Altering Human Brain Cells

The diagram to the right illustrates four parts of the brain cells (neurons) — the dendrites, the cell body or soma, the axons and the synapses. Neurons have specialized projections called dendrites and axons.

♦ Dendrites bring information to the neurons.
♦ Axons take information away from the cell body.
♦ Information from one neuron flows to another neuron across a synapse. The synapse contains a small gap separating neurons. For communication between neurons to occur, an electrical impulse must travel down an axon to the synaptic terminal.

The Science of Thought 

This website discusses two scientists who have each spent decades studying human thought and how brain cells and a person’s thought life can be changed without drugs.

Dr. Paul Hegstrom 

Dr. Paul Hegstrom’s research involves arrested childhood developmental disorder. Because of various types of childhood traumas, a person can be a child in an adult’s body. The symptoms can be a number of different types of abusive behavior including criminal violence.

Electron microscope studies have shown axons actually having grown after twenty-six weeks in Dr. Hegstrom’s Life Skills program.

Dr. Caroline Leaf 

Up to 95% of physical health issues are a direct result of your thought life. Dr. Caroline Leaf explains how to get rid of toxic thoughts. She explains how we can rewire our brains.

Below is a YouTube video in which Sid Roth interviews Dr. Caroline Leaf.


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