Worship Leader Created His Effective Lifestyle

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Kent Henry has been a worship leader since around 1974. God told him how to create an atmosphere so that people could get into the presence of God. If people are in that atmosphere long enough, they begin to get answers to problems, physical healing and the lifting of demonic oppression.

He met Jesus face to face

At age 15 Kent Henry went into a depression that lasted 4 years. One day at age 19 he read & re-read a Four Spiritual Laws tract. He prayed and told Jesus that he didn’t even know if He existed. But, he said, if He was real, he wanted Jesus to come into his life.

Jesus came in front of him wearing a white robe with a gold sash around it. He told Kent that He loved him. The 4-year depression lifted.

Learn more from the video below.

Worship leader to 1500 Youth Every Saturday

Starting in 1976 and continuing for 3 years, Kent Henry lead worship and 1500 youth attended. Hearts were changed. Atmospheres changed.

Worship is an Lifestyle, Not an Event

Many church services have turned into events that happen in a person’s life once a week. Ideally, worship is not an event for you; it is a lifestyle for you.

The things we do every day are the things we become very good at. If we worship every day, we will become very good at it. Then we can carry God’s presence and be more effective as Christians. We can be more effective at imparting things of the Lord to those around us.

Jesus, the Centre of Your Life

Don’t sell yourself short. You have something special to give to the Kingdom of God. The anointing you received from Him remains in you, and you do not need anyone to teach you.  1 John 2:27a

You can worship the Lord daily & minister to people.


Watch the entire It’s Supernatural TV interview between Kent Henry & Sid Roth.


One thought on “Worship Leader Created His Effective Lifestyle”

  1. Oh wow I’m so thankful this brother is still alive. I first discovered him during an O.R.U. Missions Camp in 1997. It was my last summer in college and Yah told me to go on missions to Indonesia. I’d never heard of it and had no idea of where in the world it was. During camp I heard his music. I was hooked for life. Having gone to heaven in 1984 his music. was the closest sound that always took my thoughts directly back to that place in my memory where I knew how to find Yah.
    May his rewards be great now and on the other side of time.
    Shepherdess L. Naomi Morris

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