Outrageous Healings and John Mellor

Spiritual giftings start slowly

outrageous healingsJohn Mellor did not have outrageous healings near the beginning of his ministry. As a matter of fact, he did not even believe that supernatural healing was for today.

His healing ministry started out very slowly. He started out as a missionary ministering to Australian Aboriginals. His objective was to get people saved. For 5 months the total size of his congregation was one old woman with 3 or 4 children.

One day he noticed the woman had a limp. So, he prayed for her.

The next week went he went to minister to the people, there was a crowd. The old woman had been healed. She had told her friends & neighbours about the healing.

John prayed for members of the crowd. They were healed. People began to refer to him as The Missionary Man Who Heals.

Watch the video below.

Christian motorcycle club

Before John Mellor was saved, he was in a motorcycle gang. He got into a motorcycle accident. 2 members of a Christian motorcycle club followed his ambulance to the hospital.

They went in to visit him. One of them told John that God loves him and has a plan for his life.

At that point in his life, John had lots of depression and mental torment. He could not stop thinking about what the motorcycle man had told him about God loving him.

One night he told Jesus to help him and forgive him if He was real.

The next morning he woke up with a great peace. He decided that Jesus must have answered his prayer. After that his life was never the same.

Muscles restored

A man had been in an accident 5 years previous. Leg muscles & nerves had been destroyed. He had pain-medicine-dispensing device strapped to his belt. It did not do nearly enough to dull the pain.

John Mellor prayed for the man who was then slain in the spirit. When he got up all pain had disappeared and he began to run.

Fingers curled up like claws

At one of John Mellor’s meetings a young woman was carried in because she could not walk. Her fingers were curled up like claws. She was in chronic pain.

John prayed for her. The pain left and she was healed.

John says that people over-analyze healing. He says that Jesus inside of him heals for the people and the whole process is simple. Jesus specializes in outrageous healings.

Secular press embraces outrageous healings

A number of secular television and newspaper reporters have written credible stories about John Mellor’s outrageous healings. In one case a reporter came to one of his meetings in order to expose him as a fake.

A woman with MS had chronic pain and was unable to walk.  The reporter’s headline read “I saw a miracle”.



Watch the entire It’s Supernatural television interview between John Mellor & Sid Roth.


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