Marriage Improvement, from Mediocre to Delightful

The basics of marriage improvement

Consider the fact that you could have an absolutely delightful marriage. So, it’s sort of silly to settle for a mediocre one. All it takes is changing some mindsets and studying the greatest marriage manual of all time. So, let’s begin to study the basics of marriage improvement.

Sit down and decide that you are going to figure out how to improve your marriage. Keep in mind that you may have to change some of your mindsets.

The greatest marriage manual is the Holy Bible. In Matthew 22:39 Jesus commanded us to love your neighbour as yourself. Your closest neighbour is your spouse. So, be as kind and unselfish to your spouse as you would be to yourself. Matthew 5:16 says Let your light shine before men so that they may see your good deeds and praise your father in heaven. So, you want your marriage to be so delightful that your neighbours will think, “I want what they have.”

Ephesians 4:26 says Do not let the sun go down on your anger. Work out your differences before you go to sleep.

Reading the Bible out loud together daily can help you discover those verses that will help send your marriage to a new level.

High stress & serious health issues

Dr. Caroline Leaf says, “Thoughts do cause illness … . They have the power to make us sick.” Read that web page. If you are causing your spouse stress, you could be making them very sick.

The most important concept I took away from my university Industrial Relations course was as follows. Negative emotions can reduce a person’s ability to think logically. So, not only can high stress product health problems. High stress can reduce your ability to do your job well and make money.

Consideration & respect

marriage improvementIf you paraphrase 1 Peter 3:7, it says Husbands, treat your wives with consideration & respect so that your prayers will not go unanswered. Change a mindset. You and your spouse should both agree to try to treat each other with consideration and respect at all times. Then the quality of your marriage can shoot through the roof.

Learn your spouse’s love languages. It will help you to treat them with consideration & respect.


Money issues is one of the big three problem areas that destroy marriages. (The other two are communication & sex.) If money is a problem, decide that you are going to just figure out how to solve the problem. Be realistic. If self employed, it may be unrealistic for you or your spouse to earn more. In that case, you have to figure out how to spend less.

Some cities have free credit counselling services. Search online for: [your city] credit counselling services. You may find a website such as this one belonging to the Credit Counselling Society.

They will give you very valuable little tricks for removing the stress from your money management issues. That will include a suggestion that you make a spreadsheet of your monthly budget. After one month, you may be shocked at how much you are spending on some of those categories such as eating out.

Your spreadsheet will have two sections. The top one will have one line for each expense. The bottom line will subtract your total expenses from your total income to give you closing cash.

The second section of your spreadsheet will have a number of categories. These are the categories that may have more that one entry per month. The running total of each category will be automatically added to the top section.

At the end of each of the first few months sit down and calmly discuss how the expenses can be reduced. Be open to changing your mindsets. Changing your mindsets can be a first step towards marriage improvement.

Summing up

In this blog post we have discussed a few marriage improvement issues that can change your marriage from mediocre to delightful. Remember these points:

  • Be open to changing some mindsets.
  • Read the Bible together.
  • Decide that you are going to figure out how to improve your marriage.
  • Wherever possible, remove the stress from your marriage.
  • Always treat each other with consideration & respect.
  • Don’t let the sun go down on your anger.
  • Calmly discuss your differences as soon as reasonable.
  • Make a monthly spreadsheet of your income & expenses.
  • Stress can cause health problems and reduce your ability to earn money.




Advanced Civilizations 400 Years After Noah

Sudden appearance

400 years after the Flood of Noah, there was a sudden appearance of advanced civilizations throughout the world. These were civilizations with things like:

  • Written language.
  • Civil service.
  • Military.
  • Science beyond what we have today.
  • And much more.

600 flood traditions

It is significant that 600 different people groups throughout the world have a story of a great flood. Several of them even have the name of the survival vessel leader sounding similar to Noah.

These wide-spread stories have this in common:

  • The prior corruption of mankind.
  • A flood warning unheeded by the masses.
  • A survival vessel.
  • The preservation of up to 8 people along with animal life.
  • The sending forth of a bird to determine the suitability of leaving the vessel.
  • Significance of the rainbow.
  • Descent from a mountain.
  • Repopulation of the world by a single group of survivors.

Remember your high school math. Then you will understand how it would be possible for a group of 8 people to produce enough descendants to populate the earth. There could be enough descendants to service 5 separate civilizations.

5 advanced civilizations

advanced civilizations Dead Men's SecretsArcheologist Jonathan Gray wrote a book called Dead Men’s Secrets. The book is the source of information for this post.

In the book Mr. Gray discusses 5 of these advanced civilizations. They are

  • Egyptian.
  • Sumerian.
  • Mayan & Incas.
  • Indus Valley.
  • and the megalith builders of northeastern Europe.

All 5 of these cultures began suddenly and fully developed.

Advanced technology

The Incas

Some of these cultures seem to have harnessed electromagnetic energy from the atmosphere. With it, they defied gravity. The moved multi-ton rocks huge distances.

For instance, the Incas had 24-foot wide highway paved with granite slabs. They crossed canyons and tunnelled through mountains. Some of these tunnels are in use today. One causeway even extended above a swamp for 8 miles . This granite highway was elevated 8 feet above the ground.

The total length of the highway was 19,800 miles. Parts of it are still used in the twenty-first century.

A fortress in Ollantaytambo, Peru has stones 150 to 250 tons each. The quarry was 7 miles away at an altitude of 10,000 feet. The rock had to cross a river canyon that had 1000 foot sheer rock walls.

The Egyptians

Egypt’s largest pyramid is the Cheops Pyramid. Some of the slabs of granite in it are 60 to 70 tons each. They were transported from a quarry 600 miles away.

The pyramid was constructed using 2,300,000 giant stones. It is so precisely constructed that you cannot fit a knife blade between two stones.

Stonehenge, England

Forty blue stones, each weighing 5 tons, were transported 240 miles over land and water. Other blocks weighing 25 to 50 tons were transported from a quarry 20 miles away.

Indus Valley

A 6 ton iron column was found near Delhi, India. The monsoons and tropical heat should have rusted it completely. Yet this 1500 year old column had barely a trace of rust. This showed advanced metallurgy that we do not even have today!


Bronze suddenly appeared everywhere including the Americas, Egypt and Sumeria. It was a hard alloy of copper and a tenth of a part tin. How did people around the world suddenly know how to make such high quality bronze?

No written languages

There were no written languages in existence much before 3000 BC. Then, around 3000 BC, there suddenly were at least 5 civilizations with a complete written language. They also had a civil service, military and science beyond what we have in the twenty-first century.

Sudden appearance of advanced civilization

How did 5 advanced civilizations suddenly appear 5000 years ago? Read Dead Men’s Secrets to find the answer.






All Prayers Answered for Guillermo Maldonado

35 deaf people healed

all prayersGuillermo Maldonado was at a healing crusade in Myanmar. 15,000 people were in attendance. Often at his crusades, all prayers are answered.

God told Guillermo to just stand on the stage and watch Him heal the people. The Lord told him to tell the crowd that children deaf and mute from birth  would be healed.

Watch the short video below where 35 deaf, mute children were healed.

Boy gets a new heart

Guillermo Maldonado had a healing crusade in Mexico City. A 9-year-old boy who needed a heart transplant had travelled twelve hours on a bus to come to the event.

At the crusade many people got out of wheelchairs. Deaf mute people were healed. But, the most significant healing was the boy who came in after a twelve hour bus ride.

A doctor checked him out. There was no arrhythmia and his blood oxygen level was 98%. His heart was totally healed.

Why Guillermo Maldonado gets all prayers answered:

  1. Intimacy. Jesus told us to go into a closet when we pray. By that he meant we should go to a secret place, a place where we can get intimate with God. Here we access the presence and glory of God. Intimacy with God is a key to getting all prayers answered.
  2. Holiness. Start worshipping by affirming God’s presence. If there is anything in him that is displeasing to God, Guillermo Maldonado asks Him to forgive and cleanse him. Guillermo says that praise and worship is an important key to becoming holy.

Isaiah 59:2 tells us that God will not hear us if we have iniquities within us. (Iniquities are those things that cause us to sin.) That is why being cleansed and forgiven are so important to Guillermo Maldonado’s ministry.





Watch the entire It’s Supernatural television interview between Guillermo Maldonado and Sid Roth.

But your iniquities have separated you from your God. And your sins have hidden His face from you so that He will not hear. Isaiah 59:2.




Marriage and Intimacy with God

Imagination & hearing God’s voice

Hello Readers of the Godtalk blog. Today I’d like you to meditate upon the relationship between marriage and intimacy with God.

If you read this blog regularly, you most likely are the type of person who wants to hear God’s voice. One main technique I use I get close to God is engaging my imagination. When I do, God will often add to the scenario I have been creating in my mind.

For instance, to facilitate hearing the voice of Father God, I’ve created an imaginary garden. Here I go to talk with Father and He talks to me.

I have a few trees planted in the garden. They represent testimonies of special things that have happened to me. For instance, my wife loves the look of a weeping willow tree.

I planted a weeping willow as a testimony of the amazing wife the Lord gave me. When I do my devotions in the middle of the night, one thing I always do is go to that weeping willow tree. Each time I thank Father for various characteristics my wife has. (Thankfulness is incredibly important when talking to God. It helps you get closer to Him.)

Sometimes God will begin to speak to me non-verbally at this time. I never go into the garden without hearing Father say something. It is not verbal; it will be a thought Father places in my mind — often a surprising thought that I would never have of on my own.

Marriage and intimacy — becoming one spirit

Once He told me that as I get really intimate with my wife, we become one spirit.  Then, He said, if we simultaneously get intimate with Him, the three of us will become one spirit.

When my wife & I got married, she and I shared a measure of love and we shared the Christian faith. We read the Bible out loud together and that helped our love to grow. We prayed out loud together and that helped our love to grow even more.

Then I discovered 1 Peter 3:7Husbands, treat your wife with consideration and respect so that your prayers will not go unanswered. We modified that a bit and decided to treat each other with consideration and respect every minute of every day. That definitely helped our love to grow.

Then we began to get online teachings from Christian mystics such as Mike Parsons. Among other things, these people began to emphasize Matthew 5:48Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

marriage and intimacyGetting close to perfect is a process — we definitely have not arrived yet. There was one thing we noticed early on in this process — our wonderful marriage became even more wonderful. It seemed to be almost one consistent state of love, joy & peace. During our previous decades of being married, we have never enjoyed each other so much.

Going into my imaginary garden is the catalyst to getting close to Father God. When I’m there, I let Him know that I love Him. Then He shows me things. He guides me into things including marriage and intimacy with my wife.

The video below is a discussion between two Christian mystics — Nancy Coen & Justin Abraham. It discusses more about becoming intimate with God.

Trusting God, even when it sounds foolish

The video clip below is from a recent It’s Supernatural television interview. In it Kim Meeder was doing a book signing. She asked the Holy Spirit what to write in the front of a book for a particular lady. The Holy Spirit gave her what she considered the dumbest poem she had ever heard in her life.

Later the owner of the book came up to Kim and told her that was the poem that her mother used to pray with her every night. The lady had prayed and told the Lord that if He was real and if He knew her pain, she would like Him to let her know in a way that was real.


Marriage and intimacy

People never fall in love be reading a biography about a person. They fall in love be spending lots of time with them. They develop a close relationship. In a similar way you should develop a close relationship with God.

This blog post has shown you the correlation between marriage and intimacy with God. If you are married, read it over and watch the videos again. Unless you already have an absolutely amazing marriage, it will help you get closer to your spouse than ever.





Dead Raised to Life 37 Times

deadDavid Hogan has prayed for 37 different people who were raised from the dead. His team have raised over 500 people from the dead.

David ministers to a rarely-reached people group in the jungles of Mexico.

In his very first resurrection, the young boy had been dead for around five hours. David did not really know what he was doing. But, after around an hour or so of praying, the boy came back to life.

Man becomes a bat

Once in a while I hear about a supernatural event called shape shifting. I’ve heard about it in the Godly realm. Usually there is a strong demonic influence.

David Hogan’s ministry is in an isolated people group. There is a significant amount of the occult among this group.

deadThe occult people hate David. One night a witch doctor came up to David and shone a flashlight on himself. At that point his face changed until his whole physical being became a bat.

Watch the video below.

Someone raised David Hogan from the dead

Fortunately, David Hogan had trained his family how to raise the dead.

One day heaven revealed to David that his hedge of protection was being lowered and hell was coming.

In the morning he was in perfect health. Later that day his organs began to shut down. He went blind and deaf and had a cardiac arrest. His lungs, liver and kidneys quit. He died.

In this death state he was moving towards a bright light. He could hear his son-in-law speaking to him. He called him back. So, David went back. He was alive.

He still had no sight or hearing. But, he could smell his wife.

He thought he was going to die again. He told his wife he was not going to make it. She jumped on top of him & told him that he was going to live and not die.

The next morning he was still alive. Slowly his sight and hearing came back. Slowly his organs began to function.


Watch the complete It’s Supernatural television interview between David Hogan & Sid Roth.


Glory to Glory with Jennifer Eivaz

What is the glory of God?

We all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord2 Corinthian 3:18

Below you will discover how we can be changed from glory to glory. But first let’s find out what glory of God is.

The glory of God is the manifest presence of God. It is something you experience. It transforms you.

glory to glory

Jennifer Eivaz was ministering at a women’s conference when the air above seemed to part. She could feel the fire of the Holy Spirit pouring out on the people.

Jennifer says that one of the big secrets in accessing the glory is friendship with the Holy Spirit. Think of your best human friend. That friendship happened because you spent lots of time with them.

She asked the Holy Spirit to be her friend. She said that she wanted to experience Him continually.

Watch the video below to learn more.

A Glory Cloud

Sometimes people will see a cloud above Jennifer Eivaz’ head. That’s a glory cloud. It is the manifest glory of God made visible.

Once Jennifer Eivaz saw a glory cloud appear as a mist moving above the congregation. After the glory cloud came, miracles broke out.

The presence of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit wants to be close to you. He wants to be your friend.

Jennifer Eivaz wanted to have a close connection with the Holy Spirit. She began praying to the Holy Spirit. She kept telling Him that she wanted to be closer to Him. She was seeking out friendship with Him.

Finally, after much prayer, the Holy Spirit walked into the room. She physically felt His presence come upon her.

As she kept praying for a close friendship with the Holy Spirit, He kept coming to her. He taught her His presence and how to flow with Him.

Visible Glory of God on a person

Sometimes the glory of God on Jennifer Eivaz is so strong that she glows like a light bulb. Watch the videos to see actual photos of Jennifer glowing.

From glory to glory by reversing trauma

One night Jennifer Eivaz  was sleeping when the Holy Spirit lifted her up and hugged her. He deposit healing into her emotional heart. He reversed hurts caused by past traumas.

After that experience, Jennifer prayed for many people to reverse their traumas. She had a great deal of success. People could not do things that they never could have done before.

Watch the video for further explanation.



Watch the entire  It’s Supernatural television interview between Jennifer Eivaz and Sid Roth.





Breakthrough in Your Spiritual Walk

What is a breakthrough?

breakthroughA breakthrough is when the power, purpose & presence of God bursts forth in someone’s life and transforms their life forever.

Kynan Bridges was once a burned-out pastor. In this video he explains how he got his breakthrough.

Cerebral palsy reversed

Kynan Bridges was doing a revival meeting. A lady with cerebral palsy came up asking for a healing.

Kynan could tell she was expecting to be healed. That’s important because an attitude of expectancy is the atmosphere for miracles.

Kynan just kept quoting one scripture: You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.

Within a short period of time the lady was running around the sanctuary.

Angels of breakthrough

When Kynan Bridges travels to preach, one of the angels accompanying him is called Breakthrough. The purpose of a breakthrough angel is to arrest the spirit of delay in a believer’s life.

For instance, once when Kynan was a guest speaker, he asked everyone to raise their hands and receive what the Father had already supplied. May people raise their hands and healings started to break out.

The host also raised her hands to receive the blessing. Shortly thereafter, the host’s daughter received a phone call from her daughter. She had lost a pair of earrings a year earlier. She walked up some stairs and her earrings had been neatly placed on two  steps.

The host believed that an angel had placed the earrings on the steps. The Lord told Kynan that we are supposed to partner with the angelic realm.

Meditate upon this verse for a few minutes: Yes, praise the LORD, you armies of angels who serve him and do his will!  Psalm 103:21

Also meditate upon this fact for a few minutes: Angels cannot operate in their assignment until the word of God is spoken.


Watch the It’s Supernatural television interview between Kynan Bridges & Sid Roth.






Soul Ties with Drs. Dennis & Jennifer Clark

What are soul ties?

soul ties

soul ties

Soul ties are emotional connections to people, places or things. Soul ties can be healthy or unhealthy.

Dennis Clark gave an example of a soul tie a man had with his mother. She was controlling him. She even called most of the shots in his marriage. Even though he knew the situation was wrong, he could not stop his mother’s behaviour.

For more information, watch the video below.

Examples of unhealthy soul ties

Consider this soul tie to a thing: A woman had a soul tie to the state of Florida. Her husband could not find a job in that state. So, she left him to live in Florida.

A soul tie can be anything you can’t emotionally get rid of. It can be a job, a food addiction, shopping, workaholism or anything that you just cannot let go of even though your attraction to it is unnatural.

Toxic emotions & seducing spirits

A seducing spirit will attack people with unhealthy soul ties and cause them to be sexually attracted to each other. These spirits are consciously trying to sabotage people’s destinies by getting them into  wrong relationships.

The victims of the seducing spirits should have dropped down into into their own spirit and picked up on the lustful craving. Then they could have avoided decades of future problems.

Toxic emotions can include hurt, fear, lust, anger, guilt and shame. If you sense any of those toxic emotions and don’t deal with them, you may be inviting the enemy in. If you stay in any toxic emotion long enough, you end up sinning. In the sin you are giving LEGAL access to demonic activity.


Sample prayer to eliminate a soul tie

Think of a person, place or thing with which you MAY have an unhealthy soul tie. Every thought has a corresponding emotion. If that emotion is a craving, deal with it.

Let Jesus the forgiver into the emotional centre of your belly. Then receive the forgiveness of Jesus as a gift. Keep receiving it until you are experiencing peace.

Then you renounce that craving out loud. Declare yourself free.

For more details, watch the video below and also the mentoring video with Dennis & Jennifer Clark.



Watch the It’s Supernatural television interview between Drs. Dennis & Jennifer Clark and Sid Roth.

Watch Drs. Dennis & Jennifer Clark mentor you on praying for the removal of unhealthy ties.






Resurrection Glory Invades the Congregation

This post is under construction.

Heavenly Passover seder

resurrection glory

resurrection gloryIn the midst of a passover celebration with recording artist Paul Wilbur, Pastor Stovall Weens was transported to a heavenly passover seder. This experience brought resurrection glory into his church causing an eruption of miracles. The glory entered the homes of many of his congregants.

Watch the video below.




Watch the complete It’s Supernatural television interview with Stovall Weems, Paul Wilbur & Sid Roth.







Dream Interpretation with Stephanie Schureman

Simplifying dream interpretation

dream interpretationDreams from the Lord are often parables with various symbols that must be interpreted. It can often help to stop and pray that the Lord will give you a dream interpretation.

If a symbol is found in the Bible, it may help to read the Bible story that uses that symbol.

When Jesus told parables, he used symbols such as farming methods of the day. He used symbols that people knew about. Today your dreams may have modern items such as electronics. They will be symbols that you know about very well. They will often be symbols that relate to you.

Watch the two very short videos below to learn more.

Writing down dreams

It helps to have a notebook specifically for your dreams. Write down dreams because you forget them so quickly. Also, as soon as you wake up after a dream, it helps to rehearse it over & over in your head.

Why the Lord gives us crazy, silly dreams

It seems that to help you remember a dream, the Lord will often attach an emotion to it. An example would be when the dream is so crazy that it makes you laugh.

Dream interpreter Stephanie Schureman had a dream once in which she was swimming down a river. A cow was following her. The cow began to laugh.

dream interpretationStephanie crawled up a bank and climbed over a fence. The cow also jumped over the fence and kept laughing.

Then she heard in her spirit “cash cow”. She woke up and realized that she could be completely confident in the provision of the Lord.

The value of nightmares

The Bible says that nightmares can save us from several things:

  • Bad choices.
  • An early death.
  • The enemy (the Lord may spotlight the enemy’s plans).




Watch an It’s Supernatural television interview between Stephanie Schureman & Sid Roth.

Watch a YouTube video interview between Stephanie Schureman & Bob Duvall.