From the Occult to Jesus

A violent childhood

As a child, John Ramirez lived in a violent house.  Sometimes his father would stay up all night beating his mother.  He could hear it and he knew what was happening.

One day, at age 13, John prayed that his father would die.  A while later someone shot his father in the face and he died.  Watch the video below.

Genuine devil worshiper

John had sold his soul to the devil.  He had come from generations of devil worshipers on his father’s side.  Starting at age 8 he would go to a demonic church from 7 pm to 5 in the morning.  Later on he would teach people about the occult for $100 an hour.  He was deep into devil worship.

But then he met a pretty woman and started following her to church.  One day he tried to kill the pastor.

He soon ended up in hell.  Satan told him that he was going to stay in hell because he knew too much.

But, even in hell, God got hold of him.  Watch the video below to hear more.


Demonic Gateways

Demons can have control over parts of a person’s life if the person does not block the demonic gateways.  By watching the wrong things in a movie a person can open up a gateway to the demonic.

The devil can anesthetize the mind.  When a person’s mind is anesthetized, the demon can have greater control over it.

Watch the video below to learn more about the demonic gateways.


Hear the entire interview between Sid Roth & John Ramirez.

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