Joshua Mills and Walking in the Glory Realm

Eyeballs grew from nothing 

glory realmJoshua Mills is walking in God’s glory realm. Amazing miracles happen. For instance, once when ministering in India, he prayed for a woman with no eyeballs. He laid his fingers on her eyelids and began to pray. As he prayed, he could feel her eyeballs growing.

After he finished praying, the lady could see with her brand new eyeballs.

Watch the story in the video below.

Gold handprint of an angel?

Joshua Mills was once ministering in Pensacola, Florida. The glory realm was thick. Lots of miracles were happening. People were getting saved. Suddenly a golden handprint appeared on the back of his jacket. Joshua believes it was the handprint of one of his angels.

Translated to Southeast Asia

Joshua Mills was ministering in a Florida church. He suddenly started talking about translating to another location. Within minutes he was in an elevator in Southeast Asia.

He ended up in a prayer meeting. At the end of the meeting he went back into the elevator. He began worshiping. Soon he was back in the Florida meeting.

A couple of weeks later he received confirmation that indeed, he had been in the prayer meeting in Southeast Asia.

Hear about it in the video below.

Who can walk in the glory realm?

God wants YOU to walk to the place where you can live in the glory realm. As you began to press in under the anointing, there will be a flow of glory that takes over and usher you into the newness of God.

Listen to Joshua Mills as he explains it.

It’s available, take it

At this time in church history, there is so much new for us. Some people are in ruts and willing to stay in the same old Christianity. But, with new dimensions available, God wants to lead us into them. Just go for the glory realm experience.


Watch the entire TV interview between Joshua Mills & Sid Roth.


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