All Prayers Answered for Guillermo Maldonado

35 deaf people healed

all prayersGuillermo Maldonado was at a healing crusade in Myanmar. 15,000 people were in attendance. Often at his crusades, all prayers are answered.

God told Guillermo to just stand on the stage and watch Him heal the people. The Lord told him to tell the crowd that children deaf and mute from birth  would be healed.

Watch the short video below where 35 deaf, mute children were healed.

Boy gets a new heart

Guillermo Maldonado had a healing crusade in Mexico City. A 9-year-old boy who needed a heart transplant had travelled twelve hours on a bus to come to the event.

At the crusade many people got out of wheelchairs. Deaf mute people were healed. But, the most significant healing was the boy who came in after a twelve hour bus ride.

A doctor checked him out. There was no arrhythmia and his blood oxygen level was 98%. His heart was totally healed.

Why Guillermo Maldonado gets all prayers answered:

  1. Intimacy. Jesus told us to go into a closet when we pray. By that he meant we should go to a secret place, a place where we can get intimate with God. Here we access the presence and glory of God. Intimacy with God is a key to getting all prayers answered.
  2. Holiness. Start worshipping by affirming God’s presence. If there is anything in him that is displeasing to God, Guillermo Maldonado asks Him to forgive and cleanse him. Guillermo says that praise and worship is an important key to becoming holy.

Isaiah 59:2 tells us that God will not hear us if we have iniquities within us. (Iniquities are those things that cause us to sin.) That is why being cleansed and forgiven are so important to Guillermo Maldonado’s ministry.





Watch the entire It’s Supernatural television interview between Guillermo Maldonado and Sid Roth.

But your iniquities have separated you from your God. And your sins have hidden His face from you so that He will not hear. Isaiah 59:2.




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