Mentally Retarded Girl Healed by Listening to Scripture

Born mentally retarded 

mentally retardedAngel Wood was born mentally retarded. She was expected to be too uncoordinated to ever do anything such as catch a ball. Her parents were told that she would never go beyond the third grade. She is still a work in progress. But, she has a master’s degree.

It all began when her father, Dr. Gary Wood, was 18 years old. He was in a terrible car accident, died and went to heaven. When he came back to earth, he had a gift of healing.

His desire was that his daughter’s mental retardation would be reversed. His strategy was to record healing verses from the Bible with a tape recorder. He played them to Angel over and over.

A movie star attended one of Dr. Wood’s meetings. The Lord told him to slap her in the face. Out of obedience, he did so. Her TMJ was reversed. Another time the Lord told him to go up to a woman he did not know and squeeze her nose seven times. He did and her sinus infection was healed.


Watch the It’s Supernatural¬†TV interview between Sid Roth & Gary Wood.

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