Heavenly Trips of Kat Kerr, Q & A

heavenly trips of Kat Kerr

The Holy Spirit & Kat Kerr make heavenly trips on a regular bases. This is a question & answer post. People in the congregation ask her random questions about her trips to heaven.

In the video below, Kat Kerr discusses her heavenly trips.

What happens right after believers die?

When believers first pass away, they’ll see their guardian angel. They get filled with joy & peace. Their physical appearance is like a young person. If a person is older, they’ll look like someone in their twenties.

They’ll pass through the universe and see various heavenly bodies. When they get to the area outside the gates of heaven, their loved ones will be waiting for them. Even pets will be waiting for them.

History of the earth in heavenly Creation Lab

There is a massive building in heaven called Creation Lab. When you go there, you can find the stories of all sorts of happenings  on earth. That includes things that happened in the millions of years between Genesis 1:1 & Genesis 1:2.

You can learn about the dinosaurs, the ice ages, how God created the earth, etc. You can see the history of your life minus all of the sin.

Meeting the Prophets & Other Famous People in Heaven

When you first get to heaven, you are the person of interest among the old timers there. King David, Queen Esther, Apostle John and all sorts of people may just seek you out.

Using Your Earthly Passions in Heaven

If you just love to write, you’ll be a writer in heaven. If you just love to paint, you’ll have a fully equipped artists’ studio in heaven. If you love to cook, you may just have a restaurant in heaven. Whatever your special vocational gift on earth, you’ll likely have that in heaven.

The Book of Life

Kat Kerr has not seen the Book of Life. She suspects it will be something that will be revealed after the Great Throne Judgment. You just want to make sure your name is in there.

Kat Kerr spoke about much more in that main video.  Click below to watch the rest of it.


Watch the entire one hour YouTube video.

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  1. Are we going to have to wear those white robes all the time. I’d rather wear some blue jeans or something more comfortable

    Marnie Cummings.

  2. Explain the Dead in Christ shall rise that we read about in the Bible. Who are these if we are taken up to heaven when our mansions are finished and we are called home. Thank you.

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