Heaven and Hell Experiences of Laurie Ditto

Life will never be the same

heaven and hell


Laurie Ditto was taken to both heaven and hell. At the time she was not an enthusiastic Christian. She had lots of problems in her life.  Her supernatural experiences changed her radically. Read more below.


An unexpected trip to heaven

Laurie Ditto ended up in a Christian conference with people much different from her. These people were a bunch of  enthusiastically  worshipping Christians. For some reason, the Lord spoke to her in such a way that she knew it was Him.

He asked her what she wanted. She said she wanted to know if tongues is real. She got the gift of speaking in tongues.

The she gave Him a list of 3 things she wanted. She was then taken to heaven and communed with Jesus.

He asked her to give Him her pain. He touched her forehead with His forehead. She became a  changed person.

She had previously a heavy smoker on antidepressants. She no longer had a desire to smoke. She was no longer depressed.

Watch the video below.

A trip to hell

Laurie Ditto was worshipping in church. Suddenly she was taken to hell.

She was surrounded by fire. She was experiencing intense pain. The heat was so intense that her skin burned off her arms. But she would not die. There was no water.

She was surrounded by other people but was unable to talk to them. The sound of them screaming broke her eardrums.

She was suddenly taken back into her body in the church. She was screaming.

Deception, heaven and hell

There are demonic lies spread throughout Christendom. The biggest lie is that once we are saved we are always saved.

Jesus said, “If you love Me, you will keep My commandments.John 14:15. That sentence will help you be assured that you are saved.


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Outrageous Healings and John Mellor

Spiritual giftings start slowly

outrageous healingsJohn Mellor did not have outrageous healings near the beginning of his ministry. As a matter of fact, he did not even believe that supernatural healing was for today.

His healing ministry started out very slowly. He started out as a missionary ministering to Australian Aboriginals. His objective was to get people saved. For 5 months the total size of his congregation was one old woman with 3 or 4 children.

One day he noticed the woman had a limp. So, he prayed for her.

The next week went he went to minister to the people, there was a crowd. The old woman had been healed. She had told her friends & neighbours about the healing.

John prayed for members of the crowd. They were healed. People began to refer to him as The Missionary Man Who Heals.

Watch the video below.

Christian motorcycle club

Before John Mellor was saved, he was in a motorcycle gang. He got into a motorcycle accident. 2 members of a Christian motorcycle club followed his ambulance to the hospital.

They went in to visit him. One of them told John that God loves him and has a plan for his life.

At that point in his life, John had lots of depression and mental torment. He could not stop thinking about what the motorcycle man had told him about God loving him.

One night he told Jesus to help him and forgive him if He was real.

The next morning he woke up with a great peace. He decided that Jesus must have answered his prayer. After that his life was never the same.

Muscles restored

A man had been in an accident 5 years previous. Leg muscles & nerves had been destroyed. He had pain-medicine-dispensing device strapped to his belt. It did not do nearly enough to dull the pain.

John Mellor prayed for the man who was then slain in the spirit. When he got up all pain had disappeared and he began to run.

Fingers curled up like claws

At one of John Mellor’s meetings a young woman was carried in because she could not walk. Her fingers were curled up like claws. She was in chronic pain.

John prayed for her. The pain left and she was healed.

John says that people over-analyze healing. He says that Jesus inside of him heals for the people and the whole process is simple. Jesus specializes in outrageous healings.

Secular press embraces outrageous healings

A number of secular television and newspaper reporters have written credible stories about John Mellor’s outrageous healings. In one case a reporter came to one of his meetings in order to expose him as a fake.

A woman with MS had chronic pain and was unable to walk.  The reporter’s headline read “I saw a miracle”.



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Unprecedented Miracles Are Beginning to Happen

Miracle glory

One of the guests in today’s blog post had an angelic visitation announcing that the miracles glory is about to cover our planet. That means we are entering a time of unprecedented miracles.

unprecedented miraclesFor instance, oil has been flowing out of a man’s Bible. In 2 years, 200 gallons of oil has been collected.

unprecedented miraclesThe oil flowed throughout the Bible. When it got to the Middle East, it formed a heart.

The oil is used to perform miracles.

A young man had stage 4 lymphoma. His mother added oil to his muffins every morning. After the doctor checked him out, he said that there was no cancer whatsoever in the young man.

Unprecedented miracles after baptism of fire

Todd Smith was so hungry for more of God that he decided to take off his denomination glasses. He decided to read the Bible as if he was reading it for the very first time.

He saw all sorts of things that he had never seen before.

One day he was walking towards his empty baptistry and he got an open-eye vision. The baptistry was full of water with fire on top. Then the Lord told him that He would baptize people with Holy Spirit fire.

The Holy Spirit fire healed huge numbers of people.

unprecedented miraclesOne lady who went into the baptistry had previously had a PET scan. It showed 50 cancerous lesions throughout her body.

The day after coming out of the baptistry she had another PET scan. It showed that the cancerous lesions had all disappeared. (The dark spots in the right-hand picture are healthy organs in the body.)

The unprecedented Holy Spirit outpouring

We’re in the beginning of an outpouring of the Holy Spirit that will soak the body of Christ like we’ve never seen before.

In some of Tim Sheets’ meetings the Glory of God shows up as a fog. He is unable to see past the first row. The cloud has a fragrance of honeysuckle.

At one meeting the Glory Cloud stayed for 3 days.

We can expect unprecedented breakthroughs in health, finances and whatever adversities have been coming against us.


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Rejection, Getting Healed of Its Consequences

The abuse of rejection 

When a child experiences lots of love & acceptance, you can expect them to grow up well adjusted. When a child experiences rejection, you can expect dire consequences. That’s what happened to Jenny Weaver.
She was abused prenatally by a drug-addicted mother. Her parents divorced while she was a child. She was severely bullied in high school.

All of this rejection resulted in her becoming a cutter. Then she became a drug addict. Then, as a witch, she would cast spells on people.

Born a drug addict

Jenny Weaver’s mother was a drug addict when Jenny was born. Consequently, Jenny was born a drug addict.

But then, a miracle happened. While lying in a hospital bed, a Carpenters song began playing on the radio. Her mother heard the refrain, “Why do birds suddenly appear, every time you are near?”

When she heard that song, she asked God to give her a sign if He was real. A bird appeared at the window.

That was her sign that God was real. She felt the presence of God come into the room. Her drug withdrawal symptoms left. Jenny was no longer an addict.

She prayed & gave her life to Jesus.


A few years after Jenny Weaver became a Christian, someone invited her to a deliverance meeting. She began thinking that she did not have to be delivered from anything because she was saved.

An exorcist took Jenny aside and tried to exorcise the demon(s) for about 15 minutes. Jenny wanted to leave.

Then the exorcist held a Bible on Jenny’s head & began to speak in tongues. Jenny began to growl. She took her fingernails and began to try to recut herself.

She was delivered.

What she had not realized was that the root of anger, rejection, hate and abandonment was still in her when she arrived at the meeting. She was set free when the roots were removed.



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Worship Leader Training


Seek ye FIRST the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you. Matthew 6:33 

Keith DuncanFor years Keith Duncan had been a professional worship leader. He would lead the people in singing three songs which would lead to the announcements and sermon.

Then, during one praise & worship session, everything changed. The leadership were in such deep worship that Keith got into the anointing and kept playing — for two hours.

Worship Leader TrainingOne lady from the back of the church was praising God and he saw a vision of a spinning diamond. Later he saw visions of many spinning diamonds.

Worship Leader TrainingAs things progressed, he saw a vision of what looked to him like flowing milk & honey. It was flowing from the Most Holy Place.

Worship Leader TrainingKeith Duncan says that now his praise and worship services can be liken to the tabernacle from the Old Testament. The praise is like being in the outer court. That should draw people into the inner court. Then the worship leader should lead the people into the Most Holy Place, what some people call the “throne zone”.

Keith Duncan says that it is the responsibility of the worship leader to tune into the frequency of heaven, learn what is being sung around the throne and release that sound to the congregation.


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Worshipping God, Called with an Audible Voice

Anointed to be  worshipping God

When Eddie James was a child, Eddie & his mother knew he would be traveling worshipping God one day.

All these [gifts of the Holy Spirit] are the work of one and the same Spirit, and he distributes them to each one, just as he determines
        1 Corinthians 12:11 .

 Eddie JamesThe dictionary would tell us that when we worship, “we regard God with ardent and adoring esteem and devotion.” When you study and cross reference that passage in 1 Corinthians, you will understand that we should all worship. However, some people have special anointings of worship that are above and beyond what the rest of us have.

Eddie James is such a person.

When Eddie’s mother was first pregnant with him, a speaker in church called her out of the choir and prophesied over her. He said that her child would be a worship leader.

She wrote the prophecy down on a card and stuck it in her Bible.

Flash forward eight or nine years. Eddie heard the audible voice of God. He was told that he would have a ministry of music and that it would go all over the world.

When Eddie told his mother about the audible voice, she took that old card out of her Bible and showed it to him.




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After Death, What Will Happen?

61 minutes after death

after deathGary Wood knows what happens after death. The paramedics declared him dead at the scene of his car crash. He went to heaven and got a tour from an old friend who had died. But, his sister prayed and he returned to his body. He had been medically dead for 61 minutes.

His trip around heaven included a trip to a library where he found the books recording things people had done in life. That included a list of all the things people had done to help get others saved. It also included sins people had committed but had not repented of. Once they repent, the deeds are removed from the books.

Room of unclaimed blessings

Later he went into a room of unclaimed blessings. These were blessing that people could have had but they did not have enough faith. He was told that it is important for people to say things such as “I believe, I receive” after they have prayed for a blessing.

after death, Gary Wood, sisterAbout 61 minutes after he died, his friend told him that he had to go back to earth because his sister was using “that Name”. He instantly left heaven.

His sister, who up until that time did not really believe in miracles very strongly, was praying for Gary to come back. She was using the name “Jesus” lots.

Gary Wood, xRayAfter Gary came back:
♦ His vocal cords were severed.
♦ His larynx was crushed.
♦ His neck was broken.
♦ Teeth were knocked out.
♦ His nose was torn off.
♦ His jaw was broken.

after death, Gary Wood, hospital

It was medically impossible for him to talk.

after death, Gary Wood, JesusBut then one day Jesus came into his room. He put his hand on Gary’s throat. Even though the vocal cords were still severed, he could talk!

He can talk and he can sing. He needs to be able to talk to fulfill his mission on earth.




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Chuck Missler’s Take on UFOs

Chuck Missler

Chuck Missler believes that UFOs are real. But, they are not intergalactical; they are hyperdimensional.

Chuck Missler has impressive credentials:

♦ Former Branch Chief for the America Department of Guided Missles
♦ Former CEO of six public companies — Four of them were highly classified in the Dept. of Defense
♦ Thirty years in the strategic community.

His explanation is complex and begins in Matthew 24 where Jesus talks about the end times. He said that as it was in the days of Noah, so will it be in the end times.

Genesis 6 talks about the days of Noah. It appears to talk about a hybrid race called “Nephilim”.

Genesis 6:4 says, “The Nephilim were on the earth in those says and also afterward.” You can learn more about Nephilim by watching the video below.

Dr. Missler discusses the events from Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Newspapers said that UFOs were sighted. At least three people were killed.

This was followed by a campaign of disinformation that exists to this day. The record involving what happened at Roswell is more highly classified that information about the most sophisticated American warheads. Two U.S. presidents and four different congressmen have tried to see the records. They were not allowed.

A dozen astronauts have reported seeing UFOs. The video below includes an audio recording of astronaut John Blaha talking to mission control. He said, “Houston, this is Discovery. We still have the alien spacecraft under observation.

One interesting thing about UFOs is how they break the known laws of physics. For instance, they break the sound barrier without creating a sonic boom. They travel in a straight line super fast and then suddenly make a ninety degree turn. This leads some people to believe that they are coming from another dimension.




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