Debt Free by Following Biblical Principles

debt freeWe should become debt free really quickly. Craig Hill says, “If I don’t reveal what God has shown me now, next year will be too late!” He has found ancient Biblical mysteries concerning finances that bring God’s supernatural increase. Prepare and prosper even in the face of a world economy collapse.

Biblical mysteries & becoming debt free

In the 1930s, many people prospered BECAUSE OF the depression. There is a biblical principle behind this.

You can learn about it by studying Leviticus 25. That is the chapter about the year of jubilee. Among other things, every 50 years all debts were to be cancelled and all property was returned to the original owner.

People conducted their business in accordance with the year of jubilee. If there was, say, 45 years until the year of jubilee, they would conduct business much differently than if there was, say, 5 years until the year of jubilee.

debt freeCraig Hill has discovered a similarity in European and American history. People do not voluntarily cancel all debts every 50 years. However, every 50-70 years there is a FORCED year of jubilee.

In the 1930s many people in debt could not afford their payments. They lost their property which was returned to the previous owner. (In many cases that was the bank.) A similar thing happened in the United States starting in 2008.

You may have read this in the Bible: The sinner’s wealth is laid up for the righteous.      Proverbs 13:22b

The sinners’ wealth

Keep in mind that verse can easily be misinterpreted. You must do a study to see who are the righteous in areas of finance. You can discover the answer by meditating upon this: The wicked borrows but does not pay back, but the righteous is generous and gives.       Psalm 37:21

It looks like the ones who get deep into debt and are unable to pay back are not numbered among the righteous when it comes to getting the sinners’ wealth. (Unfortunately, that includes many Bible-believing Christians.) The second part to that says that the righteous are generous. They give to the poor, the needy and their families. (A good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children.     Proverbs 13:22a).

The above is just a brief summary of Craig Hill’s teaching. Learn more about becoming debt free. Watch the television broadcast and listen to the radio interviews below.


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