Worship Leader Training


Seek ye FIRST the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you. Matthew 6:33 

Keith DuncanFor years Keith Duncan had been a professional worship leader. He would lead the people in singing three songs which would lead to the announcements and sermon.

Then, during one praise & worship session, everything changed. The leadership were in such deep worship that Keith got into the anointing and kept playing — for two hours.

Worship Leader TrainingOne lady from the back of the church was praising God and he saw a vision of a spinning diamond. Later he saw visions of many spinning diamonds.

Worship Leader TrainingAs things progressed, he saw a vision of what looked to him like flowing milk & honey. It was flowing from the Most Holy Place.

Worship Leader TrainingKeith Duncan says that now his praise and worship services can be liken to the tabernacle from the Old Testament. The praise is like being in the outer court. That should draw people into the inner court. Then the worship leader should lead the people into the Most Holy Place, what some people call the “throne zone”.

Keith Duncan says that it is the responsibility of the worship leader to tune into the frequency of heaven, learn what is being sung around the throne and release that sound to the congregation.


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Real Worship to Suspend the Natural Laws

Miracles from real worship 

real worshipAs Renny McLean travels from church to church, people enter into real worship where the rarefied air of heaven comes to earth. Blind eyes are opened, cripples walk and cancer disappears. People worship with their whole hearts. God inhales the worship and exhales the Glory.

When the supernatural happens

How to get a miracle: Worship until the Glory comes down and then enter the Glory.

When real worship happens, expect laws of physics to be suspended, cripples to walk, blind eyes to open and sickness to disappear.

Often when real worship happens, pastors do not need notes. Sermons come supernaturally.



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Worship Leader Created His Effective Lifestyle

Combine worship, music & prayer

worship leader

Kent Henry has been a worship leader since around 1974. God told him how to create an atmosphere so that people could get into the presence of God. If people are in that atmosphere long enough, they begin to get answers to problems, physical healing and the lifting of demonic oppression.

He met Jesus face to face

At age 15 Kent Henry went into a depression that lasted 4 years. One day at age 19 he read & re-read a Four Spiritual Laws tract. He prayed and told Jesus that he didn’t even know if He existed. But, he said, if He was real, he wanted Jesus to come into his life.

Jesus came in front of him wearing a white robe with a gold sash around it. He told Kent that He loved him. The 4-year depression lifted.

Learn more from the video below.

Worship leader to 1500 Youth Every Saturday

Starting in 1976 and continuing for 3 years, Kent Henry lead worship and 1500 youth attended. Hearts were changed. Atmospheres changed.

Worship is an Lifestyle, Not an Event

Many church services have turned into events that happen in a person’s life once a week. Ideally, worship is not an event for you; it is a lifestyle for you.

The things we do every day are the things we become very good at. If we worship every day, we will become very good at it. Then we can carry God’s presence and be more effective as Christians. We can be more effective at imparting things of the Lord to those around us.

Jesus, the Centre of Your Life

Don’t sell yourself short. You have something special to give to the Kingdom of God. The anointing you received from Him remains in you, and you do not need anyone to teach you.  1 John 2:27a

You can worship the Lord daily & minister to people.


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Worship Music

Grace Williams has an anointing to compose and play amazing worship music. When people hear it, some are


♦ Delivered from demonic activity and addictions.
♦ Having anxiety replaced with peace.
♦ Being physically healed.
♦ Feeling new intimacy with God.

An American soldier had returned from Somalia with post-traumatic stress disorder. He became addicted to alcohol and was using 17 different prescription drugs.

Later he emailed Grace Williams. He had been soaking to her music and become completely set free.

One time an ex-Hindu woman was at a meeting soaking to Grace Williams’ music. She began to feel a choking sensation and saw a snake around her neck. As people at the meeting began to pray for her, she was released from the effects of many curses. She said that she felt like a million pounds had been lifted off her.

Another time an ex-Muslim woman was at one of the worship meetings. She saw two angels, the effects of childhood wounds were lifted and she felt Father God’s love for the first time.



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