New Age Education, a Great Deception

New Age education

Mike Shreve thought that New Age education was an honourable profession. He taught yoga at four different Florida universities. He was an expert on the New Age. Then one day he saw the evils of yoga and he was changed forever.


New Age education is a counterfeit of Christian education

Most New Agers believe that we are coming into a new age of heightened spiritual awareness called the age of aquarius. Then, they believe, many of the world’s problems will be solved.

They often believe that they can use things like yoga or eastern meditation to help them experience the ultimate spiritual reality.

But yoga can open a door to evil spirits.

Mike Shreve realized this after he decided to be intellectually true to himself. A friend told him about Jesus. So, he decided to give Christianity a test. He would spend one day praying to Jesus and reading the Bible. If it was the real thing, he thought, Jesus would reveal Himself.

He did.

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