Orphan Spirit

Sons of God

Many people including lots of Christians have an orphan spirit. When they become Sons of God and lose that orphan spirit, they have an increase in

♦ Peace
♦ God’s power
♦ Security and God’s
♦ Provision.

What is an orphan spirit?

The YouTube video below explains what an orphan spirit is.

It is a person without a place of security. They do not really know how to receive love or give it away. They do not have strong enough feelings of being loved, being valued and having a purpose.

To lose their orphan spirit, a person’s spirit must be transformed. In Leif Hetland’s case, he went to a church service and was “baptized with the Father’s love”. Father God’s love was poured out upon him.  That transformed his life, transformed his marriage and transformed his family.

Even Christians can have orphan spirits

Leif Hetland believes that the majority of Christians have an orphan spirit. They are focused on the Holy Spirit and Jesus but not on Father God. They can be too independent and self reliant. They may have too much of the “bless me, touch me, fill me” attitude.

A religious church (one where lots of man-made rules replace a relationship with the Lord) can produce orphan spirits.

America’s biggest problem

Watch the YouTube video below to discover what America’s biggest problem is.

40% of the children in the United States come from homes with no fathers. 63% of the suicides in the United States are people from fatherless families. The American government has declared that the biggest problem in their country is fatherlessness.

This problem has produced millions of orphan spirits.

Muslims & love

God loves you

Watch the video below to get an idea of how much God loves you.

An amazing Filipino church

Leif Hetland goes around the world teaching about the orphan spirit and the Father’s love. He did a teaching in a particular church in the Philippines. They took him seriously.

Instead of an atmosphere of “what can I get?” that is found in so many churches, this Filipino church had an atmosphere of what can I give and how can I help other people? They are an interdependent people, they care for one another, they add value to one another, they honor one another.

Leif Hetland held three meetings in that church.  People all prayed for each other. No one knew who prayed for whom.  At those meetings, every single person who asked for healing was healed.

In one case a blind girl with no color in her eyes came up for prayer. (Her eyeball was all white.) After the prayer she had an iris and she could see. Cripples walked and tumors fell off. Watch the video below.

God wants relationships

It seems that for so many people church is a spectator sport. In the Filipino case, people are filled with Father God’s love, they prefer one another and they practice what the Bible preaches. In churches such as these, the supernatural comes easy.

Leif Hetland has seen bipolar disorders reverse in a number of cases. He has seen hundreds of thousands of Muslims come to the Lord.

He says that when people see God as a big God, their problems are small. When they see God as a small God, their problems are big.

Father God wants relationships. He does not want orphans; He wants family.

For more teaching on the orphan spirit, watch the interview between Sid Roth and Leif Hetland.


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