What Is the Greater Glory of God?

The Glory of God

If you were to die right now and go to heaven, you would be experiencing something amazing. When you are on earth experiencing that same thing, that is the Glory of God. Right now we’ll talk about the Glory. Later we’ll talk about the Greater Glory.

greater gloryThe Glory recently fell at one of David Herzog’s meetings in Kiev, Ukraine. He did not even call out what miracles were about to happen. They happened anyway. People came up & said that they had new gold fillings in their teeth or their cancerous tumours had disappeared.

Later he was in the pastor’s office with some sick people. He watched as their tumours disappeared and their skin colour changed from sickly to healthy in front of his eyes.

To learn more, watch the YouTube video below.

The Anointing

The Anointing is different from the Glory. The anointing is the influence of the Holy Spirit within a person. Often a person with the Anointing will have a physical sensation. When ministering to someone, they may feel the Anointing go out of their bodies.

Ministering in the Anointing can make a person feel fatigue. When the Glory of God is ministering, the person leading the meeting will feel less fatigue.

Learn more from the video below.

The Greater Glory

The Lord told David Herzog that the Greater Glory would be much greater than anything people experienced in past revivals. What took years to happen in past revivals will take just days in this new Glory.

David first experienced the Greater Glory at a Ruth Heflin camp meeting. He went there to relax after a six month revival. Ruth announced to him that he would be speaking that evening.

When we spoke, he was covered with gold dust. Without wanting to, he ended up singing Isaiah 60 & 61 in their entirety.

To understand this, watch the video.



Watch the complete interview between David Herzog & Sid Roth.

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