Chuck Missler’s Take on UFOs

Chuck Missler

Chuck Missler believes that UFOs are real. But, they are not intergalactical; they are hyperdimensional.

Chuck Missler has impressive credentials:

♦ Former Branch Chief for the America Department of Guided Missles
♦ Former CEO of six public companies — Four of them were highly classified in the Dept. of Defense
♦ Thirty years in the strategic community.

His explanation is complex and begins in Matthew 24 where Jesus talks about the end times. He said that as it was in the days of Noah, so will it be in the end times.

Genesis 6 talks about the days of Noah. It appears to talk about a hybrid race called “Nephilim”.

Genesis 6:4 says, “The Nephilim were on the earth in those says and also afterward.” You can learn more about Nephilim by watching the video below.

Dr. Missler discusses the events from Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Newspapers said that UFOs were sighted. At least three people were killed.

This was followed by a campaign of disinformation that exists to this day. The record involving what happened at Roswell is more highly classified that information about the most sophisticated American warheads. Two U.S. presidents and four different congressmen have tried to see the records. They were not allowed.

A dozen astronauts have reported seeing UFOs. The video below includes an audio recording of astronaut John Blaha talking to mission control. He said, “Houston, this is Discovery. We still have the alien spacecraft under observation.

One interesting thing about UFOs is how they break the known laws of physics. For instance, they break the sound barrier without creating a sonic boom. They travel in a straight line super fast and then suddenly make a ninety degree turn. This leads some people to believe that they are coming from another dimension.




Watch the It’s Supernatural television interview between Chuck Missler & Sid Roth.

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  1. Missler was obviously wrong on aliens and ufo’s. However, it’s a known Biblical fact that the Nephilim are a product of sexual procreation of human women and fallen angels. The Hebrew word translated as “sons of God” is ben’ Elohim which in the Bible always refers to angels.

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