David Herzog: Instant Weight Loss & Other Miracles

Signs & wonders with David Herzog

David HerzogWhen David Herzog shares how to enter God’s Glory Zone, miracles, signs and wonders are plentiful — instant weight loss, bald heads grow hair, the sick are healed, people are transported into the heavenly realm!
David Herzog


At times people have to hold their pants up because so much fat has disappeared.


The Quantum Physics Connection

By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible.           
Hebrews 11:3

What Hebrews is saying is that what we see was made out of what was invisible — namely the Spirit of God and sound.

There is sound in all matter. So, when someone in the Glory Realm speaks to, say, a bone to be healed, the sound the person is speaking affects the sound in the bone. Bones are healed. Metal pins in the jointsDavid Herzog can be turned into bone.

While in the Glory realm, God has even bent the time continuum so that point A and point B became the same location. David Herzog was on a highway in France and instantly reached his destination in Belgium.

Watch David Herzog’s television interview with Sid Roth.

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4 thoughts on “David Herzog: Instant Weight Loss & Other Miracles”

  1. Praying for healing to receive a significant miracle of weight loss, healing of my right knee with ligament and calcium buildup damage, carpal tunnel in my left hand, and high cholesterol with possible blockage in arteries. Please also consider my request to heal my son Chris who suffers from autism, anxiety and depression, along with seizure disorders.
    All glory and praise to you Jesus for your glory!!

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