Near Death Experiences, 1000 Studied

Blind people and near death experiences

near death experiencesJohn Burke interviewed 1000 people who had near death experiences.

One of the more fascinating ones was Vicki, a girl blind from birth. She died in a car crash, left her body and could see it on the road below her.

Then her body was taken to a hospital. She could see from above. Seeing her long hair and the ring on her finger, she realized that she was looking at her dead body. She was taken on a journey and ended up in a pastoral scene.

Near-death people who go to heaven typically say that light shines from within the plant life in heaven. That is what Vicki reported, even though she had been blind from birth.

She met two girls from her former school for the blind. They had died before Vicki died. After returning to earth, she described the two girls who had met her. The house mother from the school verified it.

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When people first go to heaven

When people first get to heaven, they have a great reunion with their friends & family. People communicate to each other perfectly, understanding each other’s thoughts & emotions.

People may hear songs sung in different languages. But, they will understand the words in all of them.

There’s lot of adventure in heaven. There are mountains to climb. There is travel that is virtually unlimited.

The colours are amazing. On earth the colours we see are from the spectrum of the sun. The colours in heaven from the spectrum of God.


Skeptical doctors & near death experiences

John Burke says that near death experiences convinced many doctors to change their minds. These experiences have been written up in 900 different medical journals.

For instance, people who die on the operating table may describe scenes they see in the room.

Getting a “life review” in heaven

Everyone who goes to heaven gets a life review. The professor in the passage below was given a life review of how he had affected the people he interacted with.

The atheist college professor died in a hospital bed while his wife was beside him. In his spirit body, he did not realize what had happened. He felt great. He tried to get his wife’s attention and could not.

He saw what looked like a group of hospital staff outside the room. He followed them and they led him to an outer darkness.

He realized these “people” were trying to deceive him. He tried going back and the “people” began to maul him.

Learn the rest of the story in the video below.


Watch the It’s Supernatural interview between John Burke and Sid Roth.

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