Advanced Civilizations 400 Years After Noah

Sudden appearance

400 years after the Flood of Noah, there was a sudden appearance of advanced civilizations throughout the world. These were civilizations with things like:

  • Written language.
  • Civil service.
  • Military.
  • Science beyond what we have today.
  • And much more.

600 flood traditions

It is significant that 600 different people groups throughout the world have a story of a great flood. Several of them even have the name of the survival vessel leader sounding similar to Noah.

These wide-spread stories have this in common:

  • The prior corruption of mankind.
  • A flood warning unheeded by the masses.
  • A survival vessel.
  • The preservation of up to 8 people along with animal life.
  • The sending forth of a bird to determine the suitability of leaving the vessel.
  • Significance of the rainbow.
  • Descent from a mountain.
  • Repopulation of the world by a single group of survivors.

Remember your high school math. Then you will understand how it would be possible for a group of 8 people to produce enough descendants to populate the earth. There could be enough descendants to service 5 separate civilizations.

5 advanced civilizations

advanced civilizations Dead Men's SecretsArcheologist Jonathan Gray wrote a book called Dead Men’s Secrets. The book is the source of information for this post.

In the book Mr. Gray discusses 5 of these advanced civilizations. They are

  • Egyptian.
  • Sumerian.
  • Mayan & Incas.
  • Indus Valley.
  • and the megalith builders of northeastern Europe.

All 5 of these cultures began suddenly and fully developed.

Advanced technology

The Incas

Some of these cultures seem to have harnessed electromagnetic energy from the atmosphere. With it, they defied gravity. The moved multi-ton rocks huge distances.

For instance, the Incas had 24-foot wide highway paved with granite slabs. They crossed canyons and tunnelled through mountains. Some of these tunnels are in use today. One causeway even extended above a swamp for 8 miles . This granite highway was elevated 8 feet above the ground.

The total length of the highway was 19,800 miles. Parts of it are still used in the twenty-first century.

A fortress in Ollantaytambo, Peru has stones 150 to 250 tons each. The quarry was 7 miles away at an altitude of 10,000 feet. The rock had to cross a river canyon that had 1000 foot sheer rock walls.

The Egyptians

Egypt’s largest pyramid is the Cheops Pyramid. Some of the slabs of granite in it are 60 to 70 tons each. They were transported from a quarry 600 miles away.

The pyramid was constructed using 2,300,000 giant stones. It is so precisely constructed that you cannot fit a knife blade between two stones.

Stonehenge, England

Forty blue stones, each weighing 5 tons, were transported 240 miles over land and water. Other blocks weighing 25 to 50 tons were transported from a quarry 20 miles away.

Indus Valley

A 6 ton iron column was found near Delhi, India. The monsoons and tropical heat should have rusted it completely. Yet this 1500 year old column had barely a trace of rust. This showed advanced metallurgy that we do not even have today!


Bronze suddenly appeared everywhere including the Americas, Egypt and Sumeria. It was a hard alloy of copper and a tenth of a part tin. How did people around the world suddenly know how to make such high quality bronze?

No written languages

There were no written languages in existence much before 3000 BC. Then, around 3000 BC, there suddenly were at least 5 civilizations with a complete written language. They also had a civil service, military and science beyond what we have in the twenty-first century.

Related Video

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Sudden appearance of advanced civilization

How did 5 advanced civilizations suddenly appear 5000 years ago? Read Dead Men’s Secrets to find the answer.






Dead Raised to Life 37 Times

deadDavid Hogan has prayed for 37 different people who were raised from the dead. His team have raised over 500 people from the dead.

David ministers to a rarely-reached people group in the jungles of Mexico.

In his very first resurrection, the young boy had been dead for around five hours. David did not really know what he was doing. But, after around an hour or so of praying, the boy came back to life.

Man becomes a bat

Once in a while I hear about a supernatural event called shape shifting. I’ve heard about it in the Godly realm. Usually there is a strong demonic influence.

David Hogan’s ministry is in an isolated people group. There is a significant amount of the occult among this group.

deadThe occult people hate David. One night a witch doctor came up to David and shone a flashlight on himself. At that point his face changed until his whole physical being became a bat.

Watch the video below.

Someone raised David Hogan from the dead

Fortunately, David Hogan had trained his family how to raise the dead.

One day heaven revealed to David that his hedge of protection was being lowered and hell was coming.

In the morning he was in perfect health. Later that day his organs began to shut down. He went blind and deaf and had a cardiac arrest. His lungs, liver and kidneys quit. He died.

In this death state he was moving towards a bright light. He could hear his son-in-law speaking to him. He called him back. So, David went back. He was alive.

He still had no sight or hearing. But, he could smell his wife.

He thought he was going to die again. He told his wife he was not going to make it. She jumped on top of him & told him that he was going to live and not die.

The next morning he was still alive. Slowly his sight and hearing came back. Slowly his organs began to function.


Watch the complete It’s Supernatural television interview between David Hogan & Sid Roth.


Unprecedented Miracles Are Beginning to Happen

Miracle glory

One of the guests in today’s blog post had an angelic visitation announcing that the miracles glory is about to cover our planet. That means we are entering a time of unprecedented miracles.

unprecedented miraclesFor instance, oil has been flowing out of a man’s Bible. In 2 years, 200 gallons of oil has been collected.

unprecedented miraclesThe oil flowed throughout the Bible. When it got to the Middle East, it formed a heart.

The oil is used to perform miracles.

A young man had stage 4 lymphoma. His mother added oil to his muffins every morning. After the doctor checked him out, he said that there was no cancer whatsoever in the young man.

Unprecedented miracles after baptism of fire

Todd Smith was so hungry for more of God that he decided to take off his denomination glasses. He decided to read the Bible as if he was reading it for the very first time.

He saw all sorts of things that he had never seen before.

One day he was walking towards his empty baptistry and he got an open-eye vision. The baptistry was full of water with fire on top. Then the Lord told him that He would baptize people with Holy Spirit fire.

The Holy Spirit fire healed huge numbers of people.

unprecedented miraclesOne lady who went into the baptistry had previously had a PET scan. It showed 50 cancerous lesions throughout her body.

The day after coming out of the baptistry she had another PET scan. It showed that the cancerous lesions had all disappeared. (The dark spots in the right-hand picture are healthy organs in the body.)

The unprecedented Holy Spirit outpouring

We’re in the beginning of an outpouring of the Holy Spirit that will soak the body of Christ like we’ve never seen before.

In some of Tim Sheets’ meetings the Glory of God shows up as a fog. He is unable to see past the first row. The cloud has a fragrance of honeysuckle.

At one meeting the Glory Cloud stayed for 3 days.

We can expect unprecedented breakthroughs in health, finances and whatever adversities have been coming against us.


Watch the entire It’s Supernatural television interview with Sid Roth.



Supernatural Life of Francis Sizer

Miraculous life after a trip to heaven

supernatural lifeHis supernatural life began with a group of his parishioners. When Dr. Francis Sizer was a Catholic priest, a group of charismatic Catholics were meeting in the church basement.

When he went do to see what they were up to, three of them laid their hands on him & began to pray in tongues.

He began to shake and was soon taken up to heaven. He came back to his body as a person with miraculous experiences. One of his first miracles happened when a prayed for a lady with stage 4 cancer.

Watch more in the YouTube video below.

Stomach operation not required

She had eleven bleeding ulcers. The doctor wanted to remove 75% of her stomach.

Francis Sizer prayed for her and she felt she was healed. She went back to the doctor and requested another endoscopic examination of her stomach.

The doctor saw a healthy pink stomach with no bleeding ulcers.

Supernatural life & the Holy of Holies

Francis Sizer was a charismatic Catholic who walked with miraculous giftings. He was having lunch with a group of Protestants who were asking him questions he was having trouble answering. They were asking him what a priest was and why was he a priest.

A lady, who happened to be an angel, walked by and said, “The answer is in the curtain.” She disappeared and he never saw her again.

Then the man beside him said, “Oh, you need to go and read about the curtain.” He was referring to Matthew 27:51 —  And behold, the veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom; and the earth shook and the rocks were split. And he was referring to Hebrews 10:19-20 — Therefore, brothers, since we have confidence to enter the holy places by the blood of Jesus, by the new and living way that he opened for us through the curtain, that is, through his flesh.

That is to say, because we accept the fact that Jesus died for us, we are priests and can enter the Holy of Holies. We all have access to God without needing another person to be an intermediary for us.


You can learn more about his supernatural life online. Watch the entire It’s Supernatural television interview between Dr. Francis Sizer & Sid Roth.

Dead Raised and Other Modern Miracles

Training congregation to walk in the supernatural

dead raisedDr. Guillermo Maldonado is the pastor of the largest hispanic church in America. He has seen the dead raised multiple times.

His church has spawned daughter churches in 30 different countries. He trains people to walk in the supernatural.

Anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.  John 14:12

Audible voice

Many years ago the Lord spoke to Guillermo Maldonado with an audible voice. He told him that was to bring His supernatural power to this generation. Now he teaches his pastors how to walk in the supernatural.

Dead raised in hospital

Below are examples of dead raised in a hospital — one in a hospital bed and one in the morgue.

dead raisedA lady connected to his church in Venezuela received a phone call from a hospital saying that her daughter had died. The lady went to the hospital morgue. After an hour of praying, the girl was raised to life.

In a similar incident, the Lord told Dr. Maldonado that He would be releasing the power of resurrection. In a church service, Dr. Maldonado prophesied resurrection. At that very moment someone in the hospital morgue was raised to life after being dead for 23 hours.

dead raisedDr. Maldonado is one of those pastors who has seen supernatural weight loss in his meetings. A 250 pound man attended one of his services. In the next 3 days his waist went from 48″ to 38″. He had gone down ten inches!  

In another meeting he prayed for a boy whose growth was stunted because of a rare disease. In three days he grew six inches.

Healing not for today???

Another time a skeptical pastor was attending his meeting. He had been in the habit of preaching that healing was not for today. He had had polio as a child. As a result, one leg was extremely skinny. During the course of the meeting, the leg got fat. The man repented and was no longer a skeptic.

Just like the book of Acts, God is using the supernatural to bring people into His kingdom.

So Paul and Barnabas spent considerable time there, speaking boldly for the Lord, who confirmed the message of his grace by enabling them to do miraculous signs and wonders.         
Acts 14:3



Watch the entire It’s Supernatural interview between Guillermo Maldonado & Sid Roth.


Real Worship to Suspend the Natural Laws

Miracles from real worship 

real worshipAs Renny McLean travels from church to church, people enter into real worship where the rarefied air of heaven comes to earth. Blind eyes are opened, cripples walk and cancer disappears. People worship with their whole hearts. God inhales the worship and exhales the Glory.

When the supernatural happens

How to get a miracle: Worship until the Glory comes down and then enter the Glory.

When real worship happens, expect laws of physics to be suspended, cripples to walk, blind eyes to open and sickness to disappear.

Often when real worship happens, pastors do not need notes. Sermons come supernaturally.



For much more related information, watch the It’s Supernatural TV interview between Renny McLean & Sid Roth.

Healing Words to Defeat Sickness

7 angels give her healing words

healing words of Becky DevorakBecky Dvorak has seven angels that follow her to where she is ministering with her healing words. One of the angels has a little book. He reads from the book into her ear. After he finishes reading, she repeats whatever he said.

Sometimes she hears the Holy Spirit speak into her ear. She may even feel His breath. Then she repeats what he says. That is very prophetic.

100 Healed of Arthritis

Once when Becky was ministering, the Spirit of God asked her to call out arthritis. She told people with arthritis to come forward. Around 100 people did.

There were so many that Becky asked them to hold hands. She released the healing power of the Holy Spirit into their joints. She commanded the swelling and pain to be gone.

Virtually everyone was instantly healed.

Brain tumour melts

Someone from Europe emailed Becky Dvorak to say that she had a brain tumour. Becky emailed her back and told her to start prophesying over her body:

  • Renounce the spirit of death in the name of Jesus.
  • Curse the tumour at its root.
  • Command it to shrivel up and be eliminated from her body in the name of Jesus.

The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruitProv. 18:21 Sometimes  we have to speak life to something. Sometimes, when we see Satan & his wicked works, we have to speak death to something.  

She prophesied Becky’s points over herbody multiple times that day.

The next day she went to see a group of doctors who were to be operating on her brain. They were confused. The x-rays showed that the tumour was gone.

Watch the rest of this story in the video below.

Austism reversed

Sometimes is extremely valuable to have honed you ability  to hear the Lord’s voice. For instance, Becky Dvorak had a severely autistic child. Then one day she heard the Spirit of God say, “Take your authority over that autistic spirit now!”

She pointed at the child and said, “In Jesus’ name, I renounce that autistic spirit. I command you to come out of him now.”

The boy was instantly healed and never ever had another autistic episode.



Learn much more about healing words. Watch the It’s Supernatural television interview between Becky Devorak & Sid Roth.

Spiritual Senses, Activate Them to Experience More of God

Physical & spiritual senses 

spiritual sensesJust as we have physical senses like taste and touch, we can active our spiritual senses. Jerame Nelson shares how you can activate your spiritual senses to experience and hear from God in new and powerful ways!

 Healed of stage 4 cancer

spiritual senses
Jerame’s spiritual journey began when his mother was terminally ill. She was in the hospital with fourth stage cancer.


spiritual senses

Someone gave his mother a Bible and told her to read it. She told his mother that Jesus still heals people.

His mother read the Gospels and prayed something like, “Jesus, if you are really real and you heal people, heal me.” She was instantly healed. (This was confirmed by the doctors.)

She was the first person in her family to become a Christian. A seed was planted in Jerame’s life. But, he did not get saved until several years later.

Totally committed

After living a life of drugs and alcohol, he got tired of that lifestyle. He decided that he wanted to try living life the God way. He told God that he wanted to follow him. But, he did not want to be like the hypocrites; he wanted to be totally committed to God.

God took him seriously.

A prophet by the name of Bobby Conner began mentoring him. He told Jerame many anecdotes about supernatural events. Bobby explained that by hearing these stories, his spiritual side would be activated.

(The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.         Revelation 19:10).

Key to opening up the supernatural in your life

One of the keys to opening up the supernatural in your life is to meditate on heavenly things. Talk about miracles, talk about the supernatural.

Since you were brought back to life with Christ, focus on the things that are above — where Christ holds the highest positionColossians 3:1
lawn mower in MississippiOne time Jerame and two of his friends were sharing lots of God stories. They were driving down the highway. Suddenly they were driving on a street in Mississippi 2700 miles away. There was a man mowing a lawn. The friend in the back seat said that he had gone to high school with the man.

Then, as quickly as it had happened before, they were transported back to where they had been driving originally.

The friend from the back seat phoned the man they had seen in Mississippi. He indeed had been mowing the lawn.

gemstone & spiritual sensesIn one of his meetings he heard something fall and hit the ground. In the supernatural he know that it represented gemstones that would be falling in the meeting. One woman found a 3-carat diamond.

Listen to the complete It’s Supernatural TV program interview between Jerame Nelson & Sid Roth.

Seer Miracles with Ana Werner

What is a seer?

On this post we will be discussing seer miracles. First of all, we have to decide what a seer is. A seer is a prophet who hears from God primarily using the gift of sight.

Watch the video below.

The Mailing Room of heaven

Ana Werner was taken to the Mailing Room of heaven. It is a huge room filled with packages on shelves. Angels are taking packages down to earth as answers to people’s prayers. Other packages are answers to prayers that haven’t been asked yet.

Another room Ana has seen is the Body Parts room. These are body parts that can be taken to earth to be placed into people’s bodies. (Read the next section for more information on body parts.)

Receiving a knee cap from an angel

Among all the seer miracles that Ana experiences, this is one that really stands out.

Ana Werner gave an altar call after preaching. It was then that she saw an angel behind her. He was carrying a knee cap.

Ana asked if anyone in the line had a sore knee. When someone did, Ana took the knee cap from the angel and placed it into the leg of the lady in the prayer line.

seer miraclesIn a similar situation, Ana Werner saw an angel carrying a spinal cord. She told a lady in a wheelchair that there was an angel with a spinal cord.

After the angel inserted the spinal cord into her body, the lady could walk. She had not been able to walk for over 20 years.

Watch the two videos below to learn more.

Seeing English words in the air

When Ana Werner is praying for people, she sometimes sees English words written in the air. The words may represent what emotion caused an infirmity. This will lead to a conversation with the person that results in repentance and healing.

Seer miracles in a highlighted area of the body

Ana Werner will sometimes see an area in a person’s body highlighted. She knows that there is pain in that area. Then she prays for the pain.

Watch the It’s Supernatural TV show interview between AnaWerner & Sid Roth. Learn about more seer miracles.

seer miracles

Homosexual Became Straight After a Music Concert

From sexual trauma to homosexual 

homosexualAt the age of 5 Dennis Jernigan had a sexual trauma. This affected him so that he eventually became a practicing homosexual. He did not like being that way.

Then, as a young man he was at music concert. He experienced God’s love in a powerful way. The homosexuality was reversed.

He is now married with nine children.

His television interview is archived online.


Listen to Dennis Jernigan’s television interview with Sid Roth from his It’s Supernatural television show.