Tangible Glory of God & Brownsville Revival

The tangible glory of God 
tangible glory of God & John Kilpatrick

Q. What is the tangible glory of God?
A. It is the weighty presence of the Lord. People feel the presence. It seems like the glory is where most of the creative miracles happen.

For instance, one day in the Brownsville revival a Vietnam veteran & his wife were worshipping. During the war his hand had been partially destroyed by a grenade.

The glory had fallen. While that was happening, his hand started to grow back into what it should be.

Watch this video.

The glory & the atmosphere

The Lord will not inhabit a foul atmosphere. The atmosphere of the Brownsville church had been thoroughly cleansed with two and a half years of praying. The Glory of God showed up and people were transformed — while in the building.

Often, before they got home, they would be fighting like cats and dogs.  For love & peace to return, they had to repent and change the atmosphere of their home.

Hear more details in the video below.

Many curse people unknowingly

Many people have unknowingly been cursed by their parents. These parents can be sending word curses when they say negative things to their children.  E.g., “You won’t amount to anything” or “You’re  going to get sick.”

A word curse can cause these things to come to pass.

Blessings & curses

A word curse is something you release out of your mouth. It can be  anything you do not want to pass to a person, place or thing. A blessing is also something you release out of your mouth. However, it is something you want to pass to a person, place or thing.

Reversing a curse

To reverse a curse you must do 3 things:

  1. Repent (turn around & stop it.)
  2. Renounce (ask the Lord to withdraw whatever you cursed. Then you must re-say it as a blessing.)
  3. Revoke (remove all power from a curse so that it cannot come back.)

To hear this explained more fully, watch the video below.



Watch the entire It’s Supernatural TV interview between John Kilpatrick & Sid Roth.

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