The Seer Anointing

Discerning Spirits

A seer is a prophetic person who walks in a high level of spiritual discernment. Jonathan Welton can turn on and off his spiritual discernment at will. Read on to hear how Jonathan Welton walks in his anointing as a seer prophet.

1 Corinthians 12 talks about the nine gifts of the Spirit. Spiritual discernment is one of them.

There are four types of spirits that a seer can expect to discern — the Holy Spirit, heavenly spirits such as angels, the human spirit and the demonic.

Sometimes Jonathan sees angels. He has actually seen them crying when worship was cut off too soon in church.

Watch the video below to see Jonathan Welton’s introduction to his seer anointing.


At one time during a particularly strong anointing in church, his own spirit rose and looked down to see his body on the floor. Three angels were holding him down.

Sometimes he will see words and objects. On one occasion he saw a collar around a person’s neck with a spike poking into the neck. He asked the person about the location of the spike. That is where the person was feeling the pain.

On another occasion he saw spears coming out of a woman’s body. Each spear had a negative word such as unforgiveness, resentment, fear or hatred on it. The spears were around 8 feet long and the woman told him that she actually feels pain when people are within about 8 feet of her.

He spent around an hour ministering to her and praying for the removal of each of those negative aspects from her life. She was healed.

(Two points:
1. Often a person cannot receive a physical healing until a sin such as unforgiveness, resentment, fear or hatred is taken care of.
2. Reckless words pierce like a swordProv. 12:18)

Sometimes Jonathan will see a body organ in the spirit realm. He will ask the person if they are having trouble with that organ. Then he knows how to pray for the person.

In one particular fascinating situation, a lady came up for healing.  Jonathan could see in the spirit spears sticking in her body.  Words such as fear, rejection and unforgiveness were written on the spears.

Watch the YouTube video below to hear the rest of the story.

Click below to watch an interview between Patricia King and Jonathan Welton.


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