Faith Healing and Dr. Sandra Kennedy

The secret of faith healing

Many people are not healed when people pray for them. Why not? Why doesn’t faith healing work more often?

One of the big secrets is this: If you fall in love with Jesus, you can take what He has already given to you.

Sandra Kennedy elaborates more on this in the video below.

Dog bit off her lip

Sandra Kennedy was at home with her dog when it jumped up & bit off her lip. After she got to the Emergency Department, the plastic surgeon said that she’d never smile again.

faith healingShe refused to believe that. As far as her face was concerned, she refused to think about anything else except her smiling again. She hung up pictures of her smiling face all over the house. She refused to look at the plastic surgeon’s pictures of people with their upper lip missing.

Her lip was restored.

What stops faith healing from happening?

After Sandra Kennedy’s dog bit off her upper lip and deformed her face, she was persistent and she acted on the Word of God.

The words of the wise bring healing.               Proverbs 12:18b

She was persistent in speaking words to her smiling pictures.  She imagined her face returning to normal. She refused to imagine anything else.

Note that Sandra Kennedy has learned that God made healing simple. Study these videos and listen to the complete It’s Supernatural interview over and over again. Keep it up until you have a true understanding of real faith healing.


Watch the complete TV interview between Sandra Kennedy & Sid Roth.

About Sandra Kennedy

Dr. Kennedy’s website says: At the Healing Explosions, Dr. Kennedy simply teaches what God says in His Word about healing. As the Word goes forth, you can see the faith level begin to rise. Suddenly people begin to shout out “I’ve got it!” and amazing healings begin to take place. Hundreds of people have reported that they have been healed in these meetings. The #1 healing we see is cancer. However, we have seen blind eyes open, deaf ears hear, lame legs walk, leukemia, heart disease, strokes, and many other illness all healed just by the power of hearing and believing God’s Word.

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