

At age 23 he got married and presented his wife with a very difficult life. She had to go out to work while he babysat (and did an abysmal job of it.)

Bipolar reversal

After two people came over and ministered to him, his depression was reversed. Now he travels around helping people to get free from their problems.

One of the big keys is in Proverbs 18:21Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit.

Learn about John Waller’s bipolar reversal. See and hear the interview with John Waller.

Watch the television interview between John Waller & Sid Roth.


Katie Souza, from Career Criminal to Full-Time Ministry

Career criminal stage

Katie SouzaKatie Souza went from working in the entertainment industry to being a career criminal. Her days were filled with drugs, clandestine laboratories, stolen vehicles, high-speed chases, gun shootouts, and many arrests.

But after being caught and sentenced to 13 years in prison, Katie’s life was radically transformed. Now she is out of prison, in full-time ministry, and when she ministers, people are healed physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Katie Souza changed through one prayer

Before she was saved, Katie was serving a 12.5 year sentence in prison. One time in frustration she said, “I give up. I surrender.” God showed up. She got saved and began having Bible studies in prison.

She became as fanatical for God as she had been for crime. She began hearing the voice of God.

One time God told her that he would get her out of prison on a specific date. She told every prisoner what God had told her. She indeed was released on that date.


Taking the five loaves and the two fish and looking up to heaven, he gave thanks and broke them. Then he gave them to the disciples to distribute to the people.      Luke 11:16


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Reversing Being Burned Out from Work

Burned out pastorMichael Kaylor was a burned out pastor. Then he did exactly what God told him to do. Now he walks in the supernatural and sometimes even whole cities are transformed.

Rev. Kaylor was hungry and very desperate. He did as God told him and went to a series of revival meetings. He was completely changed.

Obeyed God, not longer burned out

Rev. Kaylor says that you should give God permission to do whatever He wants to do. You should surround yourself with testimonials of the miraculous. Focus on what you want to become. (“For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.” Proverbs 23:7 )

Watch the interview between Michael Kaylor & Sid Roth.



How to Develop an “Expect a Miracle” Attitude

Skeptical construction workers healed

miracleAliss Cresswell creates signs that say “Expect a Miracle”. That attitude is part of her everyday life.

One day she was in a hotel room and the Holy Spirit told her to go behind the hotel and sit at a table. So she did.

Two workmen came along and sat at the table next to her. They were discussing the concept that miracles are not even real.

Aliss sat down with them and said she wanted to show them that miracles really do happen. She found out their physical problems and prayed for them. Both men were healed.

Watch the video below to see what happened.


Quick miracle, healed of Parkinson’s disease

Alice Cresswell was speaking at a small gathering. Someone pushed up a lady in a wheelchair. She had Parkinson’s disease.

Alice said a quick prayer: In the name of Jesus, be healed.

She ended up pushing the wheelchair out of the meeting room.

Examples of praying for a miracle

Aliss Cresswell found a lump on her breast. This is how she handled that problem.

She did not come into agreement with it. She commanded the lump to leave in the name of Jesus. She put her finger on it and it disappeared.

Watch the story in the video below.

Commands when she prays

When Aliss Cresswell prays, she commands things to happen in the name of Jesus. She will command a demon to leave. She will command bones to go into place.

Watch the video below for further explanation.

No faith; back healed anyway

During a healing seminar, a lady in the audience interrupted to say that her friend’s teenage son had died even after they prayed for him. She said that she and her friend had no faith in healing at all.

Later Aliss Cresswell was preparing to heal someone with a broken back. She asked the lady with no faith to help with the healing. The lady put her hand on the victim’s back and could feel the power of the Holy Spirit coming down her arm.

The broken back was healed.

Watch more in the video below.


Watch the entire television interview between Aliss Cresswell & Sid Roth.

Lance Wallnau Talks about Donald Trump

A Trump victory published before election

Lance Wallnau talks about Donald TrumpLance Wallnau predicted a Donald Trump victory. The USA Today headline: Meet the evangelical who prophesied a Trump win!  Dr. Wallnau prophesied that Trump would be like Cyrus in Isaiah 45. He would do things for America that no one else could possibly do.

BEFORE the election Dr. Wallnau wrote a best-selling book entitled Trump: God’s Chaos Candidate. It predicted a Donald Trump victory.

A remnant makes the difference

0.008% of the votes showed up in 5 swing states that gave Donald Trump the Electoral College. The 0.008% of the was a remnant of Christians who made the difference. It was because of 0.008% of the voters that Donald Trump was elected president.

Moral of the story: A razor thin remnant of Christians can make all the difference in the world.

Praying in tongues & two trips to Trump Tower

Twice Lance Wallnau was invited to Trump Tower to meet with Donald Trump and others. He was feeling uncomfortable and said that he did not want to get involved with politics.

The Lord told him that He was only answering his prayers. After Lance Wallnau questioned that, the Lord said that every time Dr. Wallnau prayed in tongues, he was praying that he could help solve the nation’s problems.

Donald Trump & the Leviathan spirit

There is a world-ruling, word-twisting, mind control spirit operating within the Trump presidency. It is called the Leviathan spirit.

King David said: All day long they twist my words; all their schemes are for my ruin. Psalms 56:5.  I.e., King David had political enemies who would distort what he said to change the perceived meaning. That would be a Leviathan spirit.

The Leviathan spirit twists words to create division between:

  • Husbands & wives,
  • Blacks & whites,
  • Heterosexuals & homosexuals,
  • Rich & poor,
  • Men & women,
  • Young & old,
  • Etc.

Listen to the mainstream media and look at how often they distort President Trump’s words & actions way out of proportion.

Watch the video below to learn much more about the Leviathan spirit.


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