Soul Ties with Drs. Dennis & Jennifer Clark

What are soul ties?

soul ties

soul ties

Soul ties are emotional connections to people, places or things. Soul ties can be healthy or unhealthy.

Dennis Clark gave an example of a soul tie a man had with his mother. She was controlling him. She even called most of the shots in his marriage. Even though he knew the situation was wrong, he could not stop his mother’s behaviour.

For more information, watch the video below.

Examples of unhealthy soul ties

Consider this soul tie to a thing: A woman had a soul tie to the state of Florida. Her husband could not find a job in that state. So, she left him to live in Florida.

A soul tie can be anything you can’t emotionally get rid of. It can be a job, a food addiction, shopping, workaholism or anything that you just cannot let go of even though your attraction to it is unnatural.

Toxic emotions & seducing spirits

A seducing spirit will attack people with unhealthy soul ties and cause them to be sexually attracted to each other. These spirits are consciously trying to sabotage people’s destinies by getting them into  wrong relationships.

The victims of the seducing spirits should have dropped down into into their own spirit and picked up on the lustful craving. Then they could have avoided decades of future problems.

Toxic emotions can include hurt, fear, lust, anger, guilt and shame. If you sense any of those toxic emotions and don’t deal with them, you may be inviting the enemy in. If you stay in any toxic emotion long enough, you end up sinning. In the sin you are giving LEGAL access to demonic activity.


Sample prayer to eliminate a soul tie

Think of a person, place or thing with which you MAY have an unhealthy soul tie. Every thought has a corresponding emotion. If that emotion is a craving, deal with it.

Let Jesus the forgiver into the emotional centre of your belly. Then receive the forgiveness of Jesus as a gift. Keep receiving it until you are experiencing peace.

Then you renounce that craving out loud. Declare yourself free.

For more details, watch the video below and also the mentoring video with Dennis & Jennifer Clark.



Watch the It’s Supernatural television interview between Drs. Dennis & Jennifer Clark and Sid Roth.

Watch Drs. Dennis & Jennifer Clark mentor you on praying for the removal of unhealthy ties.






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