Proven Prophet Hank Kunneman

Prophecies on website before they happen

proven prophetHank Kunneman is a proven prophet who often knows what will happen shortly in the White House. He posts his prophecies on his website before they happen. In 2004 – 5 he started warning his congregation that there would be a big shaking in the housing market. Many people heeded his words and got rid of their mortgages.

Other predictions from this proven prophet

When asked what will happen to our economy, he replied that the Lord told him there would be two “hiccups” and then things would get back to normal. He says that 2010 – 2020 will be a decade of breakthroughs for Christians.

Early in this century he prophesied that gasoline would go up to over $5 a gallon. It did.

He prophesied that after a while it would go down again. This also happened.

In January 2010 he prophesied that there would be snow in all 50 American states. You may remember hearing it on the news. It snowed in all 50 states.

In January 2011 Hank prophesied that the youth in Egypt and other Middle East nations would arise.

Future events

As for future events, he prophesied
♦      That Israel would discover so much oil and natural gas that they would become self sufficient.
♦      That the United States will have a female president.
♦      There will be such a big implosion within North Korea that the division between North and South Korea would disappear.
♦      Youth in America would march in the streets demanding that prayer be allowed in schools again.

Watch the complete It’s Supernatural interview between Hank Kunneman & Sid Roth.

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