Let’s Talk about It with Kat Kerr

Let’s Talk About It 

The video below will introduce you to Kat Kerr. It’s from the Let’s Talk About It TV show. Kat is a lady who has had multiple trips to heaven.

Duties of children; duties of parents

Children absorb more from their parents’ actions that their parents’ words. Notice Kat’s interesting take on train a child on the way he should go.

Watch this explained more fully in the short video below.

Watch the entire Let’s Talk About It interview in the video below.

Predictions of John Paul Jackson

predictionsThe late John Paul Jackson (1950 – 2015) had an track record of making accurate predictions. He predicted that Hosni Mubarak would be ousted as president of Egypt and that his rule would be replaced by a terrorist state. He predicted that before the Arab Spring of 2011. He predicted that there would be an assassination attempt on an American congressman. That was before Gabrielle Giffords was shot.

Predictions of earthquakes & earth’s axis

predictions, Earthquakes, John Paul JacksonAmong John Paul Jackson predictions are great earthquakes. Recent earthquakes in Japan, New Zealand and Chile were strong enough so that they changed the tilt of the earth. Some earthquakes of the near future will change the tilt of the earth so much that jet streams will be shifted by hundreds of miles.

Climate change & food shortages

predictions, Unusual weatherThis will cause unprecedented climactic changes. Some crops will not grow. Some food will become incredibly expensive. In places it will be necessary for trucks carrying food to have armed guards.

Solar radiation

The tilting earth will disrupt the shield against some types of solar radiation. That will render some earth satellites inoperable. There will be major communication disruptions that will render cell phones, ATMs, television, etc. inoperable for a time.

Economic woes

One day Israel will fire a rocket into Iran. That will produce greater anti-semitism. Israel will be blamed for the high price of gasoline. OPEC nations will refuse to sell oil to countries that support Israel.

The America dollar will collapse. America will have a new currency. There will be a new global currency. Turkey will rise up an become an incredible force in the Middle East.

Russia will blackmail many smaller nations (Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, etc.) and insist that they come into a whole new alliance. If they do not come into the alliance, their oil and gas supplies will be cut off.


A dirty bomb will explode in an American coastal city rendering it uninhabitable for 30 years. The magma within the earth will heat the ocean floor kill huge numbers of fish.

It will be a time of great chaos throughout the world.


Q, How to you protect yourselves? Answer: Draw near to the Lord and He will draw near to you. James 4:8.
Become intimate with God. Have two-way conversations with God. Develop a new love and respect for the Word of God.

It’s time to simplify and restructure our lives. The Lord told John Paul Jackson that we should think in terms of these four things:
♦ Real food
♦ Real need
♦ Real energy
♦ Real money

If huge numbers of people will unite and pray, many of these calamities can even be reversed. 

Jewels Falling from Heaven in Puerto Rico & Idaho


jewels are falling from heaven

A San Juan, Puerto Rico church has jewels  falling from heaven.

Jews demand miraculous signs and Greeks look for wisdom1 Corinthians 1:22

church in Puerto Rico

Three years before this video was filmed, a new pastor, Dennis Rojas, came to a little church in San Juan. Then miracles began to happen.


12 jewels


Gems began to fall to the ground. They appear to be perfect in clarity, cut and transparency. Jewelers are impressed at the high quality.


oil on hand


Other miracles began to happen. Oil began to appear on the ceiling and walls. Later it showed up on people’s Bibles. Sometimes it would have the fragrance of rose, nard or myrhh.



purple jewel from heaven


If you click on the image to the left, you can watch a YouTube video about the gems falling from Heaven in Puerto Rico.



 Jewels also falling in Idaho

purple jewel


If you click on the image to the left, you can see more about jewels falling in God’s presence. This one is from Coeur d’Alene.


Watch another YouTube video of Bobby Conner discussing diamonds from heaven and angels.

Spiritual Senses, Activate Them to Experience More of God

Physical & spiritual senses 

spiritual sensesJust as we have physical senses like taste and touch, we can active our spiritual senses. Jerame Nelson shares how you can activate your spiritual senses to experience and hear from God in new and powerful ways!

 Healed of stage 4 cancer

spiritual senses
Jerame’s spiritual journey began when his mother was terminally ill. She was in the hospital with fourth stage cancer.


spiritual senses

Someone gave his mother a Bible and told her to read it. She told his mother that Jesus still heals people.

His mother read the Gospels and prayed something like, “Jesus, if you are really real and you heal people, heal me.” She was instantly healed. (This was confirmed by the doctors.)

She was the first person in her family to become a Christian. A seed was planted in Jerame’s life. But, he did not get saved until several years later.

Totally committed

After living a life of drugs and alcohol, he got tired of that lifestyle. He decided that he wanted to try living life the God way. He told God that he wanted to follow him. But, he did not want to be like the hypocrites; he wanted to be totally committed to God.

God took him seriously.

A prophet by the name of Bobby Conner began mentoring him. He told Jerame many anecdotes about supernatural events. Bobby explained that by hearing these stories, his spiritual side would be activated.

(The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.         Revelation 19:10).

Key to opening up the supernatural in your life

One of the keys to opening up the supernatural in your life is to meditate on heavenly things. Talk about miracles, talk about the supernatural.

Since you were brought back to life with Christ, focus on the things that are above — where Christ holds the highest positionColossians 3:1
lawn mower in MississippiOne time Jerame and two of his friends were sharing lots of God stories. They were driving down the highway. Suddenly they were driving on a street in Mississippi 2700 miles away. There was a man mowing a lawn. The friend in the back seat said that he had gone to high school with the man.

Then, as quickly as it had happened before, they were transported back to where they had been driving originally.

The friend from the back seat phoned the man they had seen in Mississippi. He indeed had been mowing the lawn.

gemstone & spiritual sensesIn one of his meetings he heard something fall and hit the ground. In the supernatural he know that it represented gemstones that would be falling in the meeting. One woman found a 3-carat diamond.

Listen to the complete It’s Supernatural TV program interview between Jerame Nelson & Sid Roth.

Palestinian Terrorist Becomes Enthusiastic Christian

Becoming a Palestinian bomber

PalestinianAt one time in his life Walid Shoebat had been a bomb-carrying Palestinian terrorist.

He says he became a terrorist because he was taught loyalty above truth. He was taught how to get salvation & go to heaven. He was taught that the best way was to sacrifice himself. He was taught that in heaven he could become a sheik and have 72 virgins.

Muslim marries a Roman Catholic

After moving to the USA, Walid Shoebat fell in love with a Roman Catholic woman and married her. Wanting her to become thoroughly Muslim, he read the Bible so that he would be able to disprove it to his wife.

His plan backfired. He ended up believing that the Bible is true and that Islam is a lie.

Heritage of the Palestinians

The world has been taught to believe that a Palestinian can claim that his ancestors go way back centuries or even millennia.

Walid Shoebat says that’s not true. He says that all of his classmates could trace their heritage back to other countries. They could be such countries as Greece, Jordan, Egypt or Morocco.

From Hateful Muslim to a Peaceful Christian

As a Palestinian, Walid Shoebat had a huge hatred for the Jews. It was so hateful that he tried to kill them.

Later he moved to the U.S. To prove to his wife the Christianity was wrong, he bought a Bible & read it. In the process he became a Christian & developed a love for Jews.


PalestinianAccording to Mr. Shoebat, the Muslim Brotherhood has all of the appearances of being a peaceful organization. However, it has spawned terrorist organizations.

The two main purposes of the Muslim Brotherhood are
♦ To cause all secular governments of the Middle East to become Islamic.
♦ To make the West become Sharia compliant. E.g., to change the American constitution so that it accepts Sharia law.


Learn more. Watch the It’s Supernatural TV interview between Walid Shoebat & Sid Roth.


Seer Miracles with Ana Werner

What is a seer?

On this post we will be discussing seer miracles. First of all, we have to decide what a seer is. A seer is a prophet who hears from God primarily using the gift of sight.

Watch the video below.

The Mailing Room of heaven

Ana Werner was taken to the Mailing Room of heaven. It is a huge room filled with packages on shelves. Angels are taking packages down to earth as answers to people’s prayers. Other packages are answers to prayers that haven’t been asked yet.

Another room Ana has seen is the Body Parts room. These are body parts that can be taken to earth to be placed into people’s bodies. (Read the next section for more information on body parts.)

Receiving a knee cap from an angel

Among all the seer miracles that Ana experiences, this is one that really stands out.

Ana Werner gave an altar call after preaching. It was then that she saw an angel behind her. He was carrying a knee cap.

Ana asked if anyone in the line had a sore knee. When someone did, Ana took the knee cap from the angel and placed it into the leg of the lady in the prayer line.

seer miraclesIn a similar situation, Ana Werner saw an angel carrying a spinal cord. She told a lady in a wheelchair that there was an angel with a spinal cord.

After the angel inserted the spinal cord into her body, the lady could walk. She had not been able to walk for over 20 years.

Watch the two videos below to learn more.

Seeing English words in the air

When Ana Werner is praying for people, she sometimes sees English words written in the air. The words may represent what emotion caused an infirmity. This will lead to a conversation with the person that results in repentance and healing.

Seer miracles in a highlighted area of the body

Ana Werner will sometimes see an area in a person’s body highlighted. She knows that there is pain in that area. Then she prays for the pain.

Watch the It’s Supernatural TV show interview between AnaWerner & Sid Roth. Learn about more seer miracles.

Imagination, a Key to Getting Many Prayers Answered


Kerry Kirkwood has discovered the connection between imagining a solution and successfully praying for it. Amazing results have happened because people imagine and magnify what the solution to a problem would be like. Then they pray their imagination into existence.

There is a difference between visualization and imagination. Imagination can be a Godly way to help solve life’s problems.

I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in his holy peopleEphesians 1:18

In the Bible verse above, eyes of your heart refers to your imagination. We should start imagining while we are communing with God.

Imagination is powerful, for the good or bad

Science has taught us that imagination can be used in a negative way. In a 2007 study of medical students, some of the actually developed the symptoms of a disease they had been studying.

Watch the video below.

 Healed of MS

In one case Kerry Kirkwood was praying for people during a healing service. He told people to imagine what it would be like to be healed and pain free.

A woman in the congregation had MS. She began to imagine what it would be like to be pain free and without MS.

She felt like she had been healed. She went to the doctor. He ordered an MRI to check her multiple sclerosis. He could not find any evidence of MS in her body.

Hear more about this anecdote in the video below.

Imagine what the Lord sees for you

Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.  Psalms 37:4 

While Kerry Kirkwood delights himself and communes with the Lord, he is imagining all about what the Lord is speaking to him. It helps him to see what the Lord sees for him and how it can come to pass.

In other words, our imagination helps us to see what God sees for us. It helps us to shrink the problem and magnify the solution.

Then he prays what is his imagination into existence.

Imagining a Business Transaction to Happen

A lady had been trying in vain to sell her business for 3 years. Then, after hearing Kerry Kirkwood’s teaching, she began to see the sale having happened in her imagination. She pictured the person coming to buy her business. Then she prayed what was in her imagination.

A couple of days later someone contacted her. He said that he wanted to buy her business for full price.

Magnify the solution & shrink the problem

Magnify the LORD with me. Psalm 34:3a

The Psalms tells us to magnify the Lord. We should magnify the solution in our mind and shrink the problem. Then pray that solution into existence.



Watch the It’s Supernatural TV interview between Kerry Kirkwood and Sid Roth.


Courts of Heaven vs. Praying in the Battlefield

Reaching our destiny via the courts of heaven

There are books in Heaven revealing destinies — destinies of people all the way to destinies of nations. Often it requires activity in the courts of heaven for a destiny to be fulfilled. We have to step into Heaven to deal with all sorts of legal issues. These are the legal issues the enemy is using to prevent us from reaching our destiny.

Learn more about the courts of Heaven in the video below.

Satan wants to take away our destiny

Psalms 139:16 talks about a time before we were born.  It says that our destiny was written in heaven.  But the devil is trying to detour us away from that destiny.

For example, think of the story in Luke 22:31 where Jesus is speaking to Simon Peter.  Jesus says that Satan has desired to have him.  “Desired” here means that Satan has demanded that Peter be put on trial.  Satan is saying that Peter is disqualified from his destiny because of things he has done.  But Christ is saying that He has gone to court for Peter and Peter will get what was destined for him.

This is explained more fully by Robert Henderson in the video below.

The greatest legal transaction in history

The greatest legal transaction in history took place when Jesus died on the cross.  When Jesus said, “It is finished”, that meant that every legal mandate was now met.  After Jesus died, all people were given the legal rights we see in Isaiah 53.  Jesus took our sickness, our pains, our sins and our iniquities.  Watch the video below.

We can now have the legal right to be free of sickness, pains, sins and iniquities.  Learn how to be free of these problems.  Absorb the rest of this blog post.

Your adversary the devil

1 Peter 5:8 says, “Your adversary the devil goes about like a roaring lion seeking whom he could devour.”  “Adversary” is from the Greek word “antidikos”.  It means “one who brings a lawsuit”.  The reason some important prayers are not answered can be because the devil has a legal case against us.

Think of the parable of the unjust judge.  The widow did not yell and scream at the judge.  She asked the judge for a verdict that would render her adversary unable to legally operate against her.

This concept is discussed in the video below.

Reversing His Son’s Depression

Robert Henderson’s son had been in a deep depression for two years. He prayed for his son multiple times. That had no effect.

Then the Lord told him to take his son to the Courts of Heaven. He did. There he:

  • Repented for any fault his son had as a father & a husband. He repented for his son believing the lie of the enemy & for anything else he could think of.
  • Then he repented for any negative thing he had said to his wife about the boy.
  • He prophesied his son’s destiny.
  • He rebuked the spirit of depression.

The whole thing took about 15 minutes. His son’s depression lifted. What he could not do in two years of prayer he did in 15 minutes in the Courts of Heaven.


courts of heaven



Watch the complete interview between Sid Roth and Robert Henderson.


More teaching on the courts of heaven

One reason Christians lose

Satan is the accuser of the brethren. What if he accuses you in the courts of heaven & you do not show up? You may just lose because you did not defend yourself.

Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift all of you as wheat. But I have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith may not fail. Luke 31-32a

Meditate on the above passage. Q. Where did satan ask to sift Peter like wheat? A. In the Courts of Heaven.

But, according to Ian Clayton, Jesus went up to the Courts of Heaven and petitioned on behalf of Peter.

Someone has to defend us against the accuser of the brethren.

One p.174 Ian Clayton says: Too many intercessors have been caught  and trapped on the earth trying to eventually go to Heaven instead of realizing that they could go to Heaven immediately, do transactions and win!

On p.177 Ian Clayton says: The courtroom of God is also where angels are released on assignment to see it come to pass on earth. It is done in the courtroom, not on the earth. As intercessors we spend so much time praying down here and it has been good, but we have not always had the victory. We have to learn another way.

Justin Abraham

The video below is a clip from a longer video called Courts of Heaven|Podcast with Justin Paul Abraham. Here we have an example of Justin Paul Abraham changing British Politics by exercising his rights in a Court of Heaven.




Session 1
Valuable notes on the courts of heaven
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The Courts of Heaven, podcast with Justin Paul Abraham
6 Types of Courts in the Courts of Heaven
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Heaven’s Court of Redemption

Language of the Courts of Heaven

Justice in the Courts of Heaven is measured against the Word of God. Satan even uses scripture to accuse the brethren. He tells God how people acted contrary to the Word of God.

Before going into the Courts, it may be a good idea to decide upon some of the scripture you want to use. Meditate upon them.

More in The Language of the Court section in this website.


courts of heaven

courts of heaven
1. <Realms of the Kingdom Vol. 1, Ian Clayton, p.171

Trading Floors & Establishing a Heavenly Kingdom on Earth

What are the trading floors?

trading floorsThis blog post is a summary of the book, The Trading Floors of Heaven.

There are two trading floors. One is of God and the other is of satan. They are both in the realm of the spirit.

Satan’s trading floor is designed to build satan’s kingdom on earth. God’s trading floor is designed to make a person’s life more abundant.

A trading floor is a place in the spirit realm where people give some something and get something in return. It may be positive or negative.

For instance, when someone sins, they are trading on satan’s trading floor. They are getting temporary pleasure. In return, a potential blessing was withheld. That would help build satan’s kingdom. Sounds like a foolish trade to me.

When someone is truly worshiping, they are giving a blessing to God. In exchange, they receive God’s blessing. They have just traded on God’s trading floor.

How do we trade with satan?

The first trade recorded in the Bible was when satan convinced Eve to eat the fruit in exchange for having the ability to know good & evil. Adam & Eve traded their dominion over the earth for their supposed ability to be like God. Their sin gave satan legal right to have dominion over the earth.

Every time you sin, you are trading with satan’s kingdom. You lose blessings and opportunities that would have been available to you.

So, satan’s trading floor takes life away from you and God’s trading floor releases life to you.

Trading floors & 2 kingdoms

After Adam & Eve sinned, satan’s kingdom was established. So, Earth now had two kingdoms — Kingdom of God & kingdom of satan.

When Jesus came to earth, he traded his divinity for an earthly body. I.e., he entered God’s trading floor. Later he traded his life for the blessed life that mankind can live in the Kingdom of God.

We now have an opportunity to trade on God’s trading floor & get back what satan got from us in his trading floor.

Intentional & unintentional trades

Whether intentional or unintentional, a trade will have the same consequences. Even a trade your ancestors made can affect you negatively because the results of the trade can be in your DNA.

Secular scientists know about the effects of experiences creating changes in a person’s DNA.

Scientists in Emory University gave mice a mild shock. At the same time they smelled a particular fragrance. Consequently, they developed a fear of that fragrance.

Then the researchers milked the sperm & sent it across campus. There female mice that had never been around the males were impregnated  with the sperm.

Their offspring & grandchildren were all afraid of the same fragrance.

Read more about this experiment in a National Geographic article.

Blood covenants of your ancestors

Let us suppose that your ancestors from 20 generations killed their firstborn in a ritual to their gods. Perhaps they did it in exchange for victory in a war.

In the realm of spirit, this would have been a legal agreement.

If you are a firstborn child, you could be experiencing consequences of the ritual from 20 generations ago. Perhaps all sorts of things in your life are going wrong in a way that seems unreasonable. The devil may be laying claim to your life because of that legal trade so many  centuries ago.


When someone is gambling, they are trading their money for the chance to make good money from the god of chance. God should be our provider. When we gamble, we trade this hope in God for hope in a demon.

This hope in a demon can pass on to future generations. A gambler’s great-grandchildren can end up hoping for financial blessings from sources that have nothing to do with God’s blessing.

Reversing trades with the god of chance

To reverse the effects of the trades, start by repenting. Below is a sample prayer.

Father, I repent on behalf of anyone in my bloodline who traded with the god of chance. I repent for agreeing to such a trade. I call this trade sin. We sinned against you God. 

Lord, have mercy on us. Forgive us for having faith in another god and not in you. We repent and walk away from this way of unbelief. We give back anything we have that we have received from the god of chance including his false hope. We trust & believe You will provide for our needs according to Your riches in Glory.

After you have completed your repentance, you can go into the Courts of Heaven and request a decree such as the one below.

Father, I step into the Courts of Heaven. I request that You issue a decree that you annul any contract that exists between the god of chance and me & my bloodline. Father, I ask that you remove any counterfeit hope that is anchored in my heart and soul. I do not want to be tethered to any god but You. I reject any false hope, wish or chance. I say today that my trust is in my Lord Jesus Christ and no one else.  

In addition to this prayer, you might want to lay claim to anything you believe was stolen from you by the god of chance.


Buy The Trading Floors of Heaven book online.

Watch The Trading Floors of Heaven YouTube video below.

Bless Those Who Rub You the Wrong Way

Rewarded if bless 
bless Kerry Kirkwood

Kerry Kirkwood discovered that people can be greatly rewarded if they bless people who abuse them. Sometimes we should call things as though they are even when they are not.

This applies when it is according to God’s Word. The Lord … is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish2 Peter 3:9. If the Lord does not want any to perish, if makes more sense to bless them rather than bad mouth them. Bless them that curse you, and pray for them which despitefully use you. Luke 6:28

See example in the video below.

Blessing customers in a topless bar

A certain pastor used to drive by a topless bar. When he did, he would curse the place. He would pray for things like the bar burning down.

One day Kerry Kirkwood explained to him the importance of blessing people. The Lord wants all of those people in the bar to live for him.

So, the pastor began praying blessings over the patrons of the bar. Within a short time he saw a for sale sign on the building.

Learn more in the video below.

Blessing a mean boss

The office manager in a business had a mean, unreasonable boss. After hearing Kerry Kirkwood’s teaching, she began going around blessing the business and blessing the boss’ office.

Her boss called her in, apologized and gave her a raise retroactive for 3 months.

From filing for a divorce to a happy marriage

A man came up to Kerry Kirkwood after a teaching & said, among other things, that his wife was at the court house filing for a divorce. Kerry quickly discerned that the man had been cursing his wife.

He told the wife to stop cursing his wife and start blessing her. That afternoon he listened to a teaching CD to help him know what to say.

When his wife came home he told her that she was a gift from God and that he deeply loved her. She said that he told her enough so that she just felt a “liquid love” passing through her body.

The marriage was saved.


Watch the It’s Supernatural TV interview between Kerry Kirkwood and Sid Roth.

Amazing testimony

The testimony below is a textbook example of blessing someone who rubs you the wrong way. Ryan Z. Johnson is a  man from Canada traveling around Eastern Europe looking for spiritual experiences. Read below.

blessIt was the gentlest robbing ever, perhaps— I was resting on a stoop, while walking home last night—maybe they thought I was drunk or passed out—the one guy took my backpack, and I said he could take it, and then called after: “passport” (I know as a follower of Christ Jesus, we are to give (even more) if someone is trying to rip us off—“if someone tries to sue you for your jacket, give them your shirt too!!! ~so maybe I kinda flunked by asking for that—yet, I was just thinking, they can’t use it (legally), and its expensive & a hassle to get a new one!

I did have a bunch of other stuff (including my keyboard ⌨️ & power-bank, charger-cables & books (with songs and poems and stuff…) in the backpack…

And the guy stopped and put down my backpack and opened it (said with thick Bulgarian accent, “passport”,) and I walked up and pointed to which pocket—he let me take it, then asked, while beginning to rifle through some of the other pockets, “Money?!”

I said, “No money; no money in there.” I had coins (all the money I had here in Bulgaria) in my pants pocket—and my iPhone too! I reached in my pants pocket and collected the few coins and held out the money, all I had, and offered it to him.

He looked up from rifling and scowled a bit, shook his head, but the other guy held out his hand and I gave it to him, saying “Blogoslovenia v Isusi!” (Russian: “Blessings in Jesus”), and God bless you… (nothing like an audience to evangelize—but I don’t know much Bulgarian—that’s about the extent of it—I wondered if I should offer my iPhone too….)

But then the guy with my backpack, stood up and gave it back, and shook my hand, laughing, and smiling!!!! I repeated the blessing as they walked off, a few coins richer and hopefully mulling over and munching on the Love and Victory of Jesus (who saves us from worldly attachments—worshipping money & security, forgives us and gives Grace and blessings even to enemies…offers us fulfillment & friendship & Eternal Life, True Bliss….

And I walked home with Him….


I did have a few moments of challenge battling thoughts of fighting them—afterwards…  (I was given Grace in the moment!)

It was a bit of a feeling of violation & injustice—yet also of a gentle warning of how to conduct at night…

I was pretty deep into martial arts for about 9 years, and even though they looked tough/big (one guy looked tough, like mma, the other guy was big but seemed more gangly and less dangerous…)….  they could be dead now if it wasn’t for Jesus Christ…