Healing Ministry of Kynan Bridges

healing ministryKynan Bridges has a successful healing ministry. In these excerpts from a Sid Roth interview, he discusses some of the important points of his ministry.

Videos for people with a healing ministry

One thing to keep in mind is that Jesus died an extremely painful death for us.  One reason was so that we could be healed.  He does not give us healing to help us learn something.

Below is an example of a woman who  was both mute and paralyzed on her right side.  She was completely healed.

There are a number of spiritual reasons why different people become infirmed. One is unforgiveness.

There are three things Kynan does before he expects people to get healed.

To keep your healing and also to get well, it can help to resist the devil (James 4:7b).  Watch the video below.

Some sins can give the demonic a legal right to come into a person’s life.



Watch the interview  healing ministrybetween Sid Roth and Kynan Bridges from the It’s Supernatural TV show.


healing ministry

healing ministry

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  1. Dave I am from Sourh Africa and watching you on Si Roths show please heal my family of addictions, HIV, Sugar Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Strange children dreams in the name of Jesus

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