Muslim Becomes Christian After Bible Study

Don’t marry a Muslim

Walid and his father both married Christians. His mother had a very difficult time being married. She told Walid that Islam really means “I slam” — I’ll slam you if you get out of line.

Walid saw how difficult it was for women to be married to a Muslim. Watch the video below.

Islam’s salvation plan

Islam has a weird idea of how to get to heaven. They are told that the way to assure salvation is to die as a martyr in jihad. Watch the video below.

A Muslim in America

Walid emigrated to the United States from Israel. As a Muslim in Israel, he would take part in riots involving burning tires and throwing molotov cocktails. He ended up in prison where he developed a relationship with a man who taught him how to make bombs.

Eventually he moved to the States where he joined the Muslim Brotherhood. They met underground where they discussed how they might destroy America and Hamas. As you will hear in the video below, the Council of Islamic Relations became an organization that would send money to Hamas.

The cigarettes and the Bible

As a teenager in Israel, Walid Shoebat found his mother’s cigarettes under the couch and became a smoker. As you will hear in the video below, he also found his mother’s Bible there.

Walid intimidated into studying the Bible

Walid loved his wife. He told her that she should become a Muslim because the Bible was corrupt. She said that she would be happy to if he would show her where there was corruption in the Bible. So, he bought a Bible and studied it side by side with the Koran for a year. Watch below how this lead to his salvation.

All of the YouTube videos above were taken from a much longer video the you can find online.


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