Miracle Man Morris Cerullo — 70 Years of Ministry

The life of a miracle man

miracle manEver since he escaped from an orphanage at fourteen & a half years old, Morris Cerullo’s life has been full of miracles. During his seven decades of ministry he has prayed for the infirmed all over the world. He’s been a miracle man.

Escorted by angels

As a boy in an orphanage, someone gave Morris Cerullo a New Testament. He read it secretly with a flashlight under the covers. Members of the staff beat him and told him to renounce his faith. He just said, “I know it’s real.”

He escaped from the orphanage and made it to a city in New Jersey. While there, he prayed and angels escorted him to safety.


Broken jaw instantaneously healed

As a teenager, Morris Cerullo was a pitcher  playing ball. A ball came from the bat, hit him in the face & broke his jaw.

The doctor put a brace around his jaw. But, he was still in great pain & scheduled to speak in church. He went to church, removed his brace & began to speak.

While everyone watched, his jaw was instantaneously healed. Revival broke out. Thus began his life as a miracle man.


A Vision of Hell

One day in church Morris Cerullo was taken into the heavenlies. He went into the presence of God. While up there, he got a vision of hell. Then the Lord paraphrased Isaiah 60:1Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you.


Healed of flesh-eating disease

Morris Cerullo has necrotizing fasciitis (flesh eating disease.) He was in unbelievable pain 24 hours a day.

His right leg was paralyzed and he was confined to a wheelchair.

He asked the Lord to take him home. His wife prayed the opposite.

It seems like his wife’s prayers won out. One day a presence of the Lord swept over him. The flesh grew back. He was instantly healed and able to walk.

The miracle man considers this about the greatest miracle in his career.



Watch the entire interview between Sid Roth & Morris Cerullo.

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