People Who Cannot Control Their Behaviour

Anti-social behaviour

control their behaviourSome people just cannot control their behaviour. Perhaps they are addicted to gambling, drugs or alcohol.  They may have any of a number of different anti-social  behaviours. 75 – 85% of prisoners who are let out on parole will reoffend. They often simply cannot control themselves. They are victims of arrested brain development.

Before Dr. Paul Hegstrom was healed, he used to beat his wife. He hated himself for doing that. He kept promising himself that he would never do it again.

He even spent $30,000 on psychologists’ fees. They could not help him. He still could not control himself. He and the parolees who reoffend are the victims of arrested brain development.

Rewired his brain

control their behaviourAfter much study he finally found out how to “rewire” his brain.  The process took three years. He no longer has any trouble with wife beating.

He and his former wife got remarried. After 23 years in the new marriage, there has never been a single case of domestic violence.

Enabling parolees to control their behaviour

control their behaviourDr. Hegstrom and his team of psychological researchers have worked with parolees. They worked with several groups of ex-cons in the state of Georgia. Instead of 75 – 85% of them reoffending, 2 – 6% of them reoffended.

They worked with over 500 parolees in the state of Texas. In all 500 cases, the symptoms of their arrested brain development was reversed. After five years into the project, NONE of them had reoffended.

Why People Cannot Control Themselves

Paul had been raped by a man at age eight. That had been the main cause of his arrested brain development.

Some types of childhood traumas cause the body’s adrenalin-producing system to be on high alert. As a result, three different chemicals (dopamine, seratonin and norepinephrine) cannot be produced in sufficient quantities at the onset of puberty. The extra adrenalin prevents that from happening. Consequently, the brain does not fully develop and, in Paul’s case, part of him remained like a nine-year-old boy.

The five types of childhood traumas that can cause the adrenalin-producing system to stay on high alert are:

♦ Rejection in the original family,
♦ Incest,
♦ Molestation
♦ Emotional abuse and
♦ Physical abuse.

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The information on this post came from an episode of It’s Supernatural.  Watch the entire TV interview between Sid Roth & Dr. Paul Hegstrom.

Listen to 5 radio interviews between Sid Roth & Dr. Paul Hegstrom.

In the event that you are studying Dr. Hegstrom’s work, it may be useful to watch the video below. To help you understand the rewiring of the brain, it helps to understand the workings of the dendrites, axons, brain cell bodies and the synapses.

This is How a Turkish Muslim Became a Powerful Christian

Isik’s early life in Turkey as a Muslim

MuslimAs a radical young Muslim in Turkey, Isik Abla wanted to be a suicide bomber. She wanted to help wipe Israel off the face of the earth.

There was lots of violence where she lived. She developed PTSD at a very young age.

As I child she was emotionally & sexually abused. After she got married at age 19, life became worse. Her husband thought that it was perfectly alright to punish her so that she could become a better Muslim.

Watch the video below.

Isik gets saved in America

By a miracle or 2 Isik was able to get some education, get a job and emigrate to America. She got a job, got into a Bible study with some employees and got saved.

Watch this part of the story in the video below.

Non-Turkish-speaking man speaks perfect Turkish

A stranger phoned up Isik saying that he & his wife had been praying for her. He invited her to come to their house several hour’s drive away.

She said she had no gas in her car. He prayed that she could drive that distance without filling up. So, she did.

After getting to her house, he spoke to her in tongues. He confessed her sins in perfect Turkish.

Learn more about this story in the video below.

Ex-Muslim completely transformed & renewed in one evening

After the stranger spoke to her in tongues (Turkish in this case), Isik started to become a new personality. All of the lies & deception of Islam left her.


Living a life of joy & peace

In a church service the pastor talked about being filled with the Holy Spirit. She went to the altar & invited Him in. She constantly pursues and Holy Spirit. Consequently, she says, every day is full of joy, peace & freedom.

Watch the complete interview between Isik Abla & Sid Roth.

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From Islam to  Christianity after a Bible study

The Ten Immutable Laws of the Kingdom

Principles from the Bible

laws of the kingdomUsing principles he’d found in the Bible, Pat Robertson was able to launch the first American Christian television network, a television show that  presently has over a million viewers daily, a major university & a law school. He says these principles work the same for everyone. Pat Robertson calls these principles “The Laws of the Kingdom”.

Laws of the kingdom are in the Bible

Whenever Jesus spoke in the Bible without referencing the place, time or recipient, he was giving laws that are on par with the law of gravity. These are called Laws of the Kingdom.

For instance, there is the law of use. In Mathew 25 we are given the parable of the talents. The person who buried his talent in the ground and did not use it was dealt severely by his boss. The ones who doubled their money were rewarded with more responsibilities and, we presume, a raise in wages.

For everyone who has will be given more, and he will have an abundance. But the one who does not have, even what he has will be taken away from him.… Mathew 25:29

Watch the video below.

Below are nine other Laws of the Kingdom.

The Law of Reciprocity

For every actions there is an equal & opposite reaction. Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.  Luke 6:38

The Law of Perseverance

The Law of Fidelity

The Law of Unity

The Law of Change

The Law of Greatness

The Law of Responsibility

The Law of Miracles

Here is an example of the Law of Miracles in action: Pat Robertson was praying for his son who had a runaway fever and  convulsions. The concern was that his son could become brain dead.

As Pat was praying, the Lord said, “I love your son a thousand times more than you.” Pat literally lifted up his son to the Lord. The minute he did that, the fever broke. The next day his son was completely healed.

The Law of Dominion

At one  point in his life Pat had $70 to his name. The Lord told him to go back home & buy a television station. Because of his tenacity and one God-incidence after another, he was able to buy his first television station for $37,000.

That has grown into, among other things, a television program that has a million daily viewers.

Watch the video below.


The Law of Expectation


Watch the complete interview between Pat Robertson & Sid Roth.



Remarkable Powerful Healing with Spiritual Fire

Healing by fire

The great healing evangelist, Smith Wigglesworth (1859 – 1947) used to impart spiritual fire into people. That fire would burn out people’s diseases.

healingSmith Wigglesworth’s great granddaughter imparted the healing by fire anointing into Jack Sheffield. Watch below to see some of the miracles he has seen and some of the miracles he is walking in.

Tested dead By EMT, raised to life

One day Jack Sheffield has attending a church where people believed in the supernatural. During the service, a woman died.

The pastor knew the story about Elijah laying his body upon the widow’s dead son. So, he laid upon the woman’s body.

The ambulance came; the emergency medical technicians declared her dead. In the ambulance, she rose from the dead.


Healed of bone cancer

Jack Sheffield received a healing anointing of fire. Someone  with bone cancer came to the healing centre. After Jack laid hands on the man, he said that he felt fire in different parts of his body.

He was completely healed.



Pulling the plug in the hospital

Jack Sheffield has set up healing centres in a number of hospital chapels. There is praise & worship and allowing God to enter the scene.

One day a very distraught family came in. They were about to pull the plug that was giving life support to the father.

The chapel team raised the spiritual level, the family went up to see the plug being pulled from life support and the dead man came back to life.


Watch the entire TV interview between Sid Roth & Jack Sheffield.

Healing Ministry of Art Thomas

Healed of Crohn’s disease

healing ministryArt Thomas had a healing ministry. He would pray for people and they would be miraculously healed. This would happen while he was in the pain of Crohn’s disease.

(Read Isaiah 53. Now go down to verse 5 — The punishment that brought us peace was on Him, and by His wounds we are healed (Isaiah 53:5b). Now think about this for a while: Jesus went through great torture as a punishment for YOUR sins. One of the reasons He did this was so that YOU would be healed.)

One day in his blog post he wrote that he had Crohn’s disease. His readers hit the reply button and began to pray that in the name of Jesus he would be healed.

By the end of the month Art Thomas was completely healed.

Hear more about this story in the video below.

Healing ministry — Two-year-old boy prays for broken nose

Art Thomas’ wife was playing with her four year old. The child banged his head against his mother’s nose, breaking it.

The two year old laid his hand on his mother’s nose and said, “Nose be healed in Jesus’ name.” Bleeding stopped, pain stopped & the nose became whole again.

Labor pains at 24 weeks

Art Thomas’ wife phoned him when she was 24 weeks pregnant. She told him that she was having labor pains 5 minutes apart.

On the drive home the Lord told Art, “This is what I meant when I said My strength is made perfect in weakness.” (2 Corinthians 12:19b)

When he got home, Art laid his hands on his wife’s abdomen and said, “In Jesus’ name, contractions stop now.” They stopped and the baby continued to develop to full term.

Learn more about this story in the YouTube video below.






Watch the complete interview between Art Thomas & Sid Roth.

Glory of God in Shawn Morris’ Life

Prison for 99 years

GloryShawn Morris came from a family of drug addicts, murderers and drug dealers. He was rejected by his birth dad. He was abused & ridiculed by his mother & stepfather. At age 11 he was into drugs & alcohol. By age 16 he was a heroin addict. As a teenager he lived a life of crime. In his early 20s he was facing 99 years in prison. Little did he know that this would be replaced by the Glory of God.

While in prison he started attending a Bible study. The inmates laid hands on him and prayed that he would receive Jesus. His heroin addiction left immediately.

He made a vow with God. He told God that if He would get him out of prison, he would never touch drugs

Watch the video below to hear more about Shawn’s testimony.

Radically transformed by God

Shawn did not immediately live up to his part of the bargain. He stepped back into a lifestyle of drugs & crime.

But then one day a childhood friend came over to visit. Shawn knew that he had been saved. He noticed there was something different about him.

His friend took a Bible and began to read 2 Timothy 3.

There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God—  having a form of godliness but denying its power.  2 Timothy 3:1-5

He asked Shawn what part of that passage belonged to him. Shawn read it, fell over under the power of the Holy Spirit and shook for several hours. He was radically transformed by God.

Some time later Shawn met up with his friend again. His friend laid hands on him and prayed, “Just receive, just receive.”

Shawn had never heard of tongues before. He opened his mouth & began to pray in tongues. Later he received more tongues. From  that time on, when  he prayed for people, they were instantly delivered & instantly saved.

When the Glory of God fell

Shawn Morris went on a 3-day dry fast. He was on the floor having a vision. The Glory of God came in. It looked like the room was full of smoke.

People came for a Bible study that night. EVERYONE saw the Glory cloud. When some were in it, they were slain in the spirit — in some cases for hours.

During this season of the Glory cloud,

  • Oil would drip off the ceiling
  • Lumps would fall of people’s bodies
  • Blind eyes were opened
  • Deaf could hear.

One day the Holy Spirit told him to go to a Walmart restroom. When he was there, the Holy Spirit told him to pray for James. A man walked in and Shawn began to “read his mail”. He knew James’ mother’s name. He knew about issues James was having with his fiancee. James got saved right there.

Creative miracle after compound fracture

A woman was run over by a car outside a church where Shawn Morris was speaking. The pastor dragged her into the church. Her arm was dislocated, a bone was sticking through her arm and the skin was scrapped off to the white part of the flesh.

After prayer the bone popped back within the arm and skin grew over the wound while people watched.


Watch the complete interview between Shawn Morris & Sid Roth.

Miracle Man Morris Cerullo — 70 Years of Ministry

The life of a miracle man

miracle manEver since he escaped from an orphanage at fourteen & a half years old, Morris Cerullo’s life has been full of miracles. During his seven decades of ministry he has prayed for the infirmed all over the world. He’s been a miracle man.

Escorted by angels

As a boy in an orphanage, someone gave Morris Cerullo a New Testament. He read it secretly with a flashlight under the covers. Members of the staff beat him and told him to renounce his faith. He just said, “I know it’s real.”

He escaped from the orphanage and made it to a city in New Jersey. While there, he prayed and angels escorted him to safety.


Broken jaw instantaneously healed

As a teenager, Morris Cerullo was a pitcher  playing ball. A ball came from the bat, hit him in the face & broke his jaw.

The doctor put a brace around his jaw. But, he was still in great pain & scheduled to speak in church. He went to church, removed his brace & began to speak.

While everyone watched, his jaw was instantaneously healed. Revival broke out. Thus began his life as a miracle man.


A Vision of Hell

One day in church Morris Cerullo was taken into the heavenlies. He went into the presence of God. While up there, he got a vision of hell. Then the Lord paraphrased Isaiah 60:1Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you.


Healed of flesh-eating disease

Morris Cerullo has necrotizing fasciitis (flesh eating disease.) He was in unbelievable pain 24 hours a day.

His right leg was paralyzed and he was confined to a wheelchair.

He asked the Lord to take him home. His wife prayed the opposite.

It seems like his wife’s prayers won out. One day a presence of the Lord swept over him. The flesh grew back. He was instantly healed and able to walk.

The miracle man considers this about the greatest miracle in his career.



Watch the entire interview between Sid Roth & Morris Cerullo.

Glory of God

What is the Glory of God?

The Glory of God on earth is the total manifest presence of God. It is what you would be sensing if you went to heaven.

glory of God

When the Glory of God comes down in David Herzog’s meetings, he has seen things like:

  • Bald heads growing hair,
  • Tattoos disappearing off people’s bodies,
  • People growing taller.
  • Grey hair turning brown as people watched.


The real beginning of David Herzog’s ministry

Ruth Heflin once invited David Herzog to come to her meetings. He arrived and she announced that he was going to preach that evening. He protested and she insisted.

As he was speaking, he had the most unusual experiences. Later on people began to get gold teeth, gold dust began to appear, tumours disappeared … .

When he got to his hotel room, he was within God’s Glory. He was on a high with the Highest High. It never lifted.

Watch more in the video below.


Becoming desperate for God

What if you want to get closer to God? What if you want to become desperate for God? What do you do? Simple.

Ask God to help you become desperate for Him.

Listen to the prayer in the video below.


Glory of God is for everyone

Kathie Walters tells us to expect to soon be in an atmosphere where the Glory of God is available to everyone. Working in miracles will be for everyone.

Watch more in the video below.


The Glory of God Came from Nowhere

Kathie Walters was in a very religious church. One day someone who was filled with the Holy Spirit stood up. The Glory of God fell.

Everyone got filled with the Holy Spirit. People were coming from miles to be at the meetings. The congregation lost their religious mindset.

They laughed for about three years. They were washing their minds.

Laughter is a weapon of spiritual warfare. Your spirit picks up on the imminent victory. And then the laughter comes.

Sometimes the angels pushed them around a bit to make them lighten up. The Holy Spirit is not heavy & we shouldn’t be either.

My yoke is easy and My burden is light. Mathew 11:30.

When Jesus died on the cross, He paid for many of our burdens. The religious spirit makes us try to do something God has already done. All we have to do is receive it, embrace it and believe it.


The Importance of Prayer

Each one had a harp and they were holding golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of God’s peopleRevelation 5:8. Julie Meyer claims that the golden bowls hold the prayers of the saints.

The saints’ bodies will die, but the prayers do not die. They are before the Lord continually.


Four directives from the Lord

Julie Meyer was given four directives that she was to release on this It’s Supernatural TV program:

  1. Keep walking. Don’t stop, don’t give up.
  2. Forget what lies behind. Delete. Start with a clean slate.
  3. Get oil. Keep having conversations with the Holy Spirit.
  4. Sing the Word of God. When you sing, you activate parts of the brain that otherwise would not have been used.



Watch the complete interview between Sid Roth and David Herzog, Julie Meyer & Kathie Walters.

Greater Things than These Shall You Do

Greater things than these…

greater thingsJesus healed the sick, raised the dead, walked on water, became invisible to hide from a crowd, walked through walls, etc. And then, in John 14:12 He says, “Whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these.” Expect to be doing greater things.

In our little city recently we were told to expect a 200 year flood. We were told to expect a great rain storm and to expect the water to come rushing into the city Thursday afternoon.

We have Jesus in us and Jesus commanded a storm to stop. So, on Thursday morning we commanded the storm system to move to a less populated area.

Thursday afternoon I mowed the lawn wearing a T shirt. One of our group saw the weather radar on TV.  It showed the storm dividing in two as it came towards our city. It passed by on either side of us but not over us. Thank you Lord.

Leaving the familiar

By faith you can be walking into the world of “greater things”. However, you would be leaving the familiar and stepping out in faith.

Justin Abraham

Justin Abraham is one person we’ve met who is living a life far more supernatural than most Christians have ever heard of. He will be referenced several times in this article. At the bottom will be a link to a website where we rented access to some of his teaching.


The Holy Spirit was not given until the second chapter of Acts. Yet King David said, “Don’t take your Holy Spirit from me” in Psalm 51:11. He went forward in time to appropriate the Holy Spirit.

greater thingsWe are hearing about time miracles now more than ever.

Justin Abraham saw the iPhone before it existed. He also saw cars that will use fresh air for fuel. He has seen a biodegradable iPad. He says that airplanes will be fuelled by electrons passing under their wings. He has seen a rocket that can get to the planet Mars in one day.

He has seen that the economic system of the future will not run on money. (That’s fortunate because artificial intelligence will be taking so many jobs away.) We should be provided for supernaturally and work in what’s in our scroll (Our book of destiny, so to speak). It will be a new economics of happiness & well being.

Love will pull your spirit

Justin Abraham was once sitting in front of his computer and started thinking about how much he loved a particular church in Seattle. Suddenly his spirit went to that church. He was on stage, next  to the pastor for a split second. Than he was back in front of his computer.

About five minutes later he received a text message from the pastor. He asked Justin if he had just been there.


greater thingsAccess some of Justin Abraham’s thoughts on greater things here. I highly recommend going there. We’ve been experiencing the supernatural for years now. And we consider this teaching life changing for us.

Faith Healing and Dr. Sandra Kennedy

The secret of faith healing

Many people are not healed when people pray for them. Why not? Why doesn’t faith healing work more often?

One of the big secrets is this: If you fall in love with Jesus, you can take what He has already given to you.

Sandra Kennedy elaborates more on this in the video below.

Dog bit off her lip

Sandra Kennedy was at home with her dog when it jumped up & bit off her lip. After she got to the Emergency Department, the plastic surgeon said that she’d never smile again.

faith healingShe refused to believe that. As far as her face was concerned, she refused to think about anything else except her smiling again. She hung up pictures of her smiling face all over the house. She refused to look at the plastic surgeon’s pictures of people with their upper lip missing.

Her lip was restored.

What stops faith healing from happening?

After Sandra Kennedy’s dog bit off her upper lip and deformed her face, she was persistent and she acted on the Word of God.

The words of the wise bring healing.               Proverbs 12:18b

She was persistent in speaking words to her smiling pictures.  She imagined her face returning to normal. She refused to imagine anything else.

Note that Sandra Kennedy has learned that God made healing simple. Study these videos and listen to the complete It’s Supernatural interview over and over again. Keep it up until you have a true understanding of real faith healing.


Watch the complete TV interview between Sandra Kennedy & Sid Roth.

About Sandra Kennedy

Dr. Kennedy’s website says: At the Healing Explosions, Dr. Kennedy simply teaches what God says in His Word about healing. As the Word goes forth, you can see the faith level begin to rise. Suddenly people begin to shout out “I’ve got it!” and amazing healings begin to take place. Hundreds of people have reported that they have been healed in these meetings. The #1 healing we see is cancer. However, we have seen blind eyes open, deaf ears hear, lame legs walk, leukemia, heart disease, strokes, and many other illness all healed just by the power of hearing and believing God’s Word.