Relationships, the Key to Success

Relationships — 10 keys to success

Jim Staley says that all success lies in relationships. He has identified 10 biblical keys to success within relationships.

The four YouTube video clips below are excerpts from the TV interview between Sid Roth and Jim Staley.

Short leg grows out

For this miracle to happen, Jim had to have faith in God and a relationship with a classmate.

Under the law

Romans 6:14 says, “You are no longer under the law.” Jim Staley says that is the most misunderstood verse in the Bible. Watch the YouTube video below to see what it really means.

Prophetic word for dying baby

This prophetic word came because of his relationship with God and his relationship with his friend.

Jewish people and financial success

The Jewish people understand the principles in the Torah.

Relationships with other people

Here are some of the keys to having good relationships with people.

♦ If you are with someone enough, you eventually will offend them.  To right the wrong, don’t defend yourself.  The important thing is the feelings of the other person.

Rather than defend yourself it will do much more good to say something such as, “I understand how you feel.  I was wrong.  I am so sorry.”

♦ To have exceptionally healthy relationships with people, it helps to have the right instructions.  You will find the right instructions in the Bible.

♦ Be a good listener.

♦ Keep criticism to a minimum.




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