Drug Abuse, Near Death & Other Dangers

Voodoo priest

drug abuse

Earthquake Kelley was a fourth generation Voodoo priest deeply involved in drug abuse. He could put curses on people and they would die.


  Demons on assignment

drug abuseHe would call up demons, see them with his eyes and send them on assignments.

drug abuse
At one point he sent them on an assignment against some Christians. The demons came back and said they had no power over the people. Earthquake went to check them out. There were angels walking behind the Christians.

Drug abuse & a trip to hell

drug abuse

He had started taking drugs at the age of four. But, he had no idea of the dangers of drug abuse. He eventually died of a drug overdose and went to hell. It was a very real with tormented people constantly screaming. Eventually he came out because of a praying mother.


Watch the It’s Supernatural television interview between Earthquake Kelley and Sid Roth.

This Is His Journey from Vile Sinner to Special Saint

Abusive, alcoholic father

sinnerRon Reagan’s folks did not know how to build strong children. He  had a physically abusive, alcoholic father. As a result, he left home at age 12,  never voluntarily went back and became a severe sinner.

He went into the world as a boy filled with hate & anger.

Learn more in the very short video below.

Hate, rage, crime, alcohol, drugs, destruction

Ron Reagan’s internal sinner state of hate & rage led to a life of crime. This worked hand-in-hand with alcohol & drug addiction.

It eventually led him to a severe altercation. The fight was so bad that much blood drained out of his body & he saw hell.

Watch the video below to learn more.

Chaos in car & emergency room

After the altercation, a man drove Ron to a hospital. The floor boards were full of blood.

In the hospital the emergency room personnel thought that they’d we unable to save him.

Learn more from the video below.

Trip to second hospital & to hell

Personnel in the hospital sent Ron to a second hospital in the ambulance. At one point it seemed to him like the ambulance exploded.

He felt his spirit leave has body. Then he looked down and saw what looked like an active volcano.

Watch the video.

What hell was like for severe sinner friends

What looked like an active volcano actually was hell. Down there he saw criminals he had known.

Their spirit bodies were being burned but they continued to live in agony. The smell was terrible. The loneliness was terrible.

They yelled out, “Ronnie, don’t come here. There’s no escape; there’s no way out.”

Watch the video.

Happy ending

There is a happy ending to this story. It’s a very happy ending. To hear it, you’ll have to listen to Ron Reagan’s discussion with Sid Roth.

sinnerThis episode of It’s Supernatural first aired in 1996. Listen to the entire interview between Ron Reagan & Sid Roth.


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