Bless Those Who Rub You the Wrong Way

Rewarded if bless 
bless Kerry Kirkwood

Kerry Kirkwood discovered that people can be greatly rewarded if they bless people who abuse them. Sometimes we should call things as though they are even when they are not.

This applies when it is according to God’s Word. The Lord … is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish2 Peter 3:9. If the Lord does not want any to perish, if makes more sense to bless them rather than bad mouth them. Bless them that curse you, and pray for them which despitefully use you. Luke 6:28

See example in the video below.

Blessing customers in a topless bar

A certain pastor used to drive by a topless bar. When he did, he would curse the place. He would pray for things like the bar burning down.

One day Kerry Kirkwood explained to him the importance of blessing people. The Lord wants all of those people in the bar to live for him.

So, the pastor began praying blessings over the patrons of the bar. Within a short time he saw a for sale sign on the building.

Learn more in the video below.

Blessing a mean boss

The office manager in a business had a mean, unreasonable boss. After hearing Kerry Kirkwood’s teaching, she began going around blessing the business and blessing the boss’ office.

Her boss called her in, apologized and gave her a raise retroactive for 3 months.

From filing for a divorce to a happy marriage

A man came up to Kerry Kirkwood after a teaching & said, among other things, that his wife was at the court house filing for a divorce. Kerry quickly discerned that the man had been cursing his wife.

He told the wife to stop cursing his wife and start blessing her. That afternoon he listened to a teaching CD to help him know what to say.

When his wife came home he told her that she was a gift from God and that he deeply loved her. She said that he told her enough so that she just felt a “liquid love” passing through her body.

The marriage was saved.


Watch the It’s Supernatural TV interview between Kerry Kirkwood and Sid Roth.

Amazing testimony

The testimony below is a textbook example of blessing someone who rubs you the wrong way. Ryan Z. Johnson is a  man from Canada traveling around Eastern Europe looking for spiritual experiences. Read below.

blessIt was the gentlest robbing ever, perhaps— I was resting on a stoop, while walking home last night—maybe they thought I was drunk or passed out—the one guy took my backpack, and I said he could take it, and then called after: “passport” (I know as a follower of Christ Jesus, we are to give (even more) if someone is trying to rip us off—“if someone tries to sue you for your jacket, give them your shirt too!!! ~so maybe I kinda flunked by asking for that—yet, I was just thinking, they can’t use it (legally), and its expensive & a hassle to get a new one!

I did have a bunch of other stuff (including my keyboard ⌨️ & power-bank, charger-cables & books (with songs and poems and stuff…) in the backpack…

And the guy stopped and put down my backpack and opened it (said with thick Bulgarian accent, “passport”,) and I walked up and pointed to which pocket—he let me take it, then asked, while beginning to rifle through some of the other pockets, “Money?!”

I said, “No money; no money in there.” I had coins (all the money I had here in Bulgaria) in my pants pocket—and my iPhone too! I reached in my pants pocket and collected the few coins and held out the money, all I had, and offered it to him.

He looked up from rifling and scowled a bit, shook his head, but the other guy held out his hand and I gave it to him, saying “Blogoslovenia v Isusi!” (Russian: “Blessings in Jesus”), and God bless you… (nothing like an audience to evangelize—but I don’t know much Bulgarian—that’s about the extent of it—I wondered if I should offer my iPhone too….)

But then the guy with my backpack, stood up and gave it back, and shook my hand, laughing, and smiling!!!! I repeated the blessing as they walked off, a few coins richer and hopefully mulling over and munching on the Love and Victory of Jesus (who saves us from worldly attachments—worshipping money & security, forgives us and gives Grace and blessings even to enemies…offers us fulfillment & friendship & Eternal Life, True Bliss….

And I walked home with Him….


I did have a few moments of challenge battling thoughts of fighting them—afterwards…  (I was given Grace in the moment!)

It was a bit of a feeling of violation & injustice—yet also of a gentle warning of how to conduct at night…

I was pretty deep into martial arts for about 9 years, and even though they looked tough/big (one guy looked tough, like mma, the other guy was big but seemed more gangly and less dangerous…)….  they could be dead now if it wasn’t for Jesus Christ…

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