Messianic Jew, Becoming a Powerful One

Speaking in tongues in Hebrew

MessianicSandy Kulkin was NOT a Messianic Jew. He was a Hebrew-speaking Jewish boy with a Gentile girlfriend. She took him to a Pentecostal church meeting. The preacher asked the congregation to come up and “get a tongue.”

That was too much for Sandy. He walked out of the meeting. A man followed him out and asked if he could pray with him.

The man began to pray and eventually began praying in tongues. Unknown to the man, he was speaking Hebrew.

Consequently, Sandy accepted Jesus.

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Healed from Hodgkins Lymphoma

After Sandy Kulkin became a Messianic Jew, he started getting speaking engagements. Within a year he was speaking to a crowd of 10,000.

His father, who was dying from Hodgkins Lymphoma, wanted to hear his son speaking in public before he died.

Sandy heard the Lord with an audible voice. He said that Sandy should go down and pray for his father.

Sandy obeyed the Lord and his father was completely healed. The doctors could not find a trace of Hodgkins Lymphoma.


Family became Messianic Jews After a Healing

Jews request a sign and Greeks seek after wisdom1 Corinthians 1:22

Sandy Kulkin’s mother was suffering from fatal scleroderma. She was supernaturally healed.

That combined with his father being healed of fatal Hodgkins Lymphoma resulted in Sandy’s entire immediate family becoming Messianic Jews.


How to develop a relationship with God

Many Jews, Muslims & nominal Christians want a relationship with God. However, they do not know how to develop that relationship.

Like many other things in life, developing that relationship is simple after a person learns how.

Simply start talking to God. Admit that you’ve made many mistakes. Admit that you are sorry for that.

Confess that you believe that the blood Jesus shed on the cross washed away your mistakes.

Ask Jesus to come and live inside of you.

This is explained more fully in the video below.



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