Seeing Angels

Randy DeMain sees angels with his eyes open. He says that this is a NOW moment for you to experience the assistance and help of angels. He shares how you can meet a special angel whose name is “Breakthrough!” And when this angel shows up, YOU will receive your breakthrough!

Randy DeMain goes to Muslim nations, has campaigns and tells people the Jesus is the son of God. He tells people to bring their deaf and blind friends to the meetings to be healed.

Randy DeMainAt one meeting a man brought his blind mother to the front to be prayed for. The woman received her sight. She said that she had not seen her son in 18 years.

Randy DeMainAnother time he was staying at a hotel with a group of Americans in Viet Nam. The men had been out and wanted to return to their rooms. Looking inside the hotel, they saw they would have to walk through a room full of drunken soldiers who had machetes and guns.

They were quite nervous. Then the Lord told Randy to go in. After they had walked the distance through the throng of drunken soldiers, Randy looked back. He saw two rows of angels. They had walked between the rows.

locusts in church in AfricaOn one crusade Randy DeMain was with a large congregation in Africa. A witch doctor had placed a curse upon the meeting. Huge numbers of locusts showed up.

He commanded the locusts to leave and they did.

To hear this story and many others from the life of Randy DeMain, watch the TV broadcast.

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