Portals to Heaven

Your Own Portal to Heaven

Rebecca King says that we all have a portal or, as she calls it, a “cylinder of light” to heaven. When you activate your cylinder of light, heaven can bring blessings to you.  See more in the video below.


Expanding your portal to heaven

You can expand your portal to heaven so that more of your prayers will be answered. Increase your faith, walk in all of the fruit of the spirit from Galatians 5:22-23.

Fear, doubt & unbelief can shrink your portal.  Watch the video below.


Unsaved Rebecca King speaks at youth meeting

Rebecca King was backslidden, unsaved and using drugs and alcohol.  A youth pastor asked her to speak at a youth meeting. He told her that the Holy Spirit would tell her what to say. She felt liquid moving from her head to her feet. Then unexpected words came out of her mouth. She got saved. So did some of the other youth.


Generational curses

A generational curse is a curse that passes from generation to generation. In the video’s example, someone’s great grandmother had been killed on a train track. The lady in the example had an unusual fear that her daughter would be terribly harmed. Rebecca King prayed with the lady. Just minutes after the prayer, the daughter was in a terrible car crash. She walked out of the accident.


Watch the complete television interview between Sid Roth & Rebecca King.

Listen to 5 radio interviews between Sid Roth & Rebecca King.


7 thoughts on “Portals to Heaven”

  1. it seems to me that religion is so overpowering and that it is like a contaminant and that it is a matter of believe or be doomed. someone once said, I hope God has got a good excuse.’ I think it is like a vicious clown with a big smile on its face who is prepared to see billions of people die and then blame it on someone else. didn’t slavery come from the bible, circumcision, animal sacrifice, witch killing, women with no rights, persecution of gays and absolute contempt for the suffering of the killing of innocent animals in the flood and of course the sacrifices. the millions that have been killed over religion is unbelievable and we are led to believe that this god is a merciful god. this god even put into effect generation curses in that he would punish people up to the 4th and 5th generation. people don’t get asked what family they are born into and to threaten children with eternal hell is devilish surely. also the text where it says, that the potter made some for honour and some for dishonour sounds barbaric. however I would indeed like to get right with this god because he seems to be a ruthless tyrant and even schizophrenic and they are the sort of beings that are not pleasant to offend. the only sense that can come out of this is that maybe the devil wrote a lot of the bible and libelled god. otherwise I can only think that people have thrown all real sense and principles away. did your god make the crocodile, the lion the mosquito that sucks blood,{The life is in the blood,} the millions of diseases or did evolution. I am really confused and you are asking me to throw away my reasoning and my principles. I understand about miracles as I have seen them but they are in every religion and even outside of religion. we could also consider- that the story of Adam and Eve and also the flood story were stolen from a previous civilisation. it is so confusing. this is as you know why the R.C made up the idea of purgatory as the idea of hell was driving the population mad. I really am frightened of it all and I also have sympathy for poor humans being driven mad by all this. maybe we are reading the wrong book about this god and the real book has been lost. help me if you will.

    1. I’ll try to help you.

      I accept the Bible. My wife and I read both the Old Testament and the New Testament out loud together 5 days a week. This has created a great unity between the two of us. That accompanied by the huge increase in my quality of life since I got saved at age 28 has made me willing to give this Christianity thing a try. I’ve been saved for several decades and the quality of life keeps going up.

      The Lord rewards those who diligently seek Him. The Bible is full of mysteries. Sometimes that reward is to give me the insight into one of the mysteries. As i diligently seek Him, He keeps giving me more insight. It’s like lots of other things in life. We do not really understand them until we really dig in and study them. One by one those mysteries get solved as I get closer to God.

      Satan was on the earth before Adam and Eve. There were also most likely other civilizations on earth before Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve were just a new type of creation.

      Another thing that inadvertently helped me grow as a Christian was relating to someone who was having demonic visitations. She would see the demon and here her voice, but no one else was aware of the entity. So, as a baby Christian, I cast the demon out.

      That gave me an awareness of things beyond the fourth dimension. (The first four are length, width, height and time.) The devil goes about like a roaring lion seeking those whom he can devour. His main tactic is to tell people lies and give them doubts. Sometimes he tells people to do evil things and they do them.

      I do not know whether or not slavery originated with the Hebrew believers. I doubt it. I also doubt where it was anything as bad the the sex slavery we see around the world today.

      Circumcision did originate with the Hebrews. They were wandering around the desert for 40 years. It would have been a health issue. The Bible is full of health advice.

      As a matter of fact, it is full of wisdom that helps people get along and create a better quality of life. It is also probably the best marriage manual ever written.

      In the 21st century in some countries women have virtually no rights. That would not be the case in Christian countries. Jesus Christ was all in favor of giving women more rights. The Apostle Paul said that in Christianity there is neither male nor female, meaning that they are to be treated equally.

      It IS embarrassing to me as a Christian that so many “Christians” go to church and do not even know their Bibles. Sometimes they listen to all sorts of lies that come along and completely ignore the teachings of Jesus.

      You cannot become good friends with anyone unless you spend lots of time with them communicating. So, I recommend that you spend lots of time talking to God. I know of a man who was in the bathroom and said, “God, if you exist, have someone tell that I’m wearing white Hanes undershorts.” Later that day Steven, a friend of mine, was walking down the street when the Lord told him to tell the stranger walking towards him that he was wearing white Hanes undershorts. When Steven met up with the man, he said, “Pardon me, but a friend of mine wants me to tell you that you are wearing white Hanes undershorts.”

      The man got saved on the spot.

      The moral of that story is this: If you are doubting or wondering about some religious question, ask God about it. He’s really way smarter than you. Trust in the Lord your God and lean not on your own understanding.

      I’ve rambled on enough. I hope that gives you something to chew on. After you’ve prayed and thought lots, feel free to ask me another question.

    2. Do not read bible, just listen to god, the loving God of all and you will escape all evil, even the Bible that was written to people to scare them into submission.

      1. If you do not read the Bible, how do you know that you are really hearing God? You may be simply hearing a demon masquerading as God.

        Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. 1 Peter 5:8b

    3. you do not know God and His Word. You only view God from your own flesh which demons blind people from believing Jesus as there Lord savior that God sent him t0 die on cross only to be raised up 3 days. Father sent Jesus in the flesh whoever confesses with their mouth aabout this to God is saved Romans.10:9 I n faith in relationship that’s what God wants mostly first.

  2. “He’s really way smarter than you.” I copied and pasted your quote because ” you nailed it” Men have wasted so much time and effort trying to improve on God’s perfect creations. This is why: our world is polluted, our soil is lacking nutrients, our food poisoned, etc. .
    We think we are smarter than God and can improve upon what he has made perfect. Our sin has caused the imperfections and man’s vanity and greed only increase these and other problems.
    …Because we think we are smarter !

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