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Sociopath — A person with a pervasive pattern of disregard for and violation of the rights of others and inability or unwillingness to conform to what are considered to be the norms of society. Another name for this disorder is antisocial personality disorder. Rebecca Greenwood says this often involves the demonic.

Journal of Personality and Social PsychologyAccording to the April 23, 2000 issue of Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, people playing hours of violent video games can develop many negative characteristics including

♦ A total disregard for social norms and property rights and general value of other lives.

♦ A positive attitude towards the use of violence.

♦ An assumption that violent behaviour is an effective and appropriate solution for solving problems.

♦ An assumption that other people will have similar attitudes.

♦ An expectation that other people will act aggressively.

demonicRebecca Greenwood works with troubled children. She says that violent video games are only one of many causes of very serious problems these kids have. Violent video games and other forms of entertainment are exposing people to the demonic realm.

nightmareOne of her clients was a girl who had had chronic pain and nightmares for nine months. Doctors did not have a clue what caused them. The Lord gave Rebecca a word of knowledge that there were horror movies in the home.

She found out that the little girl did not watch them; the father did. The library of horror movies was like a magnet that attracted the demonic. Rebecca prayed and broke the power of witchcraft that was coming from the movie library. Immediately the chronic pain left.

blocked arteryAnother client was an adult with such blocked arteries that the doctor had scheduled a kidney transplant. Rebecca found out that his family had been involved in the occult and he had a generational curse. She broke it, he went to the hospital and was told that he did not need the transplant.

Rebecca GreenwoodIf you click on the image to the right, you can watch Rebecca Greenwood’s interview with Sid Roth from his It’s Supernatural television show.

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