Drug Addiction, Instantly Set Free After 5 Years

drug addictionSteve Foss was suffering from a drug addiction because of a poor self image. He had problems with feelings of insecurity and inferiority.

Watch the video below to see how he reversed those feelings. Now only that, but he was instantly delivered from five years of drug addiction.

Unction from the Holy Spirit

It all began when friend dragged him to a church service with about 300 students in attendance. After a while he began to feel that he should go talk to the preacher. He silently prayed about it. Within 30 seconds the preacher pointed to him & told him to come up.

Delivered from drug addiction

After he went to the front, the Lord delivered him from five years of drug addiction. Not only that, but the Lord asked him to start preaching.

Insecurity & Inferiority

Eventually he was given a vision of two of the most powerful demons around — Insecurity & Inferiority.  Many other demons use these two to get their power.

Watch the It’s Supernatural interview between Steve Foss & Sid Roth.

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