Marriage, Choose an Absolutely Delightful One

What’s obvious for someone with a happy marriage…

marriageSome things are just so natural for those of us who have a phenomenally delightful marriage.

I once spent a minute or so explaining 1 Peter 3:7 to a 30-something married man. I told him that he should treat his wife with consideration & respect every minute of every day.

Two weeks later he said that his marriage was 1000 times better. I guess no one had ever told him that couples with successful marriages treat each other with consideration & respect at all times.

We have to share our wisdom with the younger people. They just don’t think of some of these things.

Read & pray

The Focus on the Family people once published some statistics on divorce in America. One group of people had a much lower probability of getting a divorce than the other categories.

Those were couples who pray out loud together every day.  Their probability of divorce was one in a thousand.

Another trick for having an amazing marriage is to read the Bible out loud together every day. You’ll be getting so much wisdom and will have the same attitude towards things that otherwise could cause division.

What about the one in a thousand?

You may be wondering about the one in a thousand.  Why do they get divorced?

marriagePsychologist Dr. Paul Hegstrom has insight into such things. When a child has a severe trauma, the consequence can be arrested brain development. Part of their person remains a young child.

The trauma could be things such as

  • ♦ Rejection in the original family,
  • ♦ Incest,
  • ♦ Sexual molestation
  • ♦ Emotional abuse and
  • ♦ Physical abuse.

Such traumas can result in an inability of the body to manufacture certain new parts of the brain that normally develop at puberty. This can result in an inability to treat a spouse with consideration & respect at all times.

The remedy

If part of your brain is remaining as a young child, there is hope. Dr. Paul Hegstrom has found a way of “rewiring the brain”.

I recommend going to & entering Dr. Paul Hegstrom into the search window.  Listen to lots of his videos & do what he suggests.





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