Predictions of John Paul Jackson

predictionsThe late John Paul Jackson (1950 – 2015) had an track record of making accurate predictions. He predicted that Hosni Mubarak would be ousted as president of Egypt and that his rule would be replaced by a terrorist state. He predicted that before the Arab Spring of 2011. He predicted that there would be an assassination attempt on an American congressman. That was before Gabrielle Giffords was shot.

Predictions of earthquakes & earth’s axis

predictions, Earthquakes, John Paul JacksonAmong John Paul Jackson predictions are great earthquakes. Recent earthquakes in Japan, New Zealand and Chile were strong enough so that they changed the tilt of the earth. Some earthquakes of the near future will change the tilt of the earth so much that jet streams will be shifted by hundreds of miles.

Climate change & food shortages

predictions, Unusual weatherThis will cause unprecedented climactic changes. Some crops will not grow. Some food will become incredibly expensive. In places it will be necessary for trucks carrying food to have armed guards.

Solar radiation

The tilting earth will disrupt the shield against some types of solar radiation. That will render some earth satellites inoperable. There will be major communication disruptions that will render cell phones, ATMs, television, etc. inoperable for a time.

Economic woes

One day Israel will fire a rocket into Iran. That will produce greater anti-semitism. Israel will be blamed for the high price of gasoline. OPEC nations will refuse to sell oil to countries that support Israel.

The America dollar will collapse. America will have a new currency. There will be a new global currency. Turkey will rise up an become an incredible force in the Middle East.

Russia will blackmail many smaller nations (Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, etc.) and insist that they come into a whole new alliance. If they do not come into the alliance, their oil and gas supplies will be cut off.


A dirty bomb will explode in an American coastal city rendering it uninhabitable for 30 years. The magma within the earth will heat the ocean floor kill huge numbers of fish.

It will be a time of great chaos throughout the world.


Q, How to you protect yourselves? Answer: Draw near to the Lord and He will draw near to you. James 4:8.
Become intimate with God. Have two-way conversations with God. Develop a new love and respect for the Word of God.

It’s time to simplify and restructure our lives. The Lord told John Paul Jackson that we should think in terms of these four things:
♦ Real food
♦ Real need
♦ Real energy
♦ Real money

If huge numbers of people will unite and pray, many of these calamities can even be reversed. 

Seer Miracles with Ana Werner

What is a seer?

On this post we will be discussing seer miracles. First of all, we have to decide what a seer is. A seer is a prophet who hears from God primarily using the gift of sight.

Watch the video below.

The Mailing Room of heaven

Ana Werner was taken to the Mailing Room of heaven. It is a huge room filled with packages on shelves. Angels are taking packages down to earth as answers to people’s prayers. Other packages are answers to prayers that haven’t been asked yet.

Another room Ana has seen is the Body Parts room. These are body parts that can be taken to earth to be placed into people’s bodies. (Read the next section for more information on body parts.)

Receiving a knee cap from an angel

Among all the seer miracles that Ana experiences, this is one that really stands out.

Ana Werner gave an altar call after preaching. It was then that she saw an angel behind her. He was carrying a knee cap.

Ana asked if anyone in the line had a sore knee. When someone did, Ana took the knee cap from the angel and placed it into the leg of the lady in the prayer line.

seer miraclesIn a similar situation, Ana Werner saw an angel carrying a spinal cord. She told a lady in a wheelchair that there was an angel with a spinal cord.

After the angel inserted the spinal cord into her body, the lady could walk. She had not been able to walk for over 20 years.

Watch the two videos below to learn more.

Seeing English words in the air

When Ana Werner is praying for people, she sometimes sees English words written in the air. The words may represent what emotion caused an infirmity. This will lead to a conversation with the person that results in repentance and healing.

Seer miracles in a highlighted area of the body

Ana Werner will sometimes see an area in a person’s body highlighted. She knows that there is pain in that area. Then she prays for the pain.

Watch the It’s Supernatural TV show interview between AnaWerner & Sid Roth. Learn about more seer miracles.

Loving God and the Billion Soul Harvest

What is IHOP?

IHOP is the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. For the past 19 years Mike Bickle has led this 24/7/365 prayer & worship centre. People come from all over the world to be there just loving God.

IHOP, Mike Bickle & Bob Jones

35 years ago the late Bob Jones prophesied that IHOP would happen. Loving God would be a big part of it.

He went into detail.  He even prophesied that people in the rice paddies of Asia would be watching the prayer and worship on their smartphones. That was years before the smartphone was invented.

Watch more about this story on the video below.

Love the Lord & your neighbour, priorities

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.      Mark 12:30

The second is, Love your neighbour as yourself. There is no other command greater than these.
Mark 12:31

When Bob Jones had a trip to heaven, Jesus asked him, “Did you learn to love?” Loving God and others seems to be the most important thing we can do in the kingdom of God.

It’s really important that loving god has the higher priority.

One billion soul harvest

When Bob Jones went to heaven, the Lord let him know that he could stay or go back to earth to help prepare the world for a billion soul harvest. They will be brought into the Kingdom with greater power than anything Bob has ever seen.

The Lord told Bob that there would be a third world war. Bob could help prepare the people so that they would not be so discouraged by the increasing trouble. They would be confident that the Lord would take care of them.

Bob Jones chose to go back for souls.


Watch the entire interview between Mike Bickle & Sid Roth.