Muslim Terrorist to Enthusiastic Christian

MuslimWalid Shoebat, a former Muslim Terrorist, says seven nations will rise up to destroy the Anti-Christ.

Bible prophecy foretells a 10-nation military alliance (Daniel 7:24 and Revelation 17:12). Mr. Shoebat says that this alliance will be a group of ten Muslim nations.

He seems to have developed this prophetic gifting after he became a Christian.

At one time he was a dedicated Muslim. He had been taught in school that Judgment Day could not come until the Jews and Israel had been annihilated. He had become a terrorist. He planned on taking his terrorism to the United States.

But he ended up marrying a woman who was a nominal Christian. His goal was to convert her to Islam. So, he read the Bible for the purpose of disproving it. In the process he became convinced that the Holy Bible was right and Islam was wrong.

Watch the It’s Supernatural television interview between Walid Shoebat and Sid Roth.

Listen to the radio interview between Walid Shoebat and Sid Roth.

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