Worship Leader Training


Seek ye FIRST the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you. Matthew 6:33 

Keith DuncanFor years Keith Duncan had been a professional worship leader. He would lead the people in singing three songs which would lead to the announcements and sermon.

Then, during one praise & worship session, everything changed. The leadership were in such deep worship that Keith got into the anointing and kept playing — for two hours.

Worship Leader TrainingOne lady from the back of the church was praising God and he saw a vision of a spinning diamond. Later he saw visions of many spinning diamonds.

Worship Leader TrainingAs things progressed, he saw a vision of what looked to him like flowing milk & honey. It was flowing from the Most Holy Place.

Worship Leader TrainingKeith Duncan says that now his praise and worship services can be liken to the tabernacle from the Old Testament. The praise is like being in the outer court. That should draw people into the inner court. Then the worship leader should lead the people into the Most Holy Place, what some people call the “throne zone”.

Keith Duncan says that it is the responsibility of the worship leader to tune into the frequency of heaven, learn what is being sung around the throne and release that sound to the congregation.


Watch the entire It’s Supernatural television interview between Keith Duncan & Sid Roth.

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