Hearing God’s Voice, Lana Vawser’s Journey

Hearing God’s voice for the first time

hearingAfter Lana Vawser was first saved, she kept telling God that she wanted to start hearing His voice. She would lie on her bedroom floor for hours at a time. She kept asking the Lord to speak to her. Then, one evening, she heard the audible voice of the Lord.

Lana hears God’s voice for individuals. She says that God is ALWAYS speaking. He wants to speak to you.

Learn about this in much more detail in the video below.



hearingOne day the Lord told Lana Vawser to pay special attention to repetition when listening for answers to prayer. Shortly thereafter she began seeing multiple images of the Eiffel Tower.

So, she began researching the Eiffel Tower. She found out that it was used for an antenna to communicate during wartime. Troops would be called to the front lines.

Then the Lord told Lana that the Eiffel Tower was a prophetic picture of what He had called her to do. He said that she would hear the Lord’s word & then she would decree it. She would awaken His people & call them to the front lines and to everything He had called them to be.

Lana would have missed out on what God was saying if she had not seen multiple Eiffel Towers and done all of the research.


Vision of Jesus being whipped

At one point in her life, Lana Vawser was having a terrible battle in her mind. So, she asked the Lord to help her hear His truth.

She was taken into a vision. Jesus was being whipped. The devil was speaking accusations against Lana to Jesus. Whenever the devil spoke an accusation, Jesus was whipped.

While He was being whipped, he would declare who Lana really was.

From that moment, Lana knew that Jesus had taken the punishment for all of her sins. That vision changed her life because she saw a demonstration of the love that Jesus had for her.

You are powerful

As you walk with Jesus, you are powerful. Don’t underestimate yourself.

He has greater plans for you than you could ever imagine. You are called to shine. You are an atmosphere shifter.

As you go about your daily life, keep asking the Lord what He is saying to you. Ask Him to use you to extend His kingdom.


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