UFOs and the days of Noah

Chuck Missler has been the CEO of 4 different public companies that were highly classified by the US Dept. of Defence. He has done a great deal of study into the subject of UFOs.

Part of this study is from the Bible. Jesus said that his second coming would be at a time “as the days of Noah”. Then, when you read about the days of Noah in Genesis 6, you will read about fallen angels who cohabited with human women to produce a hybrid offspring. Could these hybrids be part of the great deception that helps people explain away miracles of God?

Rather than being intergalactical, could these UFOs be inter dimensional? Could they be coming from somewhere beyond the fourth dimension?

What are the Nephilim from Genesis 6, etc.

Nephilim are a hybrid offspring that were produced when fallen angels cohabited with human women. Genesis says that there were nephilim in the land in the time of Noah and also after that.

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UFO coverup stories

Around a dozen American astronauts have reported seeing UFOs. A ham radio operator picked up a conversation between an astronaut and mission control. He reported being observed by a UFO. In the 1947 UFO incident in Roswell, 3 or 4 people died. The coverup was so great that 2 US presidents and 4 congressmen have been unable to get through the security to get the real story about Roswell.

UFOs are hyperdimensional, not extra galactical

UFOs show up on radar and leave physical evidence such as burn marks and radiation. They defy laws of physics by making right angle turns at huge speeds and going faster than the speed of sound without making a sonic boom. Perhaps 1% of the population report having been abducted by UFOs.

UFOs and biblical prophecy

Daniel 2:43 includes the phrase “they will mix themselves with the seed of men”. This is  talking about the final kingdom in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. It sounds like the nephilim will still be around in the end times. The UFOs pretend to be something they are not. They are setting mankind up for a huge deception.

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Listen to the entire TV interview between Sid Roth and Chuck Missler.

More info about modern-day nephilim with Randy DeMain.








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