Glory of God

What is the Glory of God?

The Glory of God on earth is the total manifest presence of God. It is what you would be sensing if you went to heaven.

glory of God

When the Glory of God comes down in David Herzog’s meetings, he has seen things like:

  • Bald heads growing hair,
  • Tattoos disappearing off people’s bodies,
  • People growing taller.
  • Grey hair turning brown as people watched.


The real beginning of David Herzog’s ministry

Ruth Heflin once invited David Herzog to come to her meetings. He arrived and she announced that he was going to preach that evening. He protested and she insisted.

As he was speaking, he had the most unusual experiences. Later on people began to get gold teeth, gold dust began to appear, tumours disappeared … .

When he got to his hotel room, he was within God’s Glory. He was on a high with the Highest High. It never lifted.

Watch more in the video below.


Becoming desperate for God

What if you want to get closer to God? What if you want to become desperate for God? What do you do? Simple.

Ask God to help you become desperate for Him.

Listen to the prayer in the video below.


Glory of God is for everyone

Kathie Walters tells us to expect to soon be in an atmosphere where the Glory of God is available to everyone. Working in miracles will be for everyone.

Watch more in the video below.


The Glory of God Came from Nowhere

Kathie Walters was in a very religious church. One day someone who was filled with the Holy Spirit stood up. The Glory of God fell.

Everyone got filled with the Holy Spirit. People were coming from miles to be at the meetings. The congregation lost their religious mindset.

They laughed for about three years. They were washing their minds.

Laughter is a weapon of spiritual warfare. Your spirit picks up on the imminent victory. And then the laughter comes.

Sometimes the angels pushed them around a bit to make them lighten up. The Holy Spirit is not heavy & we shouldn’t be either.

My yoke is easy and My burden is light. Mathew 11:30.

When Jesus died on the cross, He paid for many of our burdens. The religious spirit makes us try to do something God has already done. All we have to do is receive it, embrace it and believe it.


The Importance of Prayer

Each one had a harp and they were holding golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of God’s peopleRevelation 5:8. Julie Meyer claims that the golden bowls hold the prayers of the saints.

The saints’ bodies will die, but the prayers do not die. They are before the Lord continually.


Four directives from the Lord

Julie Meyer was given four directives that she was to release on this It’s Supernatural TV program:

  1. Keep walking. Don’t stop, don’t give up.
  2. Forget what lies behind. Delete. Start with a clean slate.
  3. Get oil. Keep having conversations with the Holy Spirit.
  4. Sing the Word of God. When you sing, you activate parts of the brain that otherwise would not have been used.



Watch the complete interview between Sid Roth and David Herzog, Julie Meyer & Kathie Walters.

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