Listen to the Special Prophecy of Glenda Jackson

Introducing Glenda Jackson, accurate prophecy

When Glenda Jackson was 25 years old, Jesus came to her. He said that in her latter years, she would be a prophet. EVERY time she speaks a prophecy, it comes to pass.

 Maria Woodworth-Etter, Glenda Jackson’s ancestor

In the late 19th century, Maria Woodworth-Etter would preach to audiences of up to 25,000 people. Sometimes she would go into traces that could last up to 3 days. She would be motionless for that time. Skeptical newspaper reporters would do things like picking pins into her to try to prove she was faking it.

Her prophesies ALWAYS come to pass, examples

When Glenda Jackson prophesies, things ALWAYS come to pass. She was once preaching and suddenly stopped to say that President Ronald Reagan would be shot but he would not die. That week Pres. Reagan was shot. She prophesied the invasion of Iraq and told what the name of the invasion would be (Shock and Awe).

Glenda’s experience in hell

Every time a volcano erupts, hell is enlarged. Glenda Jackson prophesied the 2011 Japanese tsunami. It was accompanied by a volcano. Jesus told her that hell was enlarging itself.

 Insane husband getting healed

After having 27 grand mal seizures, Glenda Jackson’s husband became insane.  It was so severe that his doctor said that she and her family were in danger of losing their lives if they were alone with him.  She had trouble getting churches to believe for his healing.  She is glad that happened.  Without her being forced to believe for her husband’s healing, she would not have the faith she has today.

 We MUST learn to hear God’s voice

If Christians don’t pray, evil will arise. It will be so bad that the next presidential election will not take place. The president will stay in power.
We MUST learn to hear God’s voice; otherwise we will be deceived. Assume that when the really difficult times come to earth, we will live supernaturally.

Hear Sid Roth’s complete interview with Glenda Jackson.


11 thoughts on “Listen to the Special Prophecy of Glenda Jackson”

  1. A prophet is always 100% right. I am looking for work, for 6 months. Where, when will I start working? What will I get in pay, to start?

    1. Louie I am sorry to hear that I too was out of work for a while. But I kept my spirits high and my faith strong in a loving and kind GOD. Then I got my brake. Ask others to pray with you. GOD Bless you!

      Ps I pray daily I will pray for you.

  2. Hi Glenda I had a weeks to know about your Prophecies and scared me to the point that my families dont believes and they dont pray they live life one day @ the time some time I wish to b like them but I am not ,I believe in Bible Prophecies and what happen to me I feel the love for GOD like when you are in love of some one, then the time pass by and then that feeling gone but I still feeling that GOD exist but not with that feeling when you are in love,also when I pray tears came out from my eyes I am confuse,can you please tell me what is this? I am affraid hard times camming and I am not prepared.

    1. “The Lord rewards those who diligently seek Him.” Pray many times a day. Read the Bible, preferably out loud, every day. Constantly seek Him with all of your heart.

  3. Hi Glenda I’d like prayer for my 2 sons 14 and 20 Gabriel and seth for God to save them and them to have a heart after Gods own heart my sons has a call on their life as prophesies In the past I’d like for God to help them to their calling and to keep them safe also I myself have a calling as I to have been prophesied over that I have many gifts I ask For prayer that God brings it to pass . Iam married 2 yrs now and have had a really rough road of marriage like a roller coaster ! My husband is apostolic iam Pentecostal and caresmatic we have a big division of the church situation he thinks if a person doesn’t have the title of an apostolic your not saved . But he doesn’t live the life of it either . I ask for prayer for him to be saved and delivered and I ask for God to help him to love my children he never speaks to them our lives has been upside down for a long time he provides but that’s as far as it goes . Please pray for us and if you have a word for us we would greatly receive it God bless u and thanks .

  4. Hi Glenda

    I have been blessed by your testimony of heaven and hell. I am trying to understand the prophecy that the 2016 election would be cancelled … since it did not come to pass in the way we expected, can u give us a way of understanding the situation?


  5. Hello Glenda.
    I’m in unusual situation with gangs bothering me and occult. I’m a on fire prophetic lady. I don’t know why I can’t get them to leave me alone. It has caused great problems. They destroyed 2 cars and causing housing problems. I have staulkers. I want to evangelize here they are coming at me. I want deeper things like you. It’s a big distraction. Pray for my husband he got put in jail for defending me they retaliated. Pray for finances and me and husband doing great things for our Father. I would like to be involved with your ministry meetings. I want the anointing and glory.

  6. I have developed major physical problems with my body, am not able to do the things I used to do. I am mostly wheel chair bound. But my major complaint is I am at home not able to cook, clean anything pretty much basic. I am depressed, lonely, with little or no human contact other than my husband. ( My husband’s faith is small tho he claims he is a believer) I can’t make myself to pray or even read the Word. I am a believer of Jesus. I am empty from many areas of my life. Please pray that God will cleanse my mind, heart and soul renew me again and make me whole spiritually.

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