Marriage and Intimacy with God

Imagination & hearing God’s voice

Hello Readers of the Godtalk blog. Today I’d like you to meditate upon the relationship between marriage and intimacy with God.

If you read this blog regularly, you most likely are the type of person who wants to hear God’s voice. One main technique I use I get close to God is engaging my imagination. When I do, God will often add to the scenario I have been creating in my mind.

For instance, to facilitate hearing the voice of Father God, I’ve created an imaginary garden. Here I go to talk with Father and He talks to me.

I have a few trees planted in the garden. They represent testimonies of special things that have happened to me. For instance, my wife loves the look of a weeping willow tree.

I planted a weeping willow as a testimony of the amazing wife the Lord gave me. When I do my devotions in the middle of the night, one thing I always do is go to that weeping willow tree. Each time I thank Father for various characteristics my wife has. (Thankfulness is incredibly important when talking to God. It helps you get closer to Him.)

Sometimes God will begin to speak to me non-verbally at this time. I never go into the garden without hearing Father say something. It is not verbal; it will be a thought Father places in my mind — often a surprising thought that I would never have of on my own.

Marriage and intimacy — becoming one spirit

Once He told me that as I get really intimate with my wife, we become one spirit.  Then, He said, if we simultaneously get intimate with Him, the three of us will become one spirit.

When my wife & I got married, she and I shared a measure of love and we shared the Christian faith. We read the Bible out loud together and that helped our love to grow. We prayed out loud together and that helped our love to grow even more.

Then I discovered 1 Peter 3:7Husbands, treat your wife with consideration and respect so that your prayers will not go unanswered. We modified that a bit and decided to treat each other with consideration and respect every minute of every day. That definitely helped our love to grow.

Then we began to get online teachings from Christian mystics such as Mike Parsons. Among other things, these people began to emphasize Matthew 5:48Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

marriage and intimacyGetting close to perfect is a process — we definitely have not arrived yet. There was one thing we noticed early on in this process — our wonderful marriage became even more wonderful. It seemed to be almost one consistent state of love, joy & peace. During our previous decades of being married, we have never enjoyed each other so much.

Going into my imaginary garden is the catalyst to getting close to Father God. When I’m there, I let Him know that I love Him. Then He shows me things. He guides me into things including marriage and intimacy with my wife.

The video below is a discussion between two Christian mystics — Nancy Coen & Justin Abraham. It discusses more about becoming intimate with God.

Trusting God, even when it sounds foolish

The video clip below is from a recent It’s Supernatural television interview. In it Kim Meeder was doing a book signing. She asked the Holy Spirit what to write in the front of a book for a particular lady. The Holy Spirit gave her what she considered the dumbest poem she had ever heard in her life.

Later the owner of the book came up to Kim and told her that was the poem that her mother used to pray with her every night. The lady had prayed and told the Lord that if He was real and if He knew her pain, she would like Him to let her know in a way that was real.


Marriage and intimacy

People never fall in love be reading a biography about a person. They fall in love be spending lots of time with them. They develop a close relationship. In a similar way you should develop a close relationship with God.

This blog post has shown you the correlation between marriage and intimacy with God. If you are married, read it over and watch the videos again. Unless you already have an absolutely amazing marriage, it will help you get closer to your spouse than ever.





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