Healthy Food to Reverse Disease

Addicted to food

healthy foodChristians often think of addictions as things like being addicted to things like alcohol, drugs, gambling or pornography. Usually it will never occur them they are addicted to food even though they are. Lots of prayer & eating healthy food can reverse that addiction. Listen to Dr. Michael Brown’s prayer against food addiction.



Multiple problems reversed

Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and was given to you by God. 1 Corinthians 6:19

Give the Holy Spirit the respect He deserves and clean up your body.

Through prayer & lifestyle change Dr. Michael Brown

  • Lost 95 lb. in less than 8 months
  • Saw blood pressure go from 149/103 to 105/65
  • Saw cholesterol count go from 230 to 123
  • Saw his headaches disappear
  • Saw chronic back pain disappear.



Healthy food & food addictions

Dr. Brown lists 4 things that indicate that a person is a food addict. He talks about reversing his food addictions.

He says that EVERY day it feels good to be free from his food addictions.

  • His mind is sharper
  • He has more energy
  • He believes that 99% of illnesses can be reversed by changing eating habits.

Learn more from the video below.


Harder than reversing heroin addictions

Many years previous Dr. Brown had been addicted to heroin. Then he became addicted to food. He said it was harder to reverse his chocolate addiction than to reverse his heroin addiction.

On August 24, 2014 he decided to change his eating habits. He began eating more of the food in the form God made them. He began eating more fruits & vegetable and much less processed food.

The first three days were terrible. Later he found out that when you feed your taste buds healthy food, they change. Now they prefer healthy food.

Listen to this explained more fully in the video below.


Watch the interview between Sid Roth & Dr. Michael Brown.

Greater Things than These Shall You Do

Greater things than these…

greater thingsJesus healed the sick, raised the dead, walked on water, became invisible to hide from a crowd, walked through walls, etc. And then, in John 14:12 He says, “Whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these.” Expect to be doing greater things.

In our little city recently we were told to expect a 200 year flood. We were told to expect a great rain storm and to expect the water to come rushing into the city Thursday afternoon.

We have Jesus in us and Jesus commanded a storm to stop. So, on Thursday morning we commanded the storm system to move to a less populated area.

Thursday afternoon I mowed the lawn wearing a T shirt. One of our group saw the weather radar on TV.  It showed the storm dividing in two as it came towards our city. It passed by on either side of us but not over us. Thank you Lord.

Leaving the familiar

By faith you can be walking into the world of “greater things”. However, you would be leaving the familiar and stepping out in faith.

Justin Abraham

Justin Abraham is one person we’ve met who is living a life far more supernatural than most Christians have ever heard of. He will be referenced several times in this article. At the bottom will be a link to a website where we rented access to some of his teaching.


The Holy Spirit was not given until the second chapter of Acts. Yet King David said, “Don’t take your Holy Spirit from me” in Psalm 51:11. He went forward in time to appropriate the Holy Spirit.

greater thingsWe are hearing about time miracles now more than ever.

Justin Abraham saw the iPhone before it existed. He also saw cars that will use fresh air for fuel. He has seen a biodegradable iPad. He says that airplanes will be fuelled by electrons passing under their wings. He has seen a rocket that can get to the planet Mars in one day.

He has seen that the economic system of the future will not run on money. (That’s fortunate because artificial intelligence will be taking so many jobs away.) We should be provided for supernaturally and work in what’s in our scroll (Our book of destiny, so to speak). It will be a new economics of happiness & well being.

Love will pull your spirit

Justin Abraham was once sitting in front of his computer and started thinking about how much he loved a particular church in Seattle. Suddenly his spirit went to that church. He was on stage, next  to the pastor for a split second. Than he was back in front of his computer.

About five minutes later he received a text message from the pastor. He asked Justin if he had just been there.


greater thingsAccess some of Justin Abraham’s thoughts on greater things here. I highly recommend going there. We’ve been experiencing the supernatural for years now. And we consider this teaching life changing for us.

Heavenly Courts to Help Us Achieve Our Destinies

Courts of heaven — a brief introduction

heavenly courtsDaniel 7:10 talks about the heavenly courts.

In Luke 11, Jesus taught us to approach God as father & friend. In Luke 18 He added that we can also approach God as judge.

Robert Henderson’s son had been in a depression for two years. Mr. Henderson began to get a revelation of the courts of heaven. By faith he brought his son before the Father. He repented on behalf of his son. The depression lifted.

Watch more in the videos below.




Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift all of you as wheat.                       Luke 22:31

A curse is a spiritual force that sabotages our future and our success. There is often a repetition of a pattern. It could be depression, poverty, anger issues, sickness, etc. This problems will just keep recurring.

When people are under a curse, they have wrong mindsets — often through ancestoral blood lines.

Like a sparrow in its flitting, like a swallow in its flying, So a curse without cause does not alight    Proverbs 26:2

This is explained more fully in the video below.


Iniquities in our blood lines

There are four major effects of having iniquities in our blood lines:

  1. They give the enemy legal right to tempt us.
  2. They fashion our identity.  For instance, at  one point Isaiah complained of a personality issue he had. It prevented him from fulfilling his destiny. “Woe to me!” I cried. “I am ruined! For I am a man of unclean lips, and I live among a people of unclean lips, and my eyes have seen the King, the LORD Almighty.”     Isaiah 6:5 But then, 3 verses later, he had beeen cleansed of that iniquity — Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”  Isaiah 6:8 
  3. It detours us from our destiny.
  4. The devil uses the iniquities to build a legal case against us.

Major key to undoing these blood line iniquities: When Jesus died on the cross, it was the greatest legal transaction in history. It was a verdict rendered against the devil. However, a verdict that has not been not been executed has no power. We must go into the courts of heaven and repent on behalf of blood line.

Watch the video below.


Learn more about the heavenly courts

To learn more about the courts of heaven, read the previous Robert Henderson blog post.  You can also watch the complete interview between Robert Henderson & Sid Roth.


Faith Healing and Dr. Sandra Kennedy

The secret of faith healing

Many people are not healed when people pray for them. Why not? Why doesn’t faith healing work more often?

One of the big secrets is this: If you fall in love with Jesus, you can take what He has already given to you.

Sandra Kennedy elaborates more on this in the video below.

Dog bit off her lip

Sandra Kennedy was at home with her dog when it jumped up & bit off her lip. After she got to the Emergency Department, the plastic surgeon said that she’d never smile again.

faith healingShe refused to believe that. As far as her face was concerned, she refused to think about anything else except her smiling again. She hung up pictures of her smiling face all over the house. She refused to look at the plastic surgeon’s pictures of people with their upper lip missing.

Her lip was restored.

What stops faith healing from happening?

After Sandra Kennedy’s dog bit off her upper lip and deformed her face, she was persistent and she acted on the Word of God.

The words of the wise bring healing.               Proverbs 12:18b

She was persistent in speaking words to her smiling pictures.  She imagined her face returning to normal. She refused to imagine anything else.

Note that Sandra Kennedy has learned that God made healing simple. Study these videos and listen to the complete It’s Supernatural interview over and over again. Keep it up until you have a true understanding of real faith healing.


Watch the complete TV interview between Sandra Kennedy & Sid Roth.

About Sandra Kennedy

Dr. Kennedy’s website says: At the Healing Explosions, Dr. Kennedy simply teaches what God says in His Word about healing. As the Word goes forth, you can see the faith level begin to rise. Suddenly people begin to shout out “I’ve got it!” and amazing healings begin to take place. Hundreds of people have reported that they have been healed in these meetings. The #1 healing we see is cancer. However, we have seen blind eyes open, deaf ears hear, lame legs walk, leukemia, heart disease, strokes, and many other illness all healed just by the power of hearing and believing God’s Word.

Supernatural Experiences of Jamie Galloway

A trip to the Third Heaven

supernatural experiencesJamie Galloway was taken to the Third Heaven. After he returned to earth, there was a special anointing upon him. He began to have supernatural experiences. While speaking in church that evening, he was glowing like a lightbulb.

He asked people to come up for healing. EVERYONE in the congregation was healed — even those who did not come up for prayer.

Watch the video below.

Supernatural experiences & allergies

James Galloway had serious allergies for 2 or 3 years. One day he was with a group of people in someone’s home. He asked for some unscented olive oil.

As he was praying over it, the olive oil acquired a pleasant fragrance. He took a deep breath of the fragrance and was instantly healed of his allergies.

Future of the former USSR, Israel & USA

Russia is a hot spot for revival right now. Russian Jews will be having supernatural experiences that will be provoking others to jealousy. People  who bless Israel will see harvest in Israel & also in their own lives.

There is much more in the video below. To learn about the future of the USA, you will have to watch the entire interview from the It’s Supernatural TV show.

Learning how to hear God’s voice

Jamie Galloway teaches people how to get out of a boring Christian life and into an adventurous journey. He teaches people how to wait on God and get into the supernatural.

Waiting on God leads to visitation. Here is how he does it.

He gets himself into a place of stillness without distractions. He does not focus on himself. He focuses on Jesus Christ. When he does he begins to see things that he would not see otherwise.

It may take 45 minutes to dial down enough. You must be persistent if you want to become good at it.

This is explained more fully in the video below.


Watch the entire interview between Jamie Galloway & Sid Roth.

Supernatural Events and Revival Are Imminent

Traveling through time

supernaturalKevin Zadai had a weird supernatural experience. He was on an airplane with his wife when an angel suddenly appeared in the aisle. The angel took him out of the plane and through the time dimension.

He ended up on a path he did not recognize.  He saw a man was walking towards him in the distance. Kevin watched as the glory of God came upon the man who then disappeared.

The glory of God radiated out and almost knocked Kevin & the angel over. The angel said that the man was Enoch, walking into eternity without ever experiencing death.

supernaturalThe angel took Kevin to another period where he saw a chariot of fire taking Elijah into eternity.

Watch the rest of the story in the video below.

Glory of God increasing

Kevin believes that we are in the beginning stages of the last move of God on the earth. The manifestation of the glory of God is about to increase.

Many people have been going through difficult times. That is about to change. They are about to be going into a time of great favour.

Giving God excuses, supernatural consequence

Keith Ellis was pinned to the floor. God asked him when he would surrender to help win the world to Christ.

Keith gave five excuses as to why he could not preach. One excuse was that he had no formal Bible education. The Lord told him that problem would be fixed. All he had to do was surrender to the Lord.

That evening he went to church and the pastor said he could not preach. Keith preached in his stead. Revival broke out.

A mile marker today

Many people have been going through difficult struggles. Things are about to change in the spirit realm. We’re at a mile marker today.

Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning.
                    Psalm 30:5

Expect to come out of the wilderness into the promises of God. God is about to give people beauty for ashes.

To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.                 Isaiah 61:3a

Speaking in tongues

I thank God that I speak in tongues more than all of you. — Paul in 1 Corinth 14:18

Twenty-three years previous to this broadcast Jesus Himself told Kevin what was the #1 supernatural thing he could do. That was to speak in tongues.

One day Kevin spoke in tongues using an earthly language. Someone who knew that language interpreted it for him. Kevin had told of events that would be taking place and they did.


Watch Sid Roth as he interviews Kevin Zadai & Keith Ellis.

Supernatural Life of Nancy Coen

The foolish and the supernatural

supernatural nancy coenNancy Coen seems to walk in more supernatural events than anyone I’ve ever heard. This blog post gives just a few examples.

Perhaps it’s because the Lord does not want Nancy to take the glory. But, these supernatural events seem to have some very foolish manifestations.

God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise. 1 Corinthians1:27

The boy in the bubble

Nancy Coen was at a party with some very important people in Washington, DC. Suddenly, with her supernatural eyes, she saw a boy floating towards her in a bubble of light.

She assumed that this was her divine appointment — the reason she was taken to the party. She was called into another conversation and the boy in the bubble floated away.

Later she saw the “boy in the bubble” in the form of a young man speaking to a group of people. He stopped his speech and spoke to Nancy. He said that she had been appearing in a recurring dream since he was 8 years old.

Nancy helped the young man fulfil his destiny.

After that she was invited to multiple parties in Washington, DC.

Learn more about this story from the video below.


Party with African leaders

Nancy Coen was at a party in Washington, DC. Present were a large number of African leaders. All were Muslims.

They were supposed to get up and talk about the biggest problem in their country. A president got up and said that recently three and a half million people had been murdered in his country.

Nancy prayed and prophesied over him. He ended up with his head in her chest weeping. Muslim leaders all around were weeping.

Nancy told him that in three days someone would go to his nation and cause all bloodshed to stop. It happened.

Watch the rest of that story in the YouTube video below.


From Muslim murderer to peaceful Christian

Nancy Coen was speaking to a small group of Christians in hotel in a Muslim nation. Suddenly a man came in waving a machete. He was followed by a group of men with machetes.

Unknown to Nancy, the man had cut off the heads of 500 Christian pastors and burned down 600 Christian churches.

As he came closer to Nancy, she began to speak. She read his mail and told him that he had been sexually abused ongoingly by his father and uncle.

He began weeping and told his men to sit down. Nancy spoke for hours.

The Muslim got saved and ended up being instrumental in leading one and a half million Muslims to Christ.

Watch the story in the video below.

Meeting Jesus in a Minaret

supernatural minaret

A Muslim leader was very famous. Everyone in the Muslim nation knew who he was.

He climbed into a minaret to turn on the call to prayer. Jesus met him there and told him that he was called to speak the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The man refused, Jesus disappeared and the man fell down with a heart attack. Lying on the floor expecting his last breath to come at any time, he prayed to Jesus for help.

After lots of drama, he accepted Jesus as his saviour. As a result, 150,00 Muslims became Christians.

Watch the video below.

Watch Nancy Coen’s complete YouTube video. (It’s almost 2 hours long.) You may want to watch it one story at a time. There are lots of them.

Autistic Boy with Supernatural Knowledge

Diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder

Josiah quickly began to fail at age 22 months. He forgot all of the words he ever knew. The doctors diagnosed him with autistic spectrum disorder.

autisticThey told his parents that he would never be able to talk. They tried every therapy they came across.

Rapid Prompting Method

Josiah’s mother (Tahni Cullen) bought a program called Rapid Prompting Method. She was hoping it would teach him something about spelling. One day Josiah began to spell with an iPad. His very first sentence was, “God is a good gift giver.”

Tahni asked him how he knew how to spell. He typed, “Jesus taught me the order of sounds.”

There is much more information in the YouTube video below.

Josiah Explains the Trinity Using an iPad

Josiah just knows some things that no human ever taught him. For instance, once he wrote on his iPad, “Lizards don’t just have scales, they have aspiration pores.” He explained the Trinity by typing, “The Father is the manager, the Son is the lover of operations, the Holy Spirit is the worker.” This was followed by, “The Father thought it, the Son loved it, the Holy Spirit carried out the plan.”

Love is in God, not Wicca

Josiah once typed, “Take me to the Mall of America. God will have a surprise for you there.”

In that mall he typed that she would have to talk to a nice girl who is staring at her.”  This was followed by, “Tell her that love is born out of choosing God — not Wicca.” Moments later she was speaking to a woman who was into Wicca.

Hear more in the video below.


Learn about Josiah’s miraculous reduction of autistic symptoms. Watch the interview between Tahni Cullen & Sid Roth.

Psalm 23, a Breakdown by Justin Abraham

Psalm 23 line by line

Psalm 23

Psalm 23 says nothing about people doing things for God. It is God doing things for you.

Justin Abraham has broken down the 23rd Psalm into bite-size pieces.

My shepherd

Psalm 23


The Lord is my shepherd. Psalm 23:1a. I.e., you are the little lamb he is carrying.


Not want

I shall not want. Psalm 23:1b.

Psalm 23God takes care of you. He sets pleasurable things around you. Take advantage of them. Get pleasure out of the little things He has created.

The Lord wants to give you pleasure. Enter into the rest of God. Love God. Enter into a oneness with Him.

Still waters

Psalm 23He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.  Verse 2.

God already loves us.  If you become a lover of God, that can bring a great peace. Man and God should be enjoying each other.

Green pastures is the unseen world in God. They are in another dimension. They allow us to live beyond natural limitations. (You can learn much more on this topic by linking to the podcast at the bottom of this post.)

Paths of righteousness

He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. Verse 3.

Get close to the Lord and His righteousness will be written in your heart. I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. Ezekiel 36:26b.

Ask for forgiveness and, in God’s mind, it will be as though your sins had never existed.

When your heart wanders from union with God, bring it back. You will not have to ask the will of God. You will know it.

The rest of Psalm 23

To learn about the rest of the lines, listen to the podcast mentioned below. Start around the one hour, 15 minute mark.



Psalm 23

Justin Abraham lives in the supernatural. It would be worth your while to hear him speak.

To get a greater understanding of this blog post, listen to the Justin Abraham podcast called Psalm 23.

Spiritual Healing of Becky Dvorak

Paying a price for her gifting

spiritual healing with Becky Dvorak

Once in a while Becky Dvorak saw people healed. She diligently prayed for more spiritual healing.

The Lord directed her. She spent two years studying the Bible — studying nothing but healing. She studied healing all the way from Genesis to Revelation.

In one year she went on three forty day fasts — consuming nothing but water. She journaled her progress.

At the end of two years she had an amazing healing ministry.

Healed of AIDS

After Becky’s two years of study, she went to an AIDS hospice and into a room where two men had but hours to live.

She quoted Isaiah 53:4-5 and Galatians 3:13 to one of the men in a coma. Then she prayed for healing.

The man shot up, completely healed.

Watch the story in the video below.

Spiritual Healing for a Paraplegic

A very bitter paraplegic came to a healing crusade in Guatemala. People had been telling her that God had made her a cripple. She was angry at God.

Becky told the woman:

  1. This is not of God.
  2. This is of Satan.
  3. That she has authority over Satan & his wicked works.
  4. You are going to WALK out of this meeting on your own.

Becky then laid a hand on the woman who went down under the power of the Holy Spirit. When the woman woke up, she was healed and began to walk.

See the story in the video below.

Thyroid & heart problems plus more

A lady had multiple health problems. She had permanent pain in her feet after dropping a heavy object on them. Her thyroid was not working properly. She had very low energy because of a heart problem.

After Becky prayed for her, she went home & went to bed. After she woke, she realized that all of her health problems had been reversed.

Watch more in the video below.



Watch the complete TV interview between Becky Dvorak & Sid Roth.