How He Started & Recovered from Crack Cocaine

Grandma & crack cocaine

crack cocaine dealerAt age 12 his grandmother gave him some crack cocaine and asked him to sell it. He became a crack cocaine dealer.

crack cocaine dealerBy age 19 he owned over 15 crack houses in Montgomery, Alabama. He made so much money that he would spend half a million dollars a year partying and shopping.

crack cocaine dealerThen, one night he had a vision. Fire was falling from the sky, people were dying…



crack cocaine dealerThat is when he decided he did not like his lifestyle.

Fortunately he knew about God. He cried out to God and asked Him to get him out of his lifestyle.

The next morning he was so full of peace that he started learning about Jesus. Then he started going to bars and preaching to to the thugs, killers, drug dealers, etc. — the people he used to hang out with. The first month 300 of them were baptized.

Watch his story on YouTube.

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