Names of God from the Book of Genesis

First 4 names from Genesis

namesDr. Peter Gammons says that in Genesis God reveals Himself progressively through His names in the order that we need to know them:



  • First as the creator,
  • Then the loving redeemer,
  • Then the Lord and
  • Then the provider.

In Hebrew, respectively, we call these Elohim, Yahwah, Adonai and El Shaddai.


The Great Creator God. In Genesis God first reveals himself as Elohim.


The Loving Redeemer. The devil never calls God Yahweh. He always calls him Elohim.

An agnostic will never call God The Loving Redeemer. An agnostic would refer to God as The Creator.


The Lord. This does not mean that God is a tyrant. This means that God is closing the door on the devil when people accept God as Lord.

El Shaddai

The Provider. The fourth name of God in Genesis is one of a God who provides more than enough. We can accept God as El Shaddai after we have accepted him as ElohimYahweh and Adonai.

This teaching came from an interview with Dr. Peter Gammons that you will see below.

Tithing from Malachi 3

Here is another important teaching from the same interview with Dr. Peter Gammons: America is under a financial curse because the Christians are robbing God by not being faithful in their tithes and offerings.


Watch the complete It’s Supernatural TV interview between Dr. Peter Gammons and Sid Roth.

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