Emotional Trauma

When Joan Hunter prays for people, emotional and psychological trauma is reversed. This in turn can reverse diseases and other infirmities.

Joan Hunter prayed for a man who had been crippled from birth.

Joan HunterThe man got out of the wheelchair and began running around the church.

She prays for people who have had emotional trauma. The memories produced by the trauma are erased.

These memories can produce anger, stress, worry, bitterness and depression. These in turn can produce disease.

In one case Joan Hunter prayed for someone who was released from the effects of so much trauma that she INSTANTLY went from size 18 to size 14. Within the next week she went down to size 12.


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Open Visions, Krissy Nelson’s Encounters with Jesus

Open visions to time of Jesus

open visionsKrissy Nelson has open visions. At one time she was standing in her kitchen and Jesus took her hand. She went with Him to stories about Jesus from the Bible.

She could see what He sees, feel what he felt, smell the smells from the time, etc.

Watch the video below.

Encounter with Jesus, stories from Bible

Jesus took Krissy into various stories in the Bible. She saw the Samaritan woman at the well (John 4). Krissy felt the emptiness the woman felt over the life she had lived. She could feel her hope well up as Jesus spoke to her. Krissy felt the feelings of the women caught in adultery. She saw the agony and felt the emotions Jesus was going through on the cross.

Encountering Father God on a dirt road

Krissy Nelson was slain in the spirit lying on her back in church for a long time. Suddenly she was lying on her back on a dirt road. Father God came along and lifted her up.

He carried her to Jesus. The whole experience underlined the idea that Jesus was tortured to death for Krissy.

Watch the rest of the story in the video below.

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Quantum Physics, a Discussion with David Van Koevering


The late David Van Koevering discussed quantum physics with Patricia King. He discussed ideas like


♦ atoms can be divided into
♦ electrons, photons & neutrons which in turn are divided into
♦ quarks which in turn are divided into
♦ superstrings.

This is according to a quantum physics theory called string theory. This theory requires you to accept the fact that there are eleven dimensions rather than the four we are used to:

♦ Length,
♦ Width,
♦ Height and
♦ Time.

In the interview with Patricia King below, David Van Koevering theorized that at least one of these superstrings travels faster than the speed of light. This means that it would pass through time. This in turn would give one explanation as to why people sometimes dream future events. The superstring simply brings people the memory of a future event.

Danger of Negative Speaking

It may also help explain how we can create our own reality. If we think and speak negatively, we can accept a negative thought that is on a trajectory through time.

If we think and speak positively, we can accept a positive thought that is on a trajectory through time. It is a fact that we can create reality with our thoughts and spoken words. Life and death are in the power of the tongue,
Proverbs 18:21a.

We’re interrelated

Quantum physics could convince you that reality is much different from what you thought it was before you studied the subject. For instance, consider quantum entanglement. This state occurs when particles such as photons, electrons and molecules interact physically and then become separated.

In experiments particles have been together so that the action of one affects the actions of the other. Then, after they are separated by over 100 km, a change in action of one still IMMEDIATELY affects the action of the other particle.

This concept is used in commercial applications of quantum physics.

Watch the television interview between David Van Koevering & Patrica King.

For more information, watch this
YouTube animated video.

Double slit experiment

You may have heard David Van Koevering speak about the double slit experiment. This experiment showed that the appearance of something can change depending upon the perception of the observer. For more information, watch the
double slit experiment cartoon below.

Faster than the speed of light

The idea of traveling faster than the speed of light can refer to the ideas of

  • Creative light &
  • Created light.

Creative light refers to the word God spoke when He created the universe. He spoke with the speed of creative light. One of the things created was the slower created light that travels at approximately 186,000 miles per second.

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Bipolar Reversal After a Supernatural Prayer

Bipolar medication for 20 years

bipolar reversalAt age 12 a doctor diagnosed John Waller as a manic depressive (today called “bipolar”). He was on medication for 20 years. Then he had a bipolar reversal.

At age 23 he got married and presented his wife with a very difficult life. She had to go out to work while he babysat (and did an abysmal job of it.)

Bipolar reversal

After two people came over and ministered to him, his depression was reversed. Now he travels around helping people to get free from their problems.

One of the big keys is in Proverbs 18:21Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit.

Learn about John Waller’s bipolar reversal. See and hear the interview with John Waller.

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New Age Education, a Great Deception

New Age education

Mike Shreve thought that New Age education was an honourable profession. He taught yoga at four different Florida universities. He was an expert on the New Age. Then one day he saw the evils of yoga and he was changed forever.


New Age education is a counterfeit of Christian education

Most New Agers believe that we are coming into a new age of heightened spiritual awareness called the age of aquarius. Then, they believe, many of the world’s problems will be solved.

They often believe that they can use things like yoga or eastern meditation to help them experience the ultimate spiritual reality.

But yoga can open a door to evil spirits.

Mike Shreve realized this after he decided to be intellectually true to himself. A friend told him about Jesus. So, he decided to give Christianity a test. He would spend one day praying to Jesus and reading the Bible. If it was the real thing, he thought, Jesus would reveal Himself.

He did.

Learn how Mike Shreve learned the truth. Watch Mike Shreve’s interview with Sid Roth.

Drug Addiction, Instantly Set Free After 5 Years

drug addictionSteve Foss was suffering from a drug addiction because of a poor self image. He had problems with feelings of insecurity and inferiority.

Watch the video below to see how he reversed those feelings. Now only that, but he was instantly delivered from five years of drug addiction.

Unction from the Holy Spirit

It all began when friend dragged him to a church service with about 300 students in attendance. After a while he began to feel that he should go talk to the preacher. He silently prayed about it. Within 30 seconds the preacher pointed to him & told him to come up.

Delivered from drug addiction

After he went to the front, the Lord delivered him from five years of drug addiction. Not only that, but the Lord asked him to start preaching.

Insecurity & Inferiority

Eventually he was given a vision of two of the most powerful demons around — Insecurity & Inferiority.  Many other demons use these two to get their power.

Watch the It’s Supernatural interview between Steve Foss & Sid Roth.

Debt Free by Following Biblical Principles

debt freeWe should become debt free really quickly. Craig Hill says, “If I don’t reveal what God has shown me now, next year will be too late!” He has found ancient Biblical mysteries concerning finances that bring God’s supernatural increase. Prepare and prosper even in the face of a world economy collapse.

Biblical mysteries & becoming debt free

In the 1930s, many people prospered BECAUSE OF the depression. There is a biblical principle behind this.

You can learn about it by studying Leviticus 25. That is the chapter about the year of jubilee. Among other things, every 50 years all debts were to be cancelled and all property was returned to the original owner.

People conducted their business in accordance with the year of jubilee. If there was, say, 45 years until the year of jubilee, they would conduct business much differently than if there was, say, 5 years until the year of jubilee.

debt freeCraig Hill has discovered a similarity in European and American history. People do not voluntarily cancel all debts every 50 years. However, every 50-70 years there is a FORCED year of jubilee.

In the 1930s many people in debt could not afford their payments. They lost their property which was returned to the previous owner. (In many cases that was the bank.) A similar thing happened in the United States starting in 2008.

You may have read this in the Bible: The sinner’s wealth is laid up for the righteous.      Proverbs 13:22b

The sinners’ wealth

Keep in mind that verse can easily be misinterpreted. You must do a study to see who are the righteous in areas of finance. You can discover the answer by meditating upon this: The wicked borrows but does not pay back, but the righteous is generous and gives.       Psalm 37:21

It looks like the ones who get deep into debt and are unable to pay back are not numbered among the righteous when it comes to getting the sinners’ wealth. (Unfortunately, that includes many Bible-believing Christians.) The second part to that says that the righteous are generous. They give to the poor, the needy and their families. (A good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children.     Proverbs 13:22a).

The above is just a brief summary of Craig Hill’s teaching. Learn more about becoming debt free. Watch the television broadcast and listen to the radio interviews below.


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David Herzog: Instant Weight Loss & Other Miracles

Signs & wonders with David Herzog

David HerzogWhen David Herzog shares how to enter God’s Glory Zone, miracles, signs and wonders are plentiful — instant weight loss, bald heads grow hair, the sick are healed, people are transported into the heavenly realm!
David Herzog


At times people have to hold their pants up because so much fat has disappeared.


The Quantum Physics Connection

By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible.           
Hebrews 11:3

What Hebrews is saying is that what we see was made out of what was invisible — namely the Spirit of God and sound.

There is sound in all matter. So, when someone in the Glory Realm speaks to, say, a bone to be healed, the sound the person is speaking affects the sound in the bone. Bones are healed. Metal pins in the jointsDavid Herzog can be turned into bone.

While in the Glory realm, God has even bent the time continuum so that point A and point B became the same location. David Herzog was on a highway in France and instantly reached his destination in Belgium.

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Drug Abuse, Near Death & Other Dangers

Voodoo priest

drug abuse

Earthquake Kelley was a fourth generation Voodoo priest deeply involved in drug abuse. He could put curses on people and they would die.


  Demons on assignment

drug abuseHe would call up demons, see them with his eyes and send them on assignments.

drug abuse
At one point he sent them on an assignment against some Christians. The demons came back and said they had no power over the people. Earthquake went to check them out. There were angels walking behind the Christians.

Drug abuse & a trip to hell

drug abuse

He had started taking drugs at the age of four. But, he had no idea of the dangers of drug abuse. He eventually died of a drug overdose and went to hell. It was a very real with tormented people constantly screaming. Eventually he came out because of a praying mother.


Watch the It’s Supernatural television interview between Earthquake Kelley and Sid Roth.

Joshua Mills and Walking in the Glory Realm

Eyeballs grew from nothing 

glory realmJoshua Mills is walking in God’s glory realm. Amazing miracles happen. For instance, once when ministering in India, he prayed for a woman with no eyeballs. He laid his fingers on her eyelids and began to pray. As he prayed, he could feel her eyeballs growing.

After he finished praying, the lady could see with her brand new eyeballs.

Watch the story in the video below.

Gold handprint of an angel?

Joshua Mills was once ministering in Pensacola, Florida. The glory realm was thick. Lots of miracles were happening. People were getting saved. Suddenly a golden handprint appeared on the back of his jacket. Joshua believes it was the handprint of one of his angels.

Translated to Southeast Asia

Joshua Mills was ministering in a Florida church. He suddenly started talking about translating to another location. Within minutes he was in an elevator in Southeast Asia.

He ended up in a prayer meeting. At the end of the meeting he went back into the elevator. He began worshiping. Soon he was back in the Florida meeting.

A couple of weeks later he received confirmation that indeed, he had been in the prayer meeting in Southeast Asia.

Hear about it in the video below.

Who can walk in the glory realm?

God wants YOU to walk to the place where you can live in the glory realm. As you began to press in under the anointing, there will be a flow of glory that takes over and usher you into the newness of God.

Listen to Joshua Mills as he explains it.

It’s available, take it

At this time in church history, there is so much new for us. Some people are in ruts and willing to stay in the same old Christianity. But, with new dimensions available, God wants to lead us into them. Just go for the glory realm experience.


Watch the entire TV interview between Joshua Mills & Sid Roth.