Miracles Signs & Wonders the Deaf Hear; the Blind See

Word from a complete stranger

At age 16, a complete stranger foretold his future life of miracles signs & wonders.
Dr. Peter Gammons was a new believer on his way to a church meeting. A taxi stopped and a complete stranger called out his name.

She told him that God had told her to tell him that he was to take His healing message and his healing power to the world. Then she left.

Miracles signs & wonders message repeated

He walked into the meeting, was singing praise and worship songs and the pastor stopped the service. He called Peter out of the crowd and told him the same thing that the woman in the taxi had said. Shortly thereafter, the pastor left the meeting.

Peter’s ministry had begun.

People are so amazed at the signs and wonders that huge crowds go to his meetings around the world. He will pray for the deaf and they hear. He will pray for the blind and they see.

Sometimes, to create a sign for unbelievers, he will line up to 45 deaf people and pray for them. At times every single one is healed.

When you watch the video below, you will see actual footage of his healing services. The woman in this picture was completely restored after being deaf for 14 years.

Sometimes Dr. Gammons prays over leaders of nations. At one time he was speaker in a foreign nation and a university lecturer came up for prayer. He prophesied over her that she would become the country’s president. A month later she ran for senator and won. Later she became vice president and then president.

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