The Deeper Things of God

Heaven, hell, healing, miracles, prophecy, judgment, etc.

This website talks about supernatural things like proofs of the Bible, hell, miracles, prophecy & judgment.

chariot Wheel EgyptFor example, this is a gold-covered chariot wheel found at the bottom of the Red Sea.  It was found at the most logical place for Moses and the Hebrew slaves to have crossed on dry ground.  After they crossed, the Egyptian army followed them.  The waters returned and covered the Egyptian army.

The web page corresponding to the picture above gives archaeological proof of the crossing.

Shingles Nasir SiddikiThe man in this picture had the worst case of shingles that his hospital had ever seen.  The corresponding web page tells how he was miraculously healed.

The archives tab at the top of this page lists the pages in this website by name.  It is unlikely that people will remember the name of each page they are looking for.  So, our index gives key words from each of the pages.










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