Unity Prayer

Let the church unite

Christians have a bad name among many non-christians.  They often view us as hypocrites who cannot get along with each other.  It is hard to argue their point of view.

This web page is about praying a unity prayer and getting our act together so that more non-christians will admire us.  THEN the big revival can come to the earth.

Love, may it grow

Jesus said, “By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.”  (John 13:35)  That is one prophecy that has not come true yet.

There are two basic rules in Christianity: Love God and love your neighbor.  With those 2 rules we can go ahead and get along as one body.  Many denominations still have trouble accepting each other.  Even many Christian husbands and wives have trouble accepting each other.

Perhaps this disharmony is about to change.

Pope Francis and Kenneth Copeland

Pope Francis and unity prayerKenneth Copeland and unity prayerThrough a bizarre series of “coincidences”, Pope Francis address addressed a large group of Protestant Christian leaders.  The meeting was chaired by Kenneth Copeland.  Both Pope Francis and Kenneth Copeland are praying that this meeting will lead to “ harmony in diversity. ”

The “coincidences” started in the early 1990s.  A young man by the name of Tony Palmer got radically saved.  He was mentored by Kenneth Copeland.

Tony Palmer

Tony Palmer and unity prayerWatch this YouTube video to watch an introduction to Tony Palmer.

Through another set of “coincidences”, Tony Palmer ended up in Rome, was financed by Kenneth Copeland Ministries, learned Italian and became a priest.  Somewhere along they way, Tony was in Argentina and was befriended by a man named Father Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the man who eventually became Pope Francis.

Because they were friends, Pope Francis phoned Tony Palmer and invited him to the Vatican for a private meeting.  That ended up with Pope Francis making an iPhone video with a message for Kenneth Copeland.  He in turn shared with at a conference of Protestant leaders.

Pope Francis prays a unity prayer

In the video, Pope Francis is yearning for the separation between the churches to come to an end.  Together we should worship the Lord Jesus Christ.  That is one thing we can have in common.  The other thing we can do is to love each other.
Watch the YouTube video in its entirety.


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